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Over 30% of Indian professionals and families choose to live in rental homes. A large number of new renters often belong to the 20-30 years age group. Rent payment is usually their top priority each month. NoBroker rent payment portal can help make this easier.

NoBroker Rent Payment

Paying rent through bank transfers, although the most common method, has the tendency to be delayed often due to bank server issues and more. With NoBroker rent payment, tenants can now pay their monthly rent with credit cards. Thanks to the 24/7 payment feature, rent is credited to the landlord’s bank account instantly. 

Read on to know more about NoBroker pay, NoBroker credit card rent payment charges, features, rewards and more.

How to Pay Rent with NoBroker Rent Payment?

Paying rent with NoBroker payments is a simple process. 

NoBroker Rent Payment

Step 1: Head over to the NoBroker payments page and enter the required information, i.e, full name, phone number and email ID and click on “Get Started”.

NoBroker Rent Payment

Step 2: In the next window, carefully enter all required information such as the landlord’s name, phone number, bank details or UPI ID (depending on how the landlord chooses to receive their rent), property address, BHK type and rent amount. Click on “save payment details” to save details for future use and proceed.
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NoBroker Rent Payment

Step 3: Choose your mode of payment at the next window.

NoBroker Rent Payment

If your preferred payment method is UPI, you will be redirected to the QR code that you can scan to pay rent. If you choose to pay rent through credit cards, you will be redirected to the window where you can fill in your card details. 

NoBroker Rent Payment

Step 4: Click on “Make Payment” once you have entered all the details. 

What are the NoBroker Rent Payment Charges?

NoBroker charges a nominal processing fee and GST on rent payments. These charges are clearly mentioned in the payment page to ensure complete transparency. 

Debit Card or Credit? How Can You Pay Rent on NoBroker Pay?

NoBroker Pay allows users to choose between debit or credit cards for their rent payments. NoBroker pay also provides tenants with the option to pay through UPI. Major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard are accepted and users can also earn points, rewards or cashback on their rent payments. 

Benefits of Using NoBroker Pay for Rent Payment

NoBroker rent payment service offers tenants a number of benefits. Some of the benefits are-

  • Easy, 24/7 instant payment of rent.
  • Pay with credit or debit cards without any hassles.
  • NoBroker rent payment charges only a nominal processing fee and GST on transactions.
  • Users can avail 50% discount on processing fees by referring friends or family to the NoBroker rent payment service.
  • Users get 45 day interest-free credit period upon paying the rent with their Visa or Mastercard credit cards.
  • By paying the rent with major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard, tenants can earn reward points and miles.
  • NoBroker rewards NoBroker rent payment users with mystery boxes or scratch cards with exciting rewards inside. 
  • NoBroker mystery box and scratch cards can include rewards like Myntra, St.Botanica and The Moms Co. coupons.
  • By paying the rent with NoBroker, users can get an instant receipt for their NoBroker rent payment charges, which can later be used to easily claim their HRA.

Why Choose NoBroker Pay Rent Payment?

NoBroker rent payment is a trusted way to pay your rent with credit cards, debit cards or even through UPI. NoBroker Pay is a product by NoBroker and is 100% secure with PCI compliant payment gateway.

Rent paid is transferred to the recipient’s bank account instantly and can be done from anywhere at any time. NoBroker credit card to bank account rent payments is credited instantly in most cases. In cases where instant credit does not take place, users can expect payment to be credited within the next 2 days. 

NoBroker Pay also allows you to pay other dues when it comes to home renting such as maintenance charges, security deposits or token charges. You can also use NoBroker Pay to pay for other fees such as school or college fees, tuition fees, office, shop or other commercial space rents, etc. You can use NoBroker to pay rent even if the landlord/ recipient is not registered on NoBroker. 

For tax claim purpose user can easily get rent payment receipts through NoBroker
For tax claim purpose user can easily get rent payment receipts through NoBroker

For tax and HRA claim purposes, users can easily avail of their rent payment receipt through NoBroker Pay. After the first rent payment through NoBroker rent payment, tenants need to fill in relevant details like the rental property address and land’s PAN number (if the rent amount is greater than Rs.8333). Once submitted, the rent receipt will be generated and mailed to the tenant. For every subsequent rent payment through the NoBroker Pay service, a rent receipt will be automatically generated and sent to you upon payment of rent. 

Thousands of tenants have used NoBroker Pay to pay their monthly rent and have been thoroughly satisfied. “I am really excited about using NoBroker Pay. I had paid my house rent through my credit card. The entire process is so seamless. My landlord too got an instant notification. Though NoBroker people claim they will credit the amount within 48 hours, mine got credited in under 7 hours ” says Jyothi Dave, a long-time NoBroker Pay user. 

If you would also like to get on the bandwagon and start paying your rent through NoBroker Pay, head over to the NoBroker payments page or click here and get started!


1. Is NoBroker pay safe?

We place a high priority on security, therefore when you make a payment on our website, we take sophisticated security precautions to make sure your personal data is protected and safe. Your financial data is not stored by NoBroker Pay.

2. What are the NoBroker pay rent with credit card charges?

If you use NoBroker Pay to make a payment, we might charge a processing fee. When you are going to make the payment, the fee is mentioned on the payment page and is included in the total payment.

3. What is the expected NoBroker rent payment time?

The payment may not appear in your landlord’s bank account or on statements for up to 2 working days, despite the fact that we strive hard to process all payments as quickly as possible.
Your rent payment from NoBroker will appear in your landlord’s bank account as “[Month] Rent Payment from [Name]”. Depending on when you make the payment, the month may change, and your name will be based on the information you give us.

4. Does NoBroker automatically deduct rent from my credit card each month?

NoBroker will not make any automatic deduction for rent payments since we do not yet offer users the option to set up auto-pay on their credit or debit cards. However, you will soon be able to place standing orders and autopay on your credit card or debit card, should you want to do so, since we are actively working on this functionality.

5. Can I pay rent through NoBroker pay even if my landlord is not registered on NoBroker?

Definitely! For the purpose of receiving your rent payment, your landlord does not need to be signed up with NoBroker Pay. When your rent payment is completed, we send a confirmation SMS to both you and your landlord. This is why it’s crucial that you enter your landlord’s correct contact and banking information.

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