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Hrithik Roshan’s House – The New Mansion In The Air

When you’re a star in Bollywood and have churned out hit movies since the year 2000, where would you stay? Well, for super star Hrithik Roshan, a mansion in the air was what he wanted, and this blog is all about how Hrithik Roshan lives, where Hrithik Roshan lives, and all the juicy details about  Hrithik Roshan’s new house, and the old one – Paras, the bungalow in Juhu, Mumbai.

Hrithik Roshan new house Mannat Juhu, Mumbai,

Where Is Hrithik Roshan’s New House?

During the lockdown Hrithik Roshan has been pretty busy, he has been working on hits like Super 30, War and the fourth instalment of Krrish. But, aside from all of this, he has found his dream house right on Mumbai’s Juhu-Versova Link Road.

The Juhu-Versova Link Road is considered prime area in Mumbai as it has great connectivity to other localities in Mumbai, has plenty of shops, office spaces and malls nearby, is very well maintained and best of all, a view of the Arabian Ocean. The pin code of Hrithik Roshan’s house on Mumbai’s Juhu-Versova Link Road will be 400053.  

Hrithik Roshan new house Mannat Juhu
Hrithik Roshan new house Mannat Juhu, Mumbai, Picture Courtesy – whatshot

What is Hrithik Roshan’s House Address?

If you want to get in touch with the star, the best way to do it would be to reach out to him on social media. If you’re looking for other ways to reach him, you should know that getting Hrithik Roshan’sphone number is impossible, and Hrithik Roshan’s house address, well, that’s not so tough, here are the details –
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Hrithik Roshan’s house address –

Mannat Apartments,

161, Balasaheb Sawant Rd, Gharkul Society,

Four Bungalows, Andheri West, Mumbai,

Maharashtra 400047

This Mannat Apartments is not to be confused with Shah Rukh Khan’s house which is also called Mannat.

What is the Cost of Hrithik Roshan’s New House?

It is said that Hrithik Roshan closed the deal on his new house in October 2020 for a sum of Rs.97.50 crore, almost 100 crores!

His apartment spans the 14th, 15th, and 16th floors of Mannat Apartments and is about 38,000 sq ft, (or you could say it is 46 flats into 800 sq ft!). But, when you’re a big Bollywood star, this is not such a huge amount after all.

Why is Hrithik Roshan’s New House Almost Rs.100 crores?

When you hear that Hrithik Roshan’s house costs nearly Rs.100 crores you immediately image a standalone mansion. But an apartment that costs so much? Sounds unbelievable. Well, that’s because he has not bought just one apartment in Mannat, he has bought 2 apartments and they take up the 14th, 15th, and 16th floors of this building.

The 15th and 16th floor duplex costs Rs 67.5 crore and is about 27534 sq ft, and the 14th floor apartment costed him Rs 30 crore and is 11165 sq ft. Along with this, the Roshan family has access to a 6500 sq ft terrace and about 10 parking spaces in the building! And, the other reason these flats are so expensive is because of the unrestricted view of the Arabian sea from the apartments here. Given its massive size, and the fact that it is on the topmost floors of the apartment, it is certainly a mansion in the air.
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Where is Hrithik Roshan Currently Living?

Since the deal to purchase these flats happened only in October 2020, Hrithik has not yet moved in here. There is a lot of work still to be done, the flats are going to be combined to make one huge mansion. There will be architects and designers called in who will transform the place and make it Hrithik Roshan’s dream abode for him and his family. For now, Hrithik Roshan is living in a rented ocean-front home in Juhu, right next to Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna’s home. This house was rented in June 2020, during the lockdown and it is said that the rent for this beautiful home is around Rs 8.25 lakh per month.
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Is this the only one of Hrithik Roshan’s Houses in Juhu?

No, prior to buying the apartments in Mannat and prior to renting the other home in Juhu, Hrithik Roshan’s house in Juhu was Paras, a beachside bungalow. This house was much smaller than the Mansion in the Sky as it was only 3000 sq ft. It had a den and two bedrooms, a stunning view of the sea and some green space.

hrithik roshan old residence
Hrithik Roshan old house, Mumbai, Picture Courtesy – thenews

Paras, the bungalow in Juhu was playful yet tasteful, it was filled with things that resonated with the actor’s personal style, without being a stuff home. He kept things fun for his kids by adding quirky things like a vending machine that dispenses candy and a foosball table.

hrithik roshan house photos
Hrithik Roshan house, Mumbai, Picture Courtesy – Instagram

There are plenty of images of Hrithik Roshan’s house on Instagram, especially during the lockdown. Here you can see how much effort the actor has put in to achieve the right look and feel for his home. Even though the colour scheme is white and blue, he is not afraid of people messing it up, he wants people to feel welcomed and comfortable in this space.

hrithik roshan house interiors
Hrithik Roshan house, Mumbai, Picture Courtesy – thenews

Hrithik Roshan’s bungalow was designed by architect Ashiesh Shah with a lot of inputs by Hrithik Roshan himself. There is no news as to who will be designing Hrithik Roshan’s new house yet.
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When will Hrithik Roshan Shift to his New House?

This is one question that even we want the answer to! With the corona virus causing such havoc, it is unclear how long it will take for his new home to be ready and also by when it will be ready.

As Hrithik Roshan’s birthday is on the 10th of January, perhaps he will be able to move into the new house by this time next year. In the meanwhile, you can check out more incredible celeb houses here.

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Where is Hrithik Roshan’s home?

Hrithik Roshan, the famous Bollywood actor lives in Juhu, Mumbia.

Does Hrithik Roshan live in rented house?

Yes, at the moment Hrithik Roshan lives in a rented house. Late in 2020 he purchased a home and until it is ready, he chose to rent a home.

Which actors live in Juhu?

Juhu is home to many popular Bollywoodactors like Akshay Kumar, Twinkle Khanna, Sunny Deol, Hrithik Roshan, Anil Kapoor, Ajay Devgan, Raveena Tandon and many more.

What is the cost of Hrithik Roshan House?

In 2020 Hrithik Roshan invested in a house in Juhu that costs Rs.97.50 crore, that is almost 100 crores. This is for 2 homes that will be converted into one massive mansion.

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