Bring Wealth, Love and Happiness by Including Elephant Statue Vastu in Your Home Interior

Elephants are a symbol of strength, resilience, courage, peace, love and protection. According to Hindu scriptures and writings, Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra – keeping an elephant figurine in the house is auspicious. According to the placement tips for an elephant statue Vastu, the structure in the right direction and place brings good luck, happiness and protection. The elephant statue is associated with Lord Ganesha and Gautama Buddha because they remove difficulties and obstacles.

Elephant Statue Vastu

What are the Benefits of Elephant Statues at Home?

Elephants are beautiful and holy. Since Vedic times, elephants have been considered auspicious and pious and therefore, elephants are depicted to serve Lordess Lakshmi. Also, the elephant statue is associated with Lord Ganesha and Gautama Buddha.  

Placing an elephant statue as per Vastu and feng shui in your home is a good decision. The colour, position and direction of the elephant statue play an essential role and can be placed according to your needs and problems. The presence of elephant figurines or paintings in the house has a beneficial impact in all aspects. 
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What are the Types of Elephant Statues for Home?

There are several different types of elephant figurines in vastu shastra, each with a significant meaning of its own. These are-

  1. White elephant- Wealth, richness and luxury
  2. Black elephant- Success and prosperity
  3. Red elephant- Recognition and fame
  4. Three elephants- Peaceful life with family
  5. Elephant with front legs raised- Protection and power
  6. Green elephant- Power and luck
  7. Two elephants holding each other’s trunks- Friendship and bonding
  8. An elephant on coins- Wisdom, power, wealth and protection
  9. Elephants supporting a crystal ball- Harmony and balance in life
  10. One elephant with tusk and the other with no tusk- Healthy relationship between males and females.

According to Vastu, you can also choose an elephant statue with its trunk down for your home because it is thought that an elephant with its trunk down can collect and build energy as well as push through numerous obstacles. An elephant statue with her trunk down put in the fire element of your home, which is regarded as a potent symbol of fertility, will be important to your marriage partnership.

What are the Benefits of Different Colours of Elephant Statues?

The various colours in elephant statues have additional benefits and are explained below 

Red Elephant Statue for Home Vastu- Direction and Benefits

Placing a red elephant statue or painting in your home will bring you fame, prosperity and respect. So, for personal fame and success, keep the elephant statue in the south direction of your home. 

Silver Elephant Statue for Home Vastu- Direction and Benefits

A silver elephant is pious and brings blessings. It brings a lot of wealth and luxury to your home and business. Keeping a silver elephant covered in a red cloth in your safe will attract lots of wealth and prosperity. 
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Silver Elephant Statue for Home Vastu- Direction and Benefits
A silver elephant statue brings wealth and luxury. 

Elephant Pair Statue for Home Vastu- Directions and Benefits

Statue, painting or figurine of a pair of elephants will harmonize your familial bonds. Any colour but in a set of two will bring peace and love into relationships. The position of the elephants should be in your bedroom facing towards the north direction. 

Brass Elephant Statue for Home Vastu- Directions and Benefits

Keeping a brass elephant in your home and office will bring success in both personal and professional life. You should place it in your bedroom and office to bring faith, love and intelligence to your life. 

White Elephant Vastu- Directions and Benefits

White is a satvik colour, meaning it represents peace and purity. So, keeping a white elephant in your home will bring good fortune and luxury to your home. 

White Elephant Vastu- Directions and Benefits
A white elephant statue represents serenity and good fortune. 

Black Elephant Vastu- Direction and Benefits

Keeping a black elephant in your home will bring prosperity and success in your home. When the elephants stand on their two feet with their trunks in the air, that signifies strength and power. 

What Other Forms Can We Have Elephant Figurines in as Per Vastu?

Apart from statues, you can also keep other elephant-themed decor items such as photographs, paintings, printed fabrics, etc. The statues themselves can be crafted from a variety of materials, including polyresin, jade, wood, silver, marble, glass, and porcelain.
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Where Should Elephant Statues Be Placed in the House?

Elephants are majestic animals. They are protective, excellent leaders and are compassionate. Elephants are a symbol of strength and protection. Getting elephant statues for home is auspicious. It will bring good energy and luck to your life. You can learn how to place elephants at the front door to attract positivity and prosperity. Buy a set of elephant statues that have their trunks raised in the air. Position them in such a way that they face outward from the front door or entrance of your home. Place one on both sides of the door. This position of the statue will protect your house and family from negative energy. 

You can also keep statues of elephants that have their trunks raised in the air inside the entrance. Position them in such a way that they face inside your home. They will welcome positive energy and luck into your home.

Elephant Statue Vastu for Your Spouse

You can place a set of elephant statues or figurines in your bedroom. That will strengthen and restore the bond between you and your spouse. 

Placing an elephant statue or painting in the bedroom is also a Vastu Shastra solution for infertility. In addition, it will bring positivity to couples wanting to be parents. 
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Elephant Idol Vastu for Children

Elephant Idol Vastu for Children

Elephants are known for their impeccable memory and skills. So, placing either a statue or painting of elephants in your children’s bedroom or study room will bring luck in academics and happiness in their lives. 

