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Wind Chimes Vastu: A Cost-Effective Remedy for Eliminating Vastu Dosha

Are you constantly troubled by the bad feng shui or Vastu dosha of your place? Here’s a guide to eliminating such troubles most cost-effectively through the means of simple wind chimes Vastu. 

Wind Chimes Vastu

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Wind chimes are decorative pieces with immense significance in the world of feng shui and Vastu. They are believed to be capable of eliminating the bad feng shui or Vastu dosha and hence, are considered potential cures against probable bad luck or misfortunes. Furthermore, wind chimes Vastu and feng shui reveal the vast possibilities of effective utilization of wind chimes for capturing and distributing positive energies evenly in houses while simultaneously warding off negative chi or energy. Because of their enormous potential and magical abilities are often referred to as ‘magical bells’.

Where to Hang Wind Chimes in House?

Wind Chime Vastu - Where to Hang Wind Chimes in House
Beautiful wind chimes with a varied number of rods

Wind chimes have a great significance in the world of Vastu and Feng Sui as they play a crucial role in warding off misfortunes and bad luck and ushering in good luck and fortune among the inhabitants of a house or an office. It is believed that the sweet melody that emanates from the chimes with the blowing of the breeze brings in good luck and positivity in the house. Feng shui uses ‘Chi’ to refer to the positive energy emanating from the wind chimes. They are said to neutralize negative energies and suppress Vastu dosha, thereby ushering in positive energy and prosperity in a house. Wind chimes help establish synchrony between the people living in a home and the five elements of nature. Therefore, to reap maximum benefits of wind chimes, it is imperative to hang them in the house in the right places by observing the wind chime Vastu and feng shui specifications. It is equally important to note the materials, symbols, colours and numbers of rods used in wind chimes since these, too, play a crucial role in determining the usages and functions of wind chimes.
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Where to Hang Wind Chimes Inside? 

Wind chimes should be hung in a place with a natural breeze, possibly a window or the balcony, as the chiming ushers in good luck to the inhabitants of the house. Wind chimes can be placed at the centre of a house since the chiming can be heard from all directions as this helps neutralize negative energies. Wind chimes Vastu speaks of installing them at the entrances. Guests whose arrivals produce melodious chiming sounds are considered auspicious. However, it is essential to note that these should not be hung from doors or near walls as they tend to disrupt the energy balance when these wind chimes hit the doors or walls. It is advised not to hang wind chimes in places where people directly sleep or sit under them. A wind chime at the bottom of a staircase prevents fortune and wealth, speeding down the stairs to run out of the house.

Where To Hang Wind Chimes Inside?
Beautiful brass wind chime hung near a window

According to wind chime Vastu specifications, hanging wind chimes of any material in the west brings fortune and positivity to the house’s inhabitants. It is recommended to use an ‘O’ shaped hook or a red coloured string to hang the chime as it is the most auspicious colour, associated with the element of fire, according to feng shui. It is advised not to put wind chimes inside toilets or storerooms to attract negative energy from these zones.  
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Where to Hang Wind Chimes Outside?

Where To Hang Wind Chimes Outside?
Beautiful wind chime hung in a garden

Wind chimes can be placed in outdoor porches where a gentle breeze blows throughout the day. They can be installed in gardens as well though they should not be hung from trees. Instead, they are placing wind chimes just outside the front doors to help in distributing energy more effectively in all corners.

Where to Hang Wind Chimes in Bedrooms?

