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House Number Numerology Explained – Which House Numbers Are Lucky & Unlucky?

It is often said that numbers and mathematics rule the universe and the person who understands the importance of certain numbers, will have complete control over their life. From students to young professionals; business owners to sports personalities, everyone has a favourite number and wants to incorporate their lucky number in everything from buying a property to choosing the car’s number plate. Today, house number numerology has gained immense popularity globally. 

house number numerology

House Name Numerology Calculator

Calculating the house number numerology is easy if you know the individual values of the letters and numbers. Every alphabet and number have a certain value and finding the lucky house number calculator can also be done by applying a simple formula.

If your house number is D-42, the correct way to calculate the number as per numerology is the value of D (4) + 4 + 2 = 8. Numerology does not consider the street number, Pincode while determining the number of the house and this is the only full-proof Indian house number numerology formula that can be easily followed. Let us look at different house numbers and the reasons behind why some numbers are considered lucky or unlucky. 
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Numerology House Number 1

The number 1 is considered the beginning of a journey and is regarded as a good number for the house. This number is suitable for self-employed and single people who are just starting their personal or professional life journey. House number 1 in Indian numerology denotes a strong sense of independence and ambition. People who have a great sense of curiosity and the urge to reach newer heights in whatever work they are doing are best suited with house number numerology 1. It is also considered as an auspicious number in Feng Shui. Owners residing in house number 1 Feng Shui are destined for a positive start in any new journey that they are about to partake in personal or professional life.  

Numerology House Number 2

House Number 2 As Per Numerology
House Number 2 As Per Numerology

People who have house number 2 are the luckiest people globally, and the number promotes healthy relationships, family values, and harmony in life. If you are a romantic person and have a young family, then house number 2 is perfect as per house numerology. Feng Shui considers number 2 as a well-balanced and upbeat number. People who wish to have some balance in life will benefit from house number 2 Feng Shui. People who stay in this house feel satisfied with their personal growth, and kids feel happy coming back to their parents and siblings at home. 
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Numerology House Number 3

Are you a creative person or have kids that want to become artists? Then house number 3 is the best place to nurture the talent and bring out the creativity inside them. People living in this house must decorate the home that instils artistic and creativity through different paintings, sculptures, writings, etc. The number 3 is also considered a number that promotes positivity, joy, and happiness as per Feng Shui principles. People living in house number 3 Feng Shui will eventually teach values such as family-first and self-expression. According to the numerology house number, living in house number 3 gives plenty of opportunities for family gatherings, entertainment, and game nights in the house that everyone can enjoy in the family. 

Numerology House Number 4

It is often said that everyone desires a sense of stability, security, and calmness in their life. But unfortunately, people today are too busy with their meeting schedules, routine responsibilities, and workload. If you want a stable life, you will benefit massively by living in house number 4 in Indian numerology. Numbers have a significant influence on life, and people living in house number 4 do well in jobs or businesses centred around civil works, environment, architecture, etc. 
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Numerology House Number 5

House Number 5 As Per Numerology
House Number 5 As Per Numerology

The number 5 is considered as a very young and energetic number in house number numerology. Naturally, this is the house for all the youngsters, students, young professionals who are just starting a new phase of their life. This is a perfect house of people with sky-high aspirations and imagination. People living in house number 5 Feng Shui will often have the urge to travel to new places and explore new things in life. People with a high social life such as teachers, travel agents, bloggers will benefit more if their house number is 5.

Numerology House Number 6

What is an ideal house environment to raise kids? This is a question that troubles almost every young couple on the verge of parenthood. Thankfully, there is a solution if you believe in house number numerology. House number 6 is the most suitable house if you want your children, grandchildren, and pets to live a happy and prosperous life. Feng Shui recognises 6 as a number that promotes calmness. Owners with house number 6 Feng Shui are thus perfect for people with a calm mind and less adventurous life. It is an ideal house to create a lifetime’s worth of memories with family and people who work in the healthcare service industry. Social workers, nurses, doctors, senior citizens should live house number 6 for a great life.  
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Numerology House Number 7

There comes a time in everyone’s life when they are at the crossroads of life. Their professional and personal life is stagnant, non-satisfactory, or needs a change desperately. For such people, it is best to introspect and rethink the things that matter to them. As per house number 7 in Indian numerology denotes a sense of personal vibration, meaning it is a number that promotes internal thoughts and brings out clarity. Thus, house number 7 Feng Shui is most suitable for introverts and deeply thinking about what to do in their lives.  

