Ahead of ‘KGF 2’ Release, Take a Virtual Tour of Yash’s Houses in Bangalore

Kannada actor Yash AKA Rocky needs no introduction in the world of cinema. But Yash is just his stage name. Born as Naveen Kumar Gowda, this young actor married his co-star Radhika Pandit in December of 2016 and now lives with his wife, son, and daughter in a luxurious house – Yash house in Bangalore. Even though his career graph has been on a positive incline since 2007 when he starred in ‘Jambada Hudugi’, it was after the success of ‘KGF’ in 2018 that he rose to fame globally. And now, fans are eagerly waiting for the release of ‘KGF Chapter 2’. Yash’s house address has become a popular spot for fans who wait all day to catch a glimpse of the superstar.

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 While we hope the wait will be worth the while, let’s take this time to take a peek inside the infamous actor Yash’s house, where he and his family spent their days during the lockdown. Rocking star – Yash’s home address has been the talk of the town because of how well KGF did! He has also become a popular name in the Bollywood film industry and has many offers lining up for him.

Actor Yash and his Family’s New Abode

actor yash house

Actor Yash and his wife, Radhika Pandit, have two kids – son Yathrav and daughter Ayra. The family dwells in a beautiful and spacious home in Bangalore, also popularly termed Yash house. The famous Kannada actor Yash moved to this house after ‘KGF’s’ unbelievable success with the collection of over Rs. 250 crores. 

Before 2019, Yash and his family resided in a rented apartment in Banashankari, South Bangalore. However, soon after ‘KGF’ hit gold, rocking star Yash and his family moved to a new house in Bangalore. Want to know more about the rocking star Yash’s house address? Read ahead

Where is Yash’s House?

Where is Yash House
Night view of the Bangalore city

Yash’s house address was Bhuvanahalli, Hassan, Karnataka, India, where he was born and raised. He stepped into the acting world and worked hard to establish himself as the brilliant actor he is today. Presently, Yash’s house location is in Bangalore, India. However, Yash’s house address in Bangalore is known only to private sources so that the family can maintain their privacy.
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Despite the huge recognition the actor has gained, he makes sure to maintain a simple lifestyle and chooses to stay away from the limelight. In an interview when asked about this, he stated that his work should do the talking rather than him. Yash also mentioned how important it is for his children to first grow up for themselves and then be influenced by the paparazzi. 

Yash’s House Living Room

Terence Conran once said, “The living room should be a place where we feel totally at ease – temple of the soul.” 

It looks like actor Yash and his wife have put a lot of effort into decorating their temple of the soul and focused on a comfortable yet chic vibe. After all, with kids running around, you cannot only have couches and warm decor, you need functional and safe interiors that kids will love. They have collected interior decor pieces from all over the world because of their travels and shoots. Plus, the whole house of the actor drips of aesthetics – so from tapestry to show pieces – everything is top-notch.

Here, you can see Radhika Pandit posing on a grey sofa with the background of a cultural painting that invokes the importance of tradition and art in the house! The play of colours is a good balance between the white wall and grey furniture. The interior of the whole house takes each detail into account. Therefore, all the elements are well tied together. 

With the same background, we can see actor Yash and Radhika celebrating her birthday with a big cake. Considering the constant occurrence of the grey sofa on their Instagram profiles, we can say that this is the family’s go-to spot for all major family gatherings. With all the numerous photos uploaded online, the constant sense in each photo is the familial bond that the actor’s family shares with each other. Each celebration is done together and made a small deal out of. 
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Their living room also includes an oversized, white leather couch that is ideal for the family to celebrate important festivals like Raksha Bandhan. Plus, the actor with his fame knows a lot of people, so for gatherings otherwise, this is a popular spot. 

Actor Yash leaves no stone unturned when it comes to playing with his little daughter. There is a lot of online presence of Yash spending time with his kids which shows to his fans how he creates a work-life balance in his life. 

Radhika Pandit

The family believes in the amalgamation of contemporary and classical design. Here, we can see Radhika Pandit sitting on a chic blue chair with a wooden chest of drawers and a framed picture in the background. The gold accent detailing on the chair gives it a luxe but also a fun vibe. The texture of wood on the drawers also adds the look of complexity but also simplicity. 
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Kid’s Corner

The family has immersed themselves in the conventional yet cocooned feel of the house with the minimalistic ambience during the Christmas season. Daughter Ayra can be seen hanging ornaments on a small Christmas tree with her mother, Radhika.