Where To Hang Wind Chimes in Bedrooms?
Blue wind chime hung from a bedroom roof

Wind chimes should be hung in places where energy is stagnant and, therefore, needs an impulse. Inside bedrooms, they should be placed near the windows from which gentle breeze blows throughout the day as the enchanting chiming sounds produced thus help to usher in positivity and peace. Bamboo or wooden wind chimes produce soothing sounds and hence, are popular bedroom choices. Ceramic wind chimes hung in the Northwest direction bring in love and romance and, therefore, are also considered ideal bedroom choices for newly-wed couples. Blue coloured wind chimes are preferred owing to their soothing effects as they help fight insomnia and stress. However, wind chimes should never be placed above a bed, table, or where people directly sleep or sit on.  
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Wind Chimes Direction as Per Vastu

Wind chimes are made up of various materials like metal, bamboo, crystal, ceramic, etc. Each of these acts in diverse ways to ward off bad luck and usher in prosperity in the house. It is, therefore, essential to figure out the suitable direction or place to hang wind chimes of the right materials in our home by following the wind chime Vastu and feng shui specifications, which, if violated, may prove harmful.

According to wind chime Vastu specifications, hanging wind chimes of any material in the west brings fortune and positivity to the house’s inhabitants. They also help boost the academic performances of children.

Wind Chimes Direction as Per Vastu
Wind chimes of any material can be placed in the west

Hollow metal wind chimes hung in the northwest direction helps bring success and wealth in life. Moreover, it attracts positive chi or energy, thereby playing a crucial role in suppressing negative energies or bad luck.

Ceramic wind chimes hung in the southwest direction helps to improve the luck of romance and hence, are mainly considered beneficial for relationships.

Wind chimes placed in the north direction are known to bring in good luck and prosperity.

Metal Wind Chimes Direction as Per Vastu

As per Vastu, metal wind chimes made from aluminium, bronze, brass or copper hung in the West, North or North-West directions bring good luck, joy and fortune to the family members. Metal wind chimes are primarily known for suppressing negative energies or effectively cutting through any stagnant qi. Hence, they are widely used in houses and offices to ward off hard luck and welcome wealth and fortune.
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Metal Wind Chimes Direction as Per Vastu
Metal wind chimes cut through stagnant qi

Hanging Bells for Pooja Room Vastu

The tradition of hanging bells is not just specific to Indians and is widely prevalent among the Chinese. Hanging bells or ‘ghanti’ inside puja rooms is considered auspicious. 

Hanging Bells for Pooja Room Vastu
Bells in puja rooms are considered auspicious

Ringing bells while worshipping forms an essential part of ritualistic traditions as it is believed that the sound of the bell removes negative energy and collects positivity, thereby purifying the place. Inside home temples, bells are generally hung on the left side.

Wind Chime Vastu: Wind Chime Material Benefits as per Vastu Shastra

Ceramic, wood (often bamboo), and metal (aluminium, steel, and brass) are used to make wind chimes. One must choose their route in accordance with Vastu based on their substance.

Earth components are used in wind chimes made of clay or porcelain. They work best in the southwest, northeast, southeast, and centre of a home or business, according to FengShui. In the northeast, ceramic wind chimes bring wisdom and luck. They introduce passion and love to the southwest. When placed in the centre, health and luck are improved.

For use in the south, east, or southeast, choose wooden wind chimes. Eastward-pointing bamboo or wood rods support family, growth, and health. They draw wealth to the southeast. Bamboo’s soft clacking dispels negative energy and promotes tranquillity, security, and well-being. Health, vigour, development, riches, and thankfulness are all added by wood chimes.

Metal chimes enhance brain acuity and vitality while luring success and family luck. When positioned in the west, metal wind chimes foster creativity and children’s well-being. When planted in the northwest, they defend travellers and enhance the number of helpful persons in your life.

Wind Chimes Benefits According to Vastu

According to Vastu Shastra, wind chimes help negate the adverse effects of Vastu dosha. They help in suppressing bad luck and usher in fortune and prosperity to the inhabitants of a house. According to Feng shui, wind chimes establish synchronization between people and the five elements of nature, i.e., wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Windchime Vastu states that the sweeter the sound a wind chime produces, the more significant the good luck it brings to the inhabitants. If wind chimes made of suitable materials are placed in the right places as per Vastu norms, they help bring wealth, health and prosperity to a house. For example, the ceramic wind chimes, which, when placed in the northeast direction, help improve the health and well-being of the inhabitants of a home.

