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Vastu For Toilets and Bathrooms, Is It Important?

If you’re moving into a new place or redesigning your current home, it’s great to plan the design of your washrooms as per Vastu for toilets and bathrooms. Your space can have good vibes from the onset by including features that are toilet Vastu compliant. Toilet Vastu is excellent for removing negative energy, which adds to your health and happiness. 

Vastu For Toilets And Bathrooms

Importance of Vastu in the Home

It is a belief that Vastu plays a vital role in your children’s lives. It solves their problems and boosts their health and wellbeing. It can also bring positive energy to the home and improve the luck, mood and health of everyone at home. By analysing your home, a Vastu expert can predict what issues you are likely to face, and even how to correct it with the help of Vastu. 

These are some tools that can help harness good vibes. 

The concept of Vastu is determined by considering the different energy fields. These, in turn, affect other parts of our life. One of the main objectives of Vastu is to extract as much as we can from the natural forces to obtain the most energy in all parts of our life. 
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One of the essential concepts in the foundation of the Vastu Sashtra is the 5 elements. They are known as Panchabootas. They are what the entire world is made of. Vastu tells you how to create a balance between them and how to harness and use it to your advantage. 

Benefits of Vastu Sastra 

The Service of Comfort

Vastu helps in overall well-being. When loss and grief are inevitable in the life we lead, Vastu helps make it right. Vastu gives us mental support. 

The Benefit of Introspection

Vastu mainly deals with built and constructed things, but it also helps us spiritually how to use our inner strength. To know more about yourself is a great gift that can help you bring out the best from within you. 

The Benefit of Strength 

A significant benefit of Vastu is that it deals with structures and how these structures can give us just what we need. Vastu teaches us a lot about strength mentally and physically.

The Benefit of Ease  

The structures in Vastu are designed in a way that is easy to use and construct and brings in all the positive energy we need. This is a primary use of the Vastu shastra and helps increase the person’s overall well-being. 

The Benefit of Space 

As the Vastu shastra is a concept of architecture, it helps people develop space. The correct placement of rooms and the distance between allow all the positive energy to enter the house. 
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The Benefit of Good Structure

Vastu allows the house to be constructed as per the needs of the person or family living there. A house built in keeping with Vastu brings in good energy.

The Benefit of Enhancing Your Personality

Since Vastu enhances your spiritual wellbeing, it benefits your personality. Vastu helps to build a good relationship with who you are. 

The Benefit of Enhancing Your Relationship with Others Helps

build relationships and maintain them. With good energy and positive feelings, you can create a better life with those around you. Vastu believes in inner peace and the calmness of building good relationships. 

The Benefit of Spiritual Knowledge

Vastu increases people’s knowledge of inner peace and spirituality. It helps people find their true purpose and understand that life comes with death and loss. 

The importance of Vastu for your Toilet 

The importance of Vastu for your Toilet
Bring in clarity and peaceful vibes by planning your home’s toilet as per Vastu. 

The Vastu principles state that your toilet should be different from your bathroom. This works just fine if you live in a big house, but it’s not always possible if you live in an apartment. 

However, you can still maintain peace and bring good energy to your apartment and here’s how. 

The Toilet Direction as Per Vastu Guidelines 

According to the guidelines, the best area for your bathrooms and toilets is the North-East part of your home. When designing your home, avoid constructing a bathroom in the South-West direction. It tends to bring out ill and adverse effects. But if your toilet is already placed in the South-West part of your home, you can place a Vastu pyramid on the outer part of the toilet’s wall, or you can keep the door closed at all times. 
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For a North-Eastern bathroom, make sure the entrance is along the eastern or northern wall. The best toilet seat direction per Vastu is the southeast or northwest direction. Basically, the person using it should not face the east or west. The windows in your bathroom should open along the west, north or east. The toilet position as per Vastu should be along the west or north-east. This applies to the bathroom that includes a toilet; it is positioned like this because the bathroom is associated with waste discard. Your shower or wash basin should be placed in the northeast or east part of your washroom.

Ensure your bathroom wall is not shared with your pooja room or the kitchen as it may lead to negative repercussions, and make sure your bathroom pipes lead towards the north or east. The best colours for your bathroom, according to Vastu, are shades of brown, cream, beige and different earthy tones. Stay away from dark blue and black. 
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Vastu Remedies for Toilet in the Northeast Direction

Vastu Remedies for Toilet in the Northeast Direction
A chain of clear thoughts can be harnessed by using the simple principles of Vastu. 

The toilet location, as per Vastu, is essential. Those toilets that face the north or north-east direction are wrong, as they could harness negative energy. But here are some remedies for north-facing bathrooms. 

Do not use the toilet in a north-facing bathroom; you can only use it if you want to bathe. Use a red bulb in this bathroom and keep it on for 247356 days. Put a northeast yantra on the northeast part of your home. Keep a full table of salt in the bathroom at all times and always burn camphor. Keep a palm tree and a fragrant candle inside the toilet. And always keep the door closed. 

Vastu Remedies for South-East Facing Toilets

Vastu Remedies for South-East Facing Toilets
By making minor tweaks in your bathroom plan, you may harness the positive energy of Vastu. 

