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All About North Facing House Vastu, and How it Helps for a Successful and Happy Life

A house becomes a home with love, hope, dreams and family. You won’t even notice when it attains the magical power of calling you back every time you go out, and it becomes your ultimate comfort zone. While the rigidness of the outside world keeps you on your toes, your home can provide you with a motherly touch. Hence, it is of utmost importance that your home has the right kind of energy. This is why Vastu is an essential element of building your dream home and north facing house Vastu has a special place in our ancient scripts. 

north facing house vastu

According to ancient beliefs, all houses come with their distinct, unique energy. When a person resides in a home built with a north-facing house Vastu plan, the unique energy of the property does influence him/her in certain ways. Therefore, it is very vital to know the connection between traditional Vaastu beliefs and your own well-being. Nowadays, most people move into pre-constructed flats where architectural changes are not possible and so the best you can do is to add certain elements in your living space to strike a balance.
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Vaastu Shastra is the traditional Indian system of placement of architecture in the house right from the entrance to the living area, kitchen, bedroom, hall, bathrooms and balcony in a way that it boosts positive energy in your living space. Texts from the Indian subcontinent illustrate in details the basic principles of the design, layout, measurements, ground preparations, utilization of space as well as spatial geometry. This aims to provide internal peace and helps maintain harmony among all the people at home. Vastu Shashtra has also been able to pique people’s interest in spiritual knowledge. 

Nowadays, even celebrities keep Vastu in mind while designing their homes. Interior designers are often flooded with Vastu-compliant design requests. Many Bollywood superstars like Amitabh Bachan, Akshay Kumar and many others have designed their houses in tune with Vastu guidelines.

Traditionally east, north-east and north facing house plans according to Vastu are considered very auspicious, however, it is not the sole way of ensuring positive energy in your living space. Today, let us dive into the world of Vastu and find out how we can apply it in modern life. In this article, we will specifically look into a north-facing house Vastu plan.

north facing house vastu
North Facing House Vastu

Your Guide to a Vastu-Compliant North Facing House

Things we will cover in this article:

  • What is a north-facing home?
  • Vastu Shashtra and north-facing home
  • Placement of the Main door in a north-facing plan
  • Why are padas important as per Vastu Shashtra?
  • North-facing house Vaastu plan
  • Tips for a Vastu-compliant north-facing house plan
  • Placement of a staircase in a north-facing property
  • North-facing homes and women in the household

What is North-Facing Home?

A north-facing home is a home where if you stand at the main door/ gate, your face will be facing north. Similarly, if you are standing inside the house with the main door behind you, then the direction your back is facing is the orientation of the house. Your back should face north in case of a north-facing home.
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Vastu Shashtra and North-Facing Home

All directions are good, given the correct placement of the main door. But, according to Vastu Sashtra, north-facing houses are considered very auspicious and you will be blessed with financial advancement in life since the main door faces the direction of Kuber (the God of wealth). But if this was the only determining factor, then everyone will supposedly go for a north-facing house which is not true in this case. In other words, you simply cannot say a house is auspicious just by the direction the house is facing. There are many factors that work in tandem with the entrance position such as the placement of rooms and kitchen. A lot of factors have to come together in order to call a house auspicious.
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north facing house vastu
North Facing House Vastu

Why are padas important as per Vastu Sashtra?

Padas are the basis on which the placement of architecture is done in the Vastu system. Imagine dividing the northern length of the house from the Northeast corner (NE) to the Northwest (NW) corner into 9 equal divisions (padas or steps). These are Pisach, Bithi, Roga, Naga, Mukhya, Bhallat, Som, Bhujang, Aditi and Diti. According to Vastu, the 5th pada is the most appropriate place for the main door or entrance. If there is a space constraint in the 5th pada, you can place the main door in a way that it consists of the 5th pada along with the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th pada. If there is no option, you can place the main door from the 6th to 9th pada also. Summarizing the whole concept, it is clearly visible that there is no ‘prohibited’ zone in this direction and that definitely makes north-facing homes easier to design in a vastu-compliant manner.