Similarly, wind chimes help fight diseases and misfortunes by suppressing negative energies and replacing them with positive ones. It is believed that a well-placed wind chime helps in the dispersal of negative chi emanating from different corners and angles of walls and furniture. The colour of the wind chime and the number of chimes, tubes or bells, too, play a crucial role in determining the purposes of wind chimes like six or 8-rod wind chimes are said to enthral positive energy, whereas 5-rod wind chimes help suppress negative energies. Similarly, while the red wind chime ensures success and prosperity, the green chime installed in the east provides good health.

Wind Chimes Benefits, According to Vastu
Red wind chime bestows success and prosperity on people

Rod Metal Wind Chimes Benefits

According to wind chime Vastu or feng shui, metal wind chimes with 5 rods are incredibly optimistic. The 5-rod metal wind chime benefitst the five elements of nature, i.e., earth, metal, fire, water and wood. Such wind chimes help establish effect synchronization between the people and the elements of nature, thereby suppressing all negative energies and bad luck.

5-Rod Metal Wind Chimes Benefits
5-rod metal wind chime representing five elements of nature

Rod Metal Wind Chimes Benefits

Seven-rod metal wind chimes are not commonly used and are generally used on special occasions. They help establish harmony among the different elements in a house. They are typically placed near a door or window from which a pleasant breeze moves in, enabling the wind chime to produce enchanting, melodic sounds. If hung on the western side, they boost the creativity of the family members. These wind chimes are primarily hung to improve the luck of children.

7-Rod Metal Wind Chimes Benefits
7-rod metal wind chimes are pretty rare

Bamboo Wind Chime Benefits 

Bamboo Wind Chime Benefits
Bamboo wind chimes generate a considerable amount of wood energy

When installed in the east, bamboo wind chimes help attract wealth and resources inside a house, whereas they attract fame when placed in the south. According to feng shui, bamboo chimes hung in the east help generate tremendous wood energy. They produce soothing sounds, are considered ideal bedroom choices, and help fight off insomnia and stress.

Rod Metal Wind Chimes Benefits

Four-rod metal wind chimes help capture positive energy and are generally placed at the opening of houses, thereby facilitating positive chi to enter the households. They help replace negative energy with positive chi and bring in good luck, fortune, wealth, and prosperity. 

4-Rod Metal Wind Chimes Benefits
Beautiful 4-rod wind chime hanging from the balcony roof

Rod Metal Wind Chimes Benefits

a beautiful metal 6-rod wind chime
Beautiful metal 6-rod wind chime

Six-rod wind chimes are known to attract positive energy or positive chi. Therefore, they are the most popular choices alongside the 8-rod wind chimes as they help fill spaces with positive energy and are known to bring in good luck, fortune and prosperity.

Ceramic Wind Chimes Vastu

Ceramic wind chimes in the southwest are auspicious for couples
Ceramic wind chimes in the southwest are auspicious for couples

Ceramic wind chimes in the northwest, southwest or northeast zones of houses improve knowledge, romance and health luck, respectively. If turned in the southwest direction inside bedrooms, they enhance the romance in newly-wed couples.

Wooden Wind Chimes Feng Shui

According to feng shui, wooden wind chimes hung in the Eastern, South-eastern or Southern zones help generate a massive amount of wood energy, eliminating negative energies and establishing harmony among the different elements in a house. Moreover, wooden wind chimes produce sweet soothing sounds that are good for a night’s sleep. Hence, these are ideal bedrooms as they help eliminate insomnia, stress, and sleeplessness.

Wooden Wind Chimes Feng Shui
Wooden wind chimes help fight insomnia

Crystal Wind Chimes Feng Shui

Crystal wind chimes are known to trap positive energies and help ward off bad luck and misfortunes.