In Vastu shastra, the South-East direction is known as the direction of fire. Here are some of the remedies for south east facing toilets. Avoid using the toilet or bathroom. Put a Vastu pyramid on the South and East side of the walls outside. In keeping with toilet Vastu, always keep the door closed. Place three to nine lead helix on the outside wall of the bathroom. Keep Vastu salt inside in a copper bowl and replace it weekly. Keep an aroma freshener in the bathroom. 

Vastu Remedies for South-West Facing Toilets

Here aresome southwest toilet Vastu remedies. Fixing 3 or 9 lead helices on the outer wall of your bathroom can significantly help. You can also fix 3 wooden pyramid partitions on the outside frame of the bathroom door. Place Vastu salt in a bowl made of bronze and replace it every week. Keep a fragrant freshener in the bathroom and place a pyramid shift arrow on the outer part of the wall to virtually shift the toilet, thus keeping your space in line with toilet Vastu. 

Vastu for Toilets in an East-Facing Houses

Vastu for Toilets in an East-Facing Houses
add the right curios to your space to make it Vastu compliant. 

It’s believed that houses in the east are more auspicious and blessed with more fortune and good luck—the best place for toilets in east-facing homes is in the North or North-west direction. If you are constructing an east facing house, you need to stick to a Vastu-compliant house plan. The stairs, kitchen, and toilet location as per Vastu is in the 7th, 8th and 9th pada in the Vastu house plan. Avoid designing bathrooms and bedrooms in the northeast corner and putting a septic tank in the northeast corner. 

Vastu for Toilets in West-Facing Houses

Vastu for Toilets in West-Facing Houses
Vastu compliant spaces give off a very zen vibe. 

A west facing house can bring in a lot of prosperity if you plan and design it according to Vastu shastra. The toilet location as per Vastu should be in the northwest direction, and the commode direction as per Vastu should be in the southeast or north-west order. An alternative toilet direction as per Vastu is the southeast side. Construct your commode a few inches off the ground, and make sure that you do not construct your toilet underneath your staircase. Thus, it shall be compatible with toilet Vastu. 

Vastu Remedies for Toilets in the East

Having your toilet in the east direction is not a good sign. According to the Vastu guidelines, you can face many troubles, which may even affect the growth of your oldest child. You might even come across foot problems, and you might feel like your path to success may be blocked. However, if you are in a house with its toilet in the east, you can place bamboo on the roof to hone any adverse effects. 

Vastu Remedies for Toilets in The North Direction

Vastu Remedies for Toilets in The North Direction

If your toilet is constructed in the north direction, it affects your ability to make independent decisions. It may cause ear infections; it may also cause the middle child to be scared. It can also cause diseases to surround your house. But if you are in a home where the toilet is located in the north, here are some remedies. The pit needs to be shifted to the northwest and paint the walls of the toilet black. Avoid using the toilet between 11 and 1 at night-time. Make sure that throughout the year, in every season, there are white flowers, which can be natural or fake, placed in a metal bowl facing north. 

Vastu Remedies for Southwest Corner Toilets

Vastu Remedies for Southwest Corner Toilets
Vastu can help you get clarity and take out unnecessary stressors. 

If you have moved into an apartment or house that already has its bathroom in the southwest corner, it’s alright. You can use some of these remedies. Place a Vastu pyramid on the outside wall of the bathroom. Make sure the door is closed at all times. The main entrance of the toilet should be constructed along the northern or eastern, border and the toilet seat direction as per Vastu should be in the north-west or south-east direction. Make sure to add a window opening along the north, east or west wall. The bathroom pipes should have an outlet towards the east or north, then it shall be toilet Vastu compliant. 

One can take advantage of Vastu for toilets in many ways. For the best use of Vastu, we need to reiterate this: make sure that the bathroom wall doesn’t share a border with the kitchen or bedroom or puja room. For the best energy flow in your home, make sure to use the Vastu-compliant house plan. If you’re looking for a Vastu compliant house to move into, we at No Broker are here to help you out. To know more, click on the link below. 


Q1. What to do if my toilet is in the north direction?

Ans. The best place for your toilet, as per Vastu, is in the southeast or northwest direction of your house. If the toilet in your home is in the north direction, you can shift the pit to the northwest and paint the walls black. Another thing to remember is to avoid using the bathroom between 11 to 1 in the night.

Q2. How to remove Vastu Dosh at home?

Ans. You can place uncrushed sea salt as a quick remedy for Vastu Dosh. If not, you can use a pinch of sea salt when cleaning the floors.

Q3. What to do if my bathroom is in the east part of the house?

Ans. This is not a good sign, but an excellent remedy for toilets in the east is to place bamboo on the roof. This not only adds a great aesthetic vibe to space, but it is also Vasu compliant.

Q4. Why is Vastu for toilets necessary?

Ans. Planning or designing your home as per the Vastu-compliant house plan is indeed a great way to harness and be able to bring in positive energy and maintain peace in the house and among those you live in the space with.

Q5. How to design, keeping Vastu for toilets in an east-facing house in mind?

Ans. The bathroom, stairs and kitchen all come under the 7th, 8th and 9th pada asper the Vastu house plan. It is important to remember not to design bathrooms and bedrooms in the northeast corner of the space. Also, avoid putting a septic tank in the northeast corner, as it is said to bring in bad vibes.

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