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Homeowners! Here’s What You Need to Know About the Septic Tank Vastu

Every home has its energy and a vibe that defines the lifestyle and psyche of its residents. Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of architecture that uses various aspects like geographical location, earth’s magnetic fields, sunrays, and directions to determine the construction of the house. The Septic tank in a home is an underground pit where all the waste from the bathrooms and the kitchen is flushed out. They are usually associated with negativity and can hinder the positivity of the house. Hence, it is advised to construct your home after considering the Septic Tank Vastu. 

Septic Tank Vastu

Importance of the Correct Septic Tank Location as Per Vastu

Importance Of The Correct Septic Tank Location As Per Vastu
Septic tank must be placed in the correct direction to maintain a balance in the ecosystem

A Septic tank or a cesspool is an underground pit that collects all the waste from our house. Back in the day, people didn’t pay much attention to the placement of a septic tank due to less population. However, now every house needs a separate septic tank to maintain a proper waste disposal system. As the waste matter contains anaerobic bacteria, the solids convert into sludge and gases.
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Septic tanks are considered to collect negative energy that can cause Vastu Dosh for the property if not placed correctly. These guidelines also help preserve natural resources in a much more efficient way. Septic tank position as per Vastu helps in the prevention and depletion of groundwater resources and helps balance the ecosystem. 

Any construction faults or leakages can cause a foul smell. Mixed with the effects of solar and magnetic radiation, this situation can create a negative aura in the home. 

Ideal Septic Tank Direction as Per Vastu

Ideal Septic Tank Direction As Per Vastu
Placement of a septic tank in the northwest corner of the house

The Northwest direction of the house is the best option to place a septic tank. However, regardless of the direction of your home, the placement of a septic tank remains the same. 

Vastu Shastra explains the correct location by dividing the north area into nine different parts. Once the parts are formed, a septic tank must be placed in the third part of the northwest direction. 

Directions to Avoid for Septic Tank Vastu Location

Directions To Avoid for Septic Tank Vastu
Septic tanks should not be in the south, south-east or west corner of the house

According to Vastu Shastra, you should always avoid the southeast or west directions to install a septic tank in the house. It is necessary to prevent the placement of septic tanks in these directions so as to prevent any loss of mental peace or financial stability. 

If the waste outlets pipes are in the south direction, shifting them towards the east or north direction is necessary. If you reside in a multi-storey building, ensure that the drainage pipes are not located in the southwest direction. 

Another critical point to note is that the segregation of the septic tank should be done so that the water goes on the east side and the excretory matter goes on the west side. 
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Effects of Incorrect Septic Tank Placement as Per Vastu

Effects Of Incorrect Septic Tank Placement As Per Vastu
Wrong septic tank placement may cause health issues and financial losses

North – The construction of a septic tank in the north direction of the house can result in career-related problems. It means that the residents might have a tough time in their professional life and find every opportunity for growth and earning money blocked. 

Northeast – Septic tank, according to Vastu, must not be in the northeast direction as the resulting consequences can cause several health concerns. This situation can lead to constant sickness in the house and significant health issues like paralysis, neurological disorders, and memory loss.  

West – Septic tank, as per Vastu, should not be placed in the west direction as it can lead to non-fulfilment of desires. Also, it can impact your profitability, and you might not see results even after working hard. It can also lead to property-related issues or disputes.  

East – Septic tank in this direction leads to health disorders of the liver and digestive organs. It also causes social abandonment, and you can find yourselves unrecognized in society. 

Southeast – It can cause common obstacles in your life, and you might face marital or childbirth problems. It can also lead to blocked payments, financial losses and cash crunch.
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South – You must not dig your cesspit towards the south direction as it can disturb your peace of mind. Legal disputes and court cases can be expected. It also causes a loss of goodwill and brand recognition of your business.

Septic Tank Vastu for South Facing House

Septic Tank Vastu For South Facing House
Septic tank placement can be changed if there’s less space available or under other circumstances

If the main entrance of your house is in the south direction, you must avoid construction of a septic tank in the south-east, north-east or southwest corner of the house. However, if there’s a lack of space, you can place a septic tank in the north corner of the west direction, north (negative) and east (negative) parts of the plot. 

