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Tricks And Tips on the Best Sleeping Direction as Per Vastu for Better Sleep

Money, fame, property, and other such material achievements all contribute to a comfortable life. However, the pandemic has drastically changed everyone’s life, and it has also taught us some valuable lessons. One of the biggest revelations of the difficult times that many people have acknowledged has been the importance of peaceful sleep. Interestingly, many people believe that sleeping direction as per Vastu, plays a vital role in the quality of sleep a person experience. 

Sleeping Direction As Per Vastu

Many surveys have revealed that humans need at least 8 hours of sleep to ensure well-being and energy during the day. If we spend almost 33% of our lives sleeping, it is imperative to know essential tips that enable uninterrupted and peaceful sleep at night. If you were wondering which direction is good for sleeping according to science, Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, then this is the only blog you will need to read! 

Importance of Vastu Shastra in Design & Architecture

Whenever people think of designing their house or offices, they always refer to the property as being “Vastu compliant”. But, what does this mean? Let us briefly understand the importance of Vastu Shastra and how these ancient texts continue to be influential, even centuries after they first came into the limelight.  
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Originating in India, the term Vastu Shastra means “science of architecture”, and it refers to different aspects of design, spatial geometry, and space arrangements influenced by nature. However, like any other science stream, Vastu Shastra also has certain principles and guidelines that it endorses to get the best out of the home space, including how sleeping direction can affect sleep quality.

Importance of Sleeping Direction According to Vastu

The bedroom is one of the most intimate, private and essential aspects of anyone’s home. It is a place where people have a quiet and stress-free relaxing time, and hence sleeping in a well-designed bedroom holds enormous significance.  So naturally, the ancient science of architecture has a considerable amount of literature and suggestions regarding the directions to sleep according to Vastu. According to Shashtra, the act of sleeping involves many different aspects of spatial architecture and design coming together.

When considering which direction to sleep, Vastu Shastra considers the four main directions – East, West, North and South; and the five main elements of nature that influence everything around us – Earth, Air, Space, Water and Fire. The significance of your head and its direction while sleeping cannot be overstated. According to the popular belief of many consultants, Vastu sleep direction is critical in ensuring that the person can sleep peacefully without any disturbances or mental hurdles. 
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The Best Direction to Sleep as Per Vastu Shastra 

Vastu Shastra has mentioned the pros and cons of sleeping position direction. So, let’s look at which direction is the best and the main reasons behind the importance of bed positions according to Vastu.

1. Sleeping in the East Direction as per Vastu

Sleeping in the East Direction as per Vastu
Sleeping in the east direction

East the direction of the rising Sun and thus is considered a favourable sleeping direction as per Vastu. As per ancient architecture, if you keep your head towards the East, your sleep will be delightful, and your energy will be positive. East is also considered the best direction to sleep for students and teachers as it boosts energy levels and helps in improving memory. Students who struggle to remember details about their academic courses and subjects such as Mathematics and Economics are advised to sleep with their head pointing towards the East. It is also considered the best sleeping direction per Vastu for people going through health-related issues.

2. Sleeping in West Direction as per Vastu

Sleeping in West Direction as per Vastu
Avoid sleeping in the west, according to Vastu

According to many experts, West is not a favourable bed direction as per Vastu Shastra as it tends to promote restlessness and a sense of dissatisfaction in the person. This makes the direction of West a pretty resounding “no” for youngsters and people who have personal issues. However, few people think West is the best sleeping position per Vastu for people driven by fame and constantly chasing money and business ambition. Thus, one can say that sleeping in the West direction should be avoided if you believe what Vastu consultants are saying. 
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3. Sleeping in North Direction as per Vastu

If there is a sleeping direction as per Vastu that is considered the worst and never advised to anyone, it is North! Since Hinduism heavily influences Vastu Shastra, the Vastu science believes that only the dead rest with their head pointing towards the Northern direction. If you believe some scientific reasons, the North is considered an avoidable direction for sleeping because Earth’s magnetic forces drive positive energy from the body’s north (the brain) away from the person. The magnetic force is so powerful that it can also affect blood circulation, and thus it is essential to avoid the North direction as per Vastu sleep positions. Thus, the answer to which direction to sleep scientifically can also be any direction but North! 

4. Sleeping in South Direction as per Vastu

Sleeping in South Direction as per Vastu
You can get the best sleep when you face south.

South is universally considered the right direction to sleep, and it is also the most recommended bed position as per Vastu. The main reason behind the South being touted as the best direction is influenced by Hinduism, which tells us that the South is ruled by a God named Yama. Anyone going through significant sleep deprivation and anxiety problems should sleep with their head pointed towards the Southern side as it promoted heavy and deep sleep. It is also the most recommended sleeping position as per Vastu. The negative energy of the south pole and Positive energy from the head attracts tremendous energy into the body, thereby promoting happiness and mindful sleep. The South is also the best answer for people with blood pressure and heart issues who always ask the question- in which direction we should sleep?
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The Most Suitable Direction of Bed According to Vastu

Direction of Bed According to Vastu
Ideal bed position as per Vastu

Now that you have learned about the best sleeping direction per Vastu, you might be curious to know which order and position the bed in the bedroom should be placed in. Logically, South is the best direction to point your head when sleeping; the bed position also has to be in a similar direction. If you cannot place the bed in true South due to the room’s design, the best position of the bed in the bedroom as per Vastu is South-West. 

It is said that this position shuns away negative energy and restlessness away from the person and also promotes a mindful deep sleep that ensures peaceful night-time for the homeowner. Vastu Shastra also recommends that the bed’s legs not directly point towards the bedroom door as this can create problems in the family. Another vital piece of information to keep in mind about Vastu direction for bed is that the headrest should always be placed against the wall and should never be in the middle of the room.

Understanding Vastu Shastra and the importance of sleeping direction as per Vastu can have a massive impact on your life. Making these changes to your bedroom to make it Vastu-compliant can seem like a monumental task, but the Vastu and Interior decor experts at NoBroker can help you achieve it! Our experts have a wealth of experience in Vastu shastra and Interior decoration. They will guide you right from understanding the problems to solving them by using the principles of Vastu shastra. If you are interested in availing of expert consultation, just click the link below, and our team will reach out to you soon. 


Q1. Which is the best sleeping direction as per Vastu?

Ans. Vastu Shastra has had a significant impact on spatial architecture and design for many centuries. The best sleeping direction as per Vastu is North and then followed by East! These directions are said to promote a deep sleep that does not impact the energy of the person. 

Q2. Which is the best sleeping position as per Vastu for Students?

Ans. Students and teachers tend to people who have to process a lot of information daily and memorise it. Thus, the most suitable position for them is Eastwards as the direction is known for high blood circulation and memory-boosting energies. 

Q3. Which sleeping position should be avoided according to Vastu Shastra?

Ans. According to the Vastu Shastra, sleeping with your head pointing towards the North direction should be avoided. Sleeping Northwards is only for the dead as per Hindu tradition, and hence this is the worst position to sleep in. 

Q4. Which sleeping direction is recommended in Vastu Shastra for couples? 

Ans. The Vastu Shastra has guided many couples in designing their house in a manner that positively affects their life. As per Vastu, South or Southwest is the best direction for couples to sleep in. Sleeping with your head pointing towards these directions ensures a relaxing sleep and positive energy. 

Q5. What is the ideal direction of a bed according to Vastu?

Ans. If you plan to design the bedroom, then the bed’s position must be one of the most vital aspects of the room design. Since keeping your head pointed towards the North is not recommended, the ideal direction for bed, according to Vastu, is South-West (provided that it is not directly facing the bedroom door).

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