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All About BSES Yamuna Bill Payment and How to Take a New Connection

If you are a resident of Delhi, you might know BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) as one of the three electricity distribution companies in Delhi. What some of you may not know is that BSES Yamuna bill payment can be done online through the company’s website. Even a BSES new connection application can be done online. Read till the end of the article to find out more about BYPL bill payment.


BYPL Online Payment Methods 

 You can pay your BSES Yamuna Bills in multiple ways
(Source: bsesdelhi)You can pay your BSES Yamuna Bills in multiple ways

BSES yamuna power bill payment can be done both online and offline. In the case of online payment, methods such as UPI and internet banking can be used as well. Let’s look at how both of these can be done.

How to pay your BSES Yamuna Power Limited Bill using offline methods?

Here are the different offline methods you can use for BSES Yamuna Power limited bill payment.

1. Cheque in Mail

pay your BSES Yamuna Bill offline via  cheque in the mail
(Source: bsesdelhi)You can pay your BSES Yamuna Bill offline via  cheque in the mail

To pay your BSES Yamuna Bill via cheque in the mail:
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  1. Draw your cheque in favour of your 9-digit BYPL CA Number
  2. Ensure that the cheque is account payee and not post-dated.
  3. Attach your bill payment slip and bill payment cheque, and put them in an envelope labelled BILL PAYMENT. 
  4. You can now send the cheque by post or courier to the following address.

Head-Customer Care, BSES Yamuna Power Ltd

BSES Corporate Annexe, CBD-III GRID, First Floor,

Opposite Agarwal Fun City Mall,

Karkardooma, Delhi-110032.

2. Pay through the ECS Mandate Form

The National Payment Corporation of India’s Electronic Clearance Service Mandate is used to make systematic repetitive payments to any entity.  You can get an ECS mandate form from your respective bank, and authorise to debit your account number so that the bill amount is automatically deducted from your bank account.

3. Pay at BSES Bill Payment Kiosks

There are BSES Bill payment kiosks at different locations. You can find the list of payment kiosks and their addresses here.

4. Pay at Bank Branches

Here is a list of Bank Branches where you can pay the BSES Yamuna Bill directly

How to pay BSES Yamuna Power Limited Bill online?

There are multiple channels for paying your BSES Bill online. You can use Rupay, Visa, Mastercard, Diners or Amex Credit Card. You can also pay through your net banking account with Citibank, IDBI Bank, Axis Bank, OBC, SBI or Punjab National Bank etc. Once you pay through these methods you will get an online confirmation and a transaction reference number as well.

To pay your bill, go to  BSES Delhi website, Home> BRPL>Payments>Pay Online and click Pay Now. This will take you to the BSES Delhi Bill Desk. Here you will be able to input your Account Number

online bill payment
(Source: bsesdelhi)BSES Yamuna online bill payment is quick and easy

The BSES bill can be viewed online by CA no(Contract Account Number). The BSES Yamuna login page will ask for your BSES Account number, you will be taken to a page where you can see your current bill online. Once you have checked the BSES bill, all you have to do is, click the Pay Button to initiate the payment.
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Once your payment is confirmed, you will be directed to the payment gateway where you can choose credit card or net banking payment mode. Enter the corresponding payment details and input your password. The Payment will get authenticated over the gateway and get instantly debited. You will also receive a Transaction reference number that is the acknowledgement of your payment request.

However, when you are using credit card/debit card payment methods for bill amounts more than ₹5000, you have to pay at least three working days before the due date to avoid late payment charges to your bill. Also, it is important to note that credit cards and debit cards involve processing charges of 0.85%+GST as applicable to the merchant banker and it will be debited to your card account.

How to pay your BSES Yamuna Power Limited Bill using alternative methods?

Alternative methods for paying your BSES Yamuna Power Limited bill include the Mobile Payment method and NEFT/RTGS.

Mobile Payment

The BSES Power app for customers is available in the Android Play store and also in the IOS app store. You can download the app that runs on your mobile phone and pay through the app.
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IMPS Payment

You can use your credit card or IMPS to pay your bill through your bank account, or through your phone.


Consumers can also pay their BSES Yamuna Bill through NEFT/RTGS. But you have to pay the amount in full failing which the amount may be returned. Also mention the code VBYE /VBYO/VBYD as per its applicability for BYPL payments. If there is a code mismatch, payment will be unsuccessful and returned as per the bank process. Ensure that your bill is paid at least 2 days before the due date.

What documentation must be presented when requesting a new connection?

You can even apply for a new BSES connection online. While applying for a new connection you should have the following documents in hand, namely:

  1. Identity proof documents.
  2. Proof of ownership or occupancy of premises in favour of the applicant
  3. Any further documents that are required by BSES based on the category of connection.

You can find a detailed list of the eligible documents, here.

BSES Yamuna Bill Payment Charges Per Unit

The BSES charges per unit are as follows-

  • For 200 units or below, the charges are ₹3/unit.
  • For 201-400 units, the charges are ₹4.50/unit.
  • For 401-800 units, the charges are ₹6.50/unit.
  • For 801-1200 units, the charges are ₹7/unit.
  • For 1201 and above, the charges are ₹8/unit.

What are the methods to request a new connection?

You can request a new connection using the following methods.
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  1. You can use the mobile application, or
  2. By using BSES’s official website.
  3. By visiting BYPL Division’s Customer Service Centre or 
  4. By contacting BYPL at 011-39999808

For any further assistance, you can call BSES on the 24×7 toll-free number 19123.