Septic Tank Vastu for a North Facing House

The septic tank’s location does not change much based on your house direction. If you are living in a north-facing house, you might want to avoid the placement of the septic tank near the entrance, hence look for the north-east or the north-west corner, to place the septic tank. However, the most recommended area to place your septic tank is the northwest corner of your house. 

Septic Tank Vastu for an East Facing House

In the absence of space, you can still use the northeast area of your house or plot for placing the septic tank, but our recommendation is always the north West corner.
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Septic Tank Vastu for a West Facing House

In a west-facing house, the ideal direction to install a septic tank would be the West or North-West direction. The second-best option is the South of South-West direction.

Specific Guidelines to Follow While Constructing a Septic Tank

 Guidelines To Follow While Constructing A Septic Tank
Septic tank must be below plinth level

Here are some of the most critical factors you should keep in mind for the septic tank Vastu.

  • You must ensure that the septic tank is constructed at ground level and not above the plinth level. This can lead to interference in growth.
  • Always keep a distance of 1-2 feet between the septic tank and the compound wall. It would help if you did not construct the cesspool right along the compound wall, as it can get affected by the moisture collected underneath. 
  • You must also keep a strict check on the dimensions of the tank. Tank’s placement should be done so that the length lies along the east-west axis and breadth lies along the north-south axis. Wrong directions can cause physical or mental problems that are entirely avoidable.
  • The outlet of the tank should either be in the east or west direction. It should never be in the south.  
  • Avoid construction of any bedroom, Pooja room or kitchen above the septic tank.
  • As staircases aremostly found outside the houses, you can place a septic tank under the staircase as per Vastu Shastra guidelines. 

Vastu Remedies for Septic Tank

Vastu Remedies For Septic Tank
You must not close the septic tank on your own

If your septic tank is constructed in the wrong direction and you want to correct the placement according to Vastu guidelines, it is essential to call a priest or a Vastu expert. It would be best if you did not close the current septic tank yourself. 

Drainage, According To Vastu.

Drainage According To Vastu.
Drainage pipes also play an essential role in Vastu Shastra

Pipelines of your bathroom or toilet should have their passage in the north or northwest direction. Channels of your kitchen must have their path in the east or north direction. Avoid installing drainage pipes in the southern part of your home. Also, if there are multiple floors in the house, the drainage from the upper level should not come from the southwest direction. If any pipe is cracked or leaking, you must immediately repair it.

Vastu Shastra is a traditional science form that dictates the house’s architecture with the help of several factors like geographical location, the direction of the sun, the earth’s magnetic field etc. It is believed that not constructing a house according to the Vastu Shastra guidelines can result in several avoidable consequences, ranging from physical problems to financial losses. The Septic tank, also known as a cesspool or cesspit, is essential to maintain a smooth waste drainage system. The house’s sewage and waste are collected here and converted into sludge or gases due to anaerobic bacteria. 

It is believed that septic tanks can attract unwanted negativity if not placed correctly. The ideal direction for the construction of a septic tank is northwest. Also, you must keep in mind other guidelines, like the septic tank must not be above plinth level or should not be touching the compound wall. Septic tank Vastu also ensures that it preserves the natural groundwater resources, and does not cause an imbalance in the ecosystem. If your septic tank Vastu is beyond correction, then it’s time to look for a home that can bring you the right luck and energy. Click on the link below and look for Vastu approved houses on NoBroker, you also get to SAVE on brokerage!


Q1. What is the preferred location for a septic tank of a west-facing house as per Vastu?

Ans. According to Vastu Shastra, the septic tank location for a west-facing house must be west of northwest (WNW) or south of southwest (SSW) direction.

Q2. What should be the size of a septic tank as per the Vastu Shastra guidelines?

Ans. Septic tank’s dimensions should follow the ratio of 1:1.61. This means that if the septic tanks width is 1m, its length should be 1.61m. 

Q3. Where should the septic tank be placed according to Vastu?

Ans. A septic tank must be placed in the northwest direction of your house. 

Q4. Which directions to avoid while constructing the septic tank?

Ans. Septic tanks should not be in the south, south-east or west directions.

Q5. What are the consequences of placing a septic tank in the south direction?

Ans. A septic tank in the south direction can lead to loss of mental peace and even cause legal troubles for you. It also results in loss of goodwill and brand recognition. 

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