North-Facing House Plan with Puja Room

Any good Vastu compliant house design will be based on geometry i.e. true direction (Geographical) and dimension (Scaled drawing). Experts suggest using Google Earth to find out the exact orientation of your home and also to accurately measure the length and breadth of your property including the corners. The measurement is the initial, yet most crucial step. Any mistake in this regard will totally mess up the Vastu of your home.
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Here are a few pointers while setting up your living space:

  • Position of the main door: It should be located on an auspicious Pada. The door should be obstruction-free and should look good and shiny.
  • Bedroom position: the bedroom can be constructed in the south, south-west, west or east or north-west direction.
  • Kitchen- The kitchen should be constructed in a way that you face the east while cooking. It should ideally be in the north-west (NW) or south-east(SE) zone of your home.
  • Bathrooms: Since the entrance is in the north bathrooms should ideally be in the south-west zone and west of the north-west zone.
  • Living room: The best position should be in the east zone. But you can also consider the west and south zone.
  • Puja room: A lot of people wish for a separate Puja room at their home. According to Vastu-Shashtra, the most ideal is the East zone but you can also choose thewest zone if there is a space crunch.
  • Drawing room: The best place would be in the north, north-west or north-east zone.
  • Study room: Families with children would need a study room. The ideal location would be north-east or to the west of the south-west zone.
  • Balcony/ Verandah- The east zone of the home would be most ideal.
  • Guest room- The north-west direction is the most suitable for a guest-room.
north facing house vastu (1)
North Facing House Vastu

Tips for a North-Facing House Plan According to Vastu

In addition to the above-mentioned tips, there are also a few things to keep in mind if you are planning for a fully Vaastu compliant house. 

  • Avoid placing the locker in the north-east corner as it creates a clash with the south-west corner of your home called the ‘Kubera Moolai’ or ‘the corner of health”. That is why, it is advisable to keep your jewellery, money and valuables in a locker in the south-west corner.
  • Plant a Tulsi or a money-plant in the north or north-east of your home which helps in converting all negative energy into a positive one and brings in new opportunities.
  • While planning, try to include the main structure in the south-west zone and leave open spaces in the north and north-east.
  • A north-facing house elevation should be such that the slope of the house should be towards the north or east which means to ensure that these sides are lower than the south or west.
  • Make sure to always consult a Vaastu expert before construction in order to avoid getting mislead afterwards.
  • The main entrance door should not be painted red/maroon.
  • If your kitchen is in the south-east then avoid using a black colour marble slab.
  • Try not to place any mirrors in the south or south-east zone.
  • Try to avoid opening an entrance in the 6Th pada of Bhujag because it may cause health complications.
  • If you are looking for spiritual upliftment then it is advisable to place the entrance at the 5th pada of the Vastu Purusha Mandala
  • Avoid making a garden in the north-west zone of the property.
  • There should be no obstruction blocking the house front.
  • The flow of waste-water should never be in a north-to-south direction.
  • It is advisable to consult a technical person along with a Vaastu expert to better understand the Vaastu guidelines and will help you plan better.

Placement of a Stair-case in a North-Facing Property

With many people, the placement of the staircase seems to be a huge issue in a north-facing house. However, the special rule of thumb is never to place it in the north-east corner. The reason behind this is the north-east corner is guarded by the Vastu Purush so placing a staircase in this zone could cause serious neurological disorders and other health complications.

north facing house vastu
North Facing House Vastu

North-facing Homes and Women in the Household

The north represents the element of water that resembles wealth according to Vastu. So, north-facing houses will enjoy more prosperity. It is believed that money almost doubles itself in such houses. North is the direction where Kuber (God of wealth and prosperity) resides and is thus considered the most auspicious of all. Vastu Shastra states that when a north-facing home is extended towards the north-east, it brings more opportunities and luck for the homeowners. It plays a role in inculcating good health and leadership skills among women in the household which helps them to advance their careers.

There should be absolutely no doubt in the fact that the north-facing house Vastu is the most auspicious provided you follow the Vastu Shashtra guidelines. Because of their position, they attract wealth and prosperity towards the owners. However, ignoring them can affect your health and cause financial loss. To get more tips on how to decorate a Vaastu-compliant house, refer to our home decor section.

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What is Vastu?

It is an ancient system that specifies the placement of architecture in a property to ensure positive energy flow in the home.

Is Vastu different for houses?

Yes, the Vastu Shashtra guidelines are different based on the geographical orientation of the property i.e. the direction towards which the entrance of the property is facing.

Why is a north-facing property considered most auspicious?

It is considered most auspicious because the entrance faces the north where the god of wealth, Kuber resides which ensures good financial advancement. The placement of the entrance door is very vital in Vastu and it is the easiest in the case of north-facing homes.

What is the most important thing to consider in a north-facing home?

The entrance door placement and the direction of your valuables locker are the two most important things to consider. It is advisable to keep valuables in the south-west corner of your home.

Where do I set up the Tulsimanch?

In a north-facing home, it is advisable to set up a Tulsimanch in the east or north-east zone of your home. This will help in clearing up the negative energy in your living space.

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