Crystal Wind Chimes Feng Shui
A beautiful crystal wind chime reflecting sunlight

Vastu and Feng shui is the traditional knowledge systems of ancient Asian civilizations. They have a solid scientific base and are widely consulted to date for multiple purposes. While wrong feng shui or Vastu dosha indeed has the potential to generate troubles in your peaceful life, you can easily ward them off in a cost-effective manner by placing wind chimes of particular colours or those made from specific materials in specific directions.  Wind chimes Vastu and feng shui reveal that if wind chimes made of suitable materials are installed at the right places, they can quickly eliminate misfortunes and negative chi while ushering in positivity, health, wealth and good luck upon the inhabitants of a household.

Feng Shui Compliant Wind Chime Colours and Placements

A wind chime’s colour is also important for attracting luck.

The placement of a blue wind chime in the north will benefit knowledge, understanding, and professional opportunities.

When positioned toward the west, white wind chimes encourage creative thinking. White is a representation of the metal element, which stands for accomplishment, production, and mental clarity.

Success and reputation are guaranteed by a red wind chime. It is the colour associated with luck in feng shui. Red, the colour of fire, attracts passion and luck since it is a fire emblem. When used in the southwest, the colour promotes peace and love.

red wind chime
Red wind chime

Earth and gladness are symbolised by brown and yellow chimes. Self-care, stability, and balance can be brought by a brown wind chime. Hang yellow wind chimes northwest in the living room for career advancement.

Black in Feng Shui is a symbol for water. Black wind chimes represent knowledge and professional potential. For success, place a black wind chime close to your office door.

 Black wind chimes
Black wind chimes

A green wind chime represents progress, fresh starts, healing, and wealth. It draws prosperity when positioned toward the southwest. It should be positioned in the east for optimal health.

Feng Shui and Wind Chimes with Symbols

Numerous symbols are used in the design of wind chimes. Buddha is a Feng Shui symbol for harmony, fortune, and serenity. To promote spiritual development, hang a chime in the northeast with a picture of the Buddha.

The lotus represents beauty and wisdom. Wind chimes with lotus designs transform misfortune into fortune and amplify feelings of happiness and peace.

Chinese currency wind chimes are considered lucky signs of prosperity and success. These coins bring wealth into residences.

People are energised by a strong sensation of good energy when they hear windchimes featuring butterflies. A traditional Feng Shui emblem for prosperity is the fish.

According to Feng Shui, a wind chime featuring a turtle provides safety, health, and longevity. It is perfect for senior folks’ bedrooms.

Shells draw positive energy. For best effects, hang seashell wind chimes from a window.

Wind chimes with dragons are a warm invitation to safety, fortune, and prosperity.

Wind chimes featuring the tree of life stand for power, beauty, and reward while representing the connection between heaven and earth.

The infinite knot wind chime represents enduring love, good health, and prosperity. The knot, which has no beginning or end, stands for the Buddha’s limitless wisdom.

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Q1. Are wind chimes with symbols auspicious?

Ans. Wind chimes with traditional symbols are auspicious if installed at the right place. However, the placement of these chimes depends entirely on the characters used.

Q2. Should 8-rod metal wind chimes be hung in houses?

Ans. Wind chimes with 8 rods attract positive energy and hence, are one of the most popular choices for hanging inside houses.

Q3. What does wind chime Vastu say of the colour green?

Ans. Green wind chimes usher in prosperity if hung in the southwest, and good health is placed in the east.

Q4. Which places should be avoided while hanging wind chimes inside houses?

Ans. Wind chimes should not be hung in toilets and storerooms as they attract negative energies from these zones. Likewise, they should not be placed near walls or hung from doors, as they often create energy imbalances.

Q5. Should wind chimes be hung with strings?

Ans. According to Feng, wind chimes should be hung from ‘S’ or ‘O’ hooks or with red strings since red is the most auspicious colour.

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