The room is designed with light blue walls and white flooring, which makes the house feel welcoming. The most adorable aspect of this picture is how both the mother and kid are twinning!

The Balcony in Yash’s House

There is no undermining the balcony space of the house. It is where you relax and feel the fresh air after a long day in the place. Balconies have emerged as the star space during the lockdown period by keeping us connected to the outside world.

The family lit Diyas and lamps and came together to support during the pandemic. Ayra can be seen enjoying a spacious balcony with potted plants to add a dash of greenery to the decor. 

Radhika at her house Balcony

The balcony overlooks a wide area with a large variety of trees. The white intricate railing also makes it a safe space for his children to play. The balcony is open yet covered because of the tree coverage in the area.
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Bedroom in Yash’s House

The most essential yet personal space of the house is the bedroom features, at Yash’s, there is a big painting, a mirror with a wooden structure, and a spacious bedroom with a vintage bed frame. 

Yash and Radhika at the entrance of the house

Actor Yash moved to a new house with his family in 2019. This spacious abode is the symbol of minimalism and conventional architecture. Focused on keeping the region’s cultural values alive with the comfort of modern amenities, the family seems to love a warm and subtle environment inside the house. Kannada actor Yash house is located in Bangalore and priced at Rs 4 crore.

Yash’s New House in Bangalore

For all the Yash fans out here, there is more good news! Superstar Kannada actor Yash has another house! He just bought a swanky and very posh duplex apartment in Bengaluru!

Yash & Radhika’s new house is one that is modern and very spacious. From the actor Yash’s house pictures, we can see that the house is very minimalist in style. The housewarming pictures also show the house is large, is spread across 2 floors and is perfect forthe hero, his wife Radhika Pandit and the two kids Ayra and Ayush.

The popularity of the actor also makes his house a tourist attraction as fans are always lined up outside to catch a glimpse of the actor.

Yash’s New House Location

Eager to see where Yash and his family will soon move to? You’re not alone! We found out that the superstar has bought a house in ‘Prestige Golf Apartments’. There is a bit of confusion as to which Prestige golf location the actor has chosen as Yash’s new house location, this secret is still under wraps.

Yash’s new house location could either be in Prestige Augusta Golf Village which is in Kothanur (near Hennur), or it could be in Prestige Golfshire which is on Nandi Hills Road, near Chikkaballapur. As for the new home, the exact Yash house address is yet to be confirmed.

This could either be his primary residency and be in the city, or more of a holiday home and hence is on the outskirts. We can’t wait to find out more details about Yash’s new house in Bangalore to share with you.

Yash’s New House Price

As Yash’s new house location is still unknown, we can’t say for sure how much the actor has spent on the new place. But, going by the pictures, Yash’s new house is massive and could easily cost the actor anywhere from Rs.2.5 crores to Rs.6 crores! Looking at the actor’s success with KGF, we’re sure his house will be one that is close to the 6 crore mark. Despite rumours, netizens are yet to confirm the existence of Yash’s farm house.

Yash’s New House Interiors

We wish we could get a tour of the house when it’s all done up. But for now, from the few pictures of Yash’s new house in Bangalore, we can see that there is not too much furniture crowding the place. It is simple and bright.

The huge windows flood the house with light and keep the home bright and cheery throughout the day. We also see the amazing view that guests will be treated to in Yash’s new house in Bangalore. There are a few dark accent walls and doors, these add a touch of contrast to the house. The elegant white marble flooring and copious amounts of glass used in the interiors lend a very sophisticated look to the house.

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Q1. Where is the Yash house located?

Ans. The Yash house is located in Bangalore, India.

Q2. What is the price of the Yash house?

Ans. The value of the Yash house is Rs 4 crore.

Q3. Who lives in the Yash house?

Ans. Actor Yash resides with his co-star and wife Radhika Pandit and their two kids, Ayra and Yathrav.

Q4. When did actor Yash move into his new house?

Ans. Actor Yash moved into his new house in Bangalore in 2019.

Q5. What is the next upcoming movie of actor Yash?

Ans. Actor Yash is starring in KGF Chapter 2, which is set to release in July, this year. 

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