Numerology House Number 8

House Number 8 As Per Numerology
House Number 8 As Per Numerology

8 is a popular number amongst business people, senior managers and sportspersons. If you wonder why so many successful people are fixated on number 8 house Feng Shui, it is easy; the number promotes abundance and ambition. Many people prefer house number 8 in Indian numerology as they believe that the number will perfectly compliment their personal and professional growth goals. Some people leapfrog towards financial freedom, stable family and always have their next goal-to-achieve penned down. 8 house number numerology invites prosperity and wealth of epic proportions.  

Numerology House Number 9

Compassion, empathy, and kindness are some of the virtues that every human being should have. But, unfortunately, not everyone understands the importance of such values. Families who stay in house number 9 often have a sense of kindness and compassion in them. House numerology has a lasting impact on the inner voice of the people living in it. The house number 9 Feng Shui is considered an “influential” number and perfect for building communities and promoting selflessness and spirituality. 

Numerology House Number 10

Many numerology experts see the number 10 as a relatively neutral number that does not have any negative connotations. As per Feng Shui, 10 is a number that has infinite possibilities, and thus Feng Shui house number 10 is perfect for people who are self-determined, social and have an urge to explore more things in life. Furthermore, it is a number that also denotes completion of a cycle, and thus people who want to move to a new phase of life should own a house number numerology 10. 

Numerology House Number 11

11 is considered one of the most magical numbers in the world of numerology and carries the power of 1 and 1+1 (2). People often believe that numbers have a significant effect on the ultimate destiny, and when it comes to house number numerology, 11 is considered a lucky number. This is why business owners pay extra money to own house number 11. The house number 11 Feng Shui also supports the global outlook towards the number 11, denoting that people who stay in this house are destined for big things professionally.  

Numerology House Number 12, 14, 17

Like the number 10, house numbers of 12, 14, and 17 are also considered relatively optimistic numbers. Therefore, people with house no 14 numerologies should be happy to have the positive energy of this number. Similarly, the 17 (1+7 = 8) is another number in Feng Shui that has connotations of hope and prosperity, making house no 17 numerologies a safe choice if you plan to buy a new apartment. 

Numerology House Number 13

13 is one of the most controversial numbers and often divides the opinion of the numerologists. Some experts believe that house number 13 in Indian numerology will bring bad luck to the house owner and thus should be avoided altogether. On the other hand, house number 13 Feng Shui is not considered unlucky and neutral. Which reasoning is valid and should be followed depends on the individual Indeed, people who believe in house number numerology always have a strong opinion about the number 13. 

House number numerology is a vast and old tradition that is trusted by millions of people worldwide. People who have faith in the power of numbers, often have to consult numerology experts before buying any property. If you’re in the market for a new house, remember NoBroker has 1000’s of options for you. Pick a house with the right number and watch your fortunes multiply! Click the link below to get started. 


Q1. What Is House Number Numerology?

Ans. House number numerology is a subset of numerology that concentrates on the power of numbers and the impact they have on the life of the people. 

Q2. How to easily calculate house number as per numerology?

Ans. Calculating the house number is easy. If your house number is 38 then the numerology number is 3+8 = 11. Similarly, you can include the value of the alphabets too. Check the table in the above article for correct reference. 

Q3. Is Number 13 good for house numbers?

Ans. Just like house number 33 numerology, the number 13 also carries different views. Some numerologists believe that 13 is unlucky, whereas some cultures consider 13 number as lucky. As per indian house number numerology, 13 number should be avoided.  

Q4. Which are the best numbers for houses as per numerology?

Ans. There are many numbers that are considered perfect for properties. Numbers such as 3, 6, 8, 9, 11 and house number 38 numerology are all considered as lucky numbers for residential properties such as houses.

Q5. Which are the best house numbers as per Feng Shui?

Ans. Feng Shui has been a great influence on many people worldwide. As per Feng Shui Guidelines, the best numbers for houses are 1, 3, 7, 9 and 11. 

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