The Bureau of Energy Efficiency or BEE has made the 14th of December Energy Efficiency Day. This was done with the aim of making everyone aware of energy, how to be more efficient and how to conserve it as much as possible. We all use energy, every day in different forms, we certainly can’t live in a world without energy. To help you save this precious resource, we’ve listed a few easy energy conservation tips –

1-    Turn off switches

Every time you leave a room, check once to make sure that you’ve turned off all the lights and fans in that room. If you have a water heater, switch it off as soon as you’re done.

2-    Install solar panels

Solar panels convert the heat from the sun into energy, as it is a renewable source of energy it’s better for you and the environment. Solar heaters are also easily available and easy to install, you’ll also save on your electricity bill.

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3-    Change your light bulbs

The old incandescent light bulbs are much cheaper than LED bulbs, BUT they burn for about 1000 hours when an LED bulb can burn for 25,000 hours. Incandescent light bulbs also need five times more power than an LED to produce the same amount of light.

4-    Keep your fridge full

You’re wasting a lot of energy if you have a fridge and freezer used only for a few items. If you have a well-stocked fridge and freezer, then you are utilizing its power consumption ideally.

5-    Find the right temperature

Each appliance will come with the manufacturer’s recommendations, this is to keep the machine running well as well as monitor its energy consumption. If you keep the fridge much cooler than the manufacturer’s recommendation, it will start to excessively cool and waste energy.

6-    Wash your clothes consciously

When using your washing machine, see to it that it’s filled adequately, if your washing just a few garments, then you’ll end up wasting water and energy as the machine does not alter its usage based on the load in the machine. During the warmer seasons, hang your clothes out to dry and skip using the dryer.

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7-    Update your appliances

Appliances that require a lot more energy like an AC, fridge, heaters etc. now come with an Energy Star Rating system. The more stars the appliance has, means the more energy efficient it is, without compromising on its performance. So ditch the 20-year-old fridge and upgrade to a newer more efficient model.

8-    Use smart power strips

Any appliance still plugged in but not in use, still utilizes power. This is known as a ‘phantom load’ to avoid this massive waste of energy, especially when the appliance is not in use, try a smart power strip. These have special circuitry that is designed to monitor and control power to each electrical outlet in the strip. It improves overall energy efficiency and stops wasting power.

9-    Let some light in

Don’t have the curtains and blinds drawn through the day, open them up to reduce the need for artificial light and fans.

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10-    Phone charging

Most of us like to plug in our phones at night and wake up to a full battery, this is actually a waste of energy. Phones need only a few hours to charge, so unplug it before bed to save some precious energy.

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