Navigating Recent Changes in BSES Rajdhani/Yamuna Electricity Bill Payment

In a recent development that’s bound to affect Delhi’s electricity landscape, the central government has decided to revise the power purchase adjustment charges (PPAC), resulting in potential changes in electricity rates. Effective from June 27, 2023, this decision entails varied implications for consumers based on their electricity consumption and location. Those using under 200 units of electricity will be spared from the impact, while those exceeding this threshold will face an additional 8 per cent surcharge on their bills. 

BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) and BSES Yamuna Power Limited (BYPL) will be instrumental in implementing these changes, each wielding a specific surcharge percentage—6.39 per cent and 9.42 per cent, respectively. Alongside, New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) will contribute to the adjustment with a 2 per cent surcharge. This surcharge will be an additive component alongside the customary tariff andfixed charges. As these changes take effect, Delhi’s residents should prepare for potential fluctuations in their upcoming electricity bills, underscoring the importance of staying abreast of these dynamic developments in the energy sector.

Electricity Rates in Delhi: A Breakdown of Per Unit Charges

If you’re a resident of Delhi and a user of BSES Yamuna’s electricity services, understanding the electricity rates per unit is crucial to managing your energy expenses effectively. Let’s delve into the detailed breakdown of the electricity rates per unit for different categories:

Residential Electricity Connections

  • Individual Electricity Connections:
    • 0-200 Units: Rs 3.00 per kWh
    • 201-400 Units: Rs 4.50 per kWh
    • 401-800 Units: Rs 6.50 per kWh
    • 801-1200 Units: Rs 7.00 per kWh
    • 1200 Units: Rs 8.00 per kWh
  • Individual Electricity Connections (Capacity > 2kW & ≤ 5 kW):
    • Fixed Charges: Rs 50 per kW per month
  • Individual Electricity Connections (Capacity > 5kW & ≤ 15 kW):
    • Fixed Charges: Rs 100 per kW per month
  • Individual Electricity Connections (Capacity > 15kW & ≤ 25 kW):
    • Fixed Charges: Rs 200 per kW per month
  • Individual Electricity Connections (Capacity > 25kW):
    • Fixed Charges: Rs 250 per kW per month
  • Single Point Delivery Supply for Group Housing Societies:
    • Fixed Charges: Rs 150 per kW per month
    • Consumption Charges: Rs 4.50 per kWh

Non-domestic Electricity Connections

  • Up to 3kVA:
    • Fixed Charges: Rs 250 per kVA per month
    • Consumption Charges: Rs 6.00 per kV Ah
  • Above 3kVA:
    • Fixed Charges: Rs 250 per kVA per month
    • Consumption Charges: Rs 8.50 per kV Ah

Industrial, Agricultural, and Special Connections

  • Industrial Connections:
    • Fixed Charges: Rs 250 per kVA per month
    • Consumption Charges: Rs 7.75 per kV Ah
  • Agriculture Connections:
    • Fixed Charges: Rs 125 per kW per month
    • Consumption Charges: Rs 1.50 per kWh
  • Connection for Mushroom Cultivation:
    • Fixed Charges: Rs 200 per kW per month
    • Consumption Charges: Rs 3.50 per kWh
  • Civic Utilities:
    • Fixed Charges: Rs 250 per kVA per month
    • Consumption Charges: Rs 6.25 per kV Ah
  • Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL):
    • Fixed Charges: Rs 250 per kVA per month
    • Consumption Charges: Rs 7.75 per kV Ah
  • Hoardings and Advertisements:
    • Fixed Charges: Rs 250 per kVA per month
    • Consumption Charges: Rs 8.50 per kV Ah

Temporary Electricity Supply

  • Domestic Connections (including Group Housing Societies):
    • Same rate as the applicable category
  • Threshers during the threshing season:
    • Electricity Tax of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD): Rs 270 per connection per month
    • Flat rate: Rs 5,400 per month
  • All other connections including construction projects:
    • Same rate as the applicable category
    • 1.30 times of the applicable category charges

By understanding these rates, you can plan your electricity usage more efficiently and manage your BSES Yamuna bill payments effectively.

BSES Yamuna Bill Payment presents a diverse array of options for settling your electricity bills. It’s important to note that while online processes provide quicker transactions, it’s advisable to make your payment a few days in advance of the deadline to guarantee timely processing. If you have inquiries concerning household electricity, water connections, and maintenance, turning to NoBroker is a wise choice. You can easily get in touch with us through our app to avail of home services at the most competitive market rate.


How can I make my BSES Rajdhani bill payment online?

Ans. Making your BSES Rajdhani bill payment online is convenient and hassle-free. You can visit the official BSES website or use their mobile app to securely pay your bill using various payment options like credit/debit cards, net banking, and digital wallets.

How can I get a copy of my BSES bill payment receipt?

Ans. Getting a copy of your BSES bill payment receipt is simple. After making the payment online, the system usually generates a receipt that you can download and print for your records. This receipt confirms your payment and serves as proof of transaction.

Is there a deadline for making BSES Rajdhani bill payment?

Ans. Yes, there is a due date mentioned on your bill for making the payment. To avoid any late fees or interruptions in service, it’s advisable to ensure your BSES Rajdhani bill payment is completed before the specified deadline.

What should I do if I face any issues during my BSES Rajdhani bill payment online?

Ans. If you encounter any difficulties while making your BSES Rajdhani bill payment online, you can reach out to the BSES customer support. They are available to assist you with any payment-related concerns or technical issues you might face during the process.

5. Is there an option for automatic bill payment? 

Ans. Yes, BYPL often offers an automatic bill payment option where you can set up recurring payments through your bank account or credit card. This ensures your bills are paid on time without manual intervention.

6.  How can I check the BSES request status?

Ans. You can check your BSES requests status and BSES Yamuna new connection status by logging into your profile with your CA number.

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