You can also put a painting or figurine of a mother elephant with a younger elephant to strengthen the relationship between parents and children.   

 Keeping a statue of a mother elephant with her child strengthens the relationships between parents and children. 

Where should Elephant Idols be Placed at the Office?

Elephant statue Vastu if used correctly can be a symbol of success and professional growth. Elephants represent leadership, wisdom and vigour. Positioning a statue of an elephant at the entrance of your office facing indoors will bring a lot of power and success. Keeping the elephant figurines at the front doors of your office will protect you from negative energy. Elephant Vastu direction in the office is most beneficial when placed facing north. Keeping a small elephant figurine on your work desk will bring mental strength and skills to you. You can also keep an elephant statue on your shelf that is facing the entrance of your office. Do not place the elephant statue across froma window or a door. 

Where to Place Elephant Idols as Per Vastu, for Luck and Fortune?

 If you are seeking luck and fortune through elephant showpiece Vastu, consider placing the statue in the following places in your home Office: 

Placing the figurines at the entrance will welcome luck, fortune and positive energy to your office. You can keep statues of two elephants for wealth on the desk.  

  • North unit

Keeping an elephant figurine or painting in the northern direction of your home will bring a lot of luck and fortune. Elephants that have their trunks in the air will uplift the energy and motivation of the family members. 

What is the Significance of an Elephant’s Trunk Position?

 In feng shui and Vastu Shastra, even the positioning of the elephant’s trunk has a lot of significance. Keeping a statue of an elephant with its trunk down represents calm and tranquillity. An elephant with its trunk down is a vision of humility and serenity. Elephants are storing their energy and making strategies to get over obstacles when their trunks are down. If you feel you procrastinate and are unproductive, consider placing an elephant with its trunk down in your office. That will bring an energy that will motivate you and strengthen your mind. 

What Is the Significance of an Elephant's Trunk Position?
A red elephant figurine with its trunk down is considered lucky.

When the elephants raise their trunks in the air, that’s an expression of joy and delight. Placing an elephant with its trunk in the air will bring luck, wealth, happiness and love into your home. Elephants that cross their trunks represent friendship and harmony. Placing such a figurine will heal and protect familial relationships. 

An elephant with its trunk up in the air brings happiness and love into a home.

Placing Nettipatam at Home

Placing Nettipatam at Home
An elephant wearing Nettipatam can be used as good luck in your home.

 A Nettipatam is a handcrafted ornament from Kerala that is offered to the elephants to decorate and beautify them during festivals such as Pooram. Nettipattam, also known as Caparison, adorns the forehead of the elephants. It is of golden colour and consists of small bubble-like shapes representing Pancha-Bhutas, Trimurthis, Navagrahas, Ashta Vasus, Saptarishis and Moola Ganapathi. Nettipattam in Vastu Shastra is auspicious when you hang it in the east-west direction of your home. This is because it brings prosperity, happiness and positive energy to your family. 

Where to Place the Statue of the Elephant God – Lord Ganesha? 

Where To Place the Statue of the Elephant God - Lord Ganesha?
A Ganesha statue at home removes all obstacles and brings good luck. 

According to Vastu Shastra, placing figurines and paintings of the Hindu elephant god Lord Ganesha (Ganapathi) in your home will bring a lot of prosperity and good luck to you and your family. It will remove any obstacle you are facing in your life. The position and direction of the trunk have significance. When Lord Ganesha’s trunk is facing left, it brings wealth, happiness and luck to the family. Placing this idol will also help with your spiritual journey. A Ganesha statue in the sitting position brings a calm and serene energy to the home. Position the Ganapathi statue towards the north, north-east and west direction. Do not place the idol in the south and south-west. Be sure not to keep this auspicious statue in the bedroom, garage, below the stairs, near the bathroom or in the laundry room. According to Vastu, do not keep more than 1 Ganesha statue in your home. 

Tips for Placing an Elephant Idol Vastu in Your Home

  • Do not position the elephant figurines right across the window or entrance doors.
  • Do not place elephant statues near or facing the bathroom or washroom.
  • Do not place the Ganapathi idol near or facing the washroom.
  • Always place the elephant statues facing inside the room. That shows that you are welcoming positive energy and love into your home.
  • Do not place the elephant facing the entrance. That will repel any positive energy from coming to your home.  
  • Choose the colour of the elephant statue for Vastu according to the energy you want to bring into your home.
  • Place an elephant statue in the children’s room to bring academic prosperity to their life.
  • A statue of seven elephants will bring positive energy to couples who want to start a family. 
  • Avoid keeping an elephant statue or painting which depicts that they are enraged or angry. 
  • Keep the silver elephant in your locker or safe to attract wealth and fortune. You can also wear a silver elephant as a locket.  
  • Keep a joyful and calm looking elephant statue in your child’s room.

With these Elephant statue Vastu tips, you can increase the positive and tranquil energy in your life and home. Elephant statues when placed according to Vastu can have a positive impact on your personal and professional life. Want to decorate your home as per Vastu? We here at NoBroker are here to help you. Click on the link below and find the assistance you need.


Q1. Where should you keep the elephant figurine for prosperity?

Ans. Cover a silver elephant statue with a red cloth and keep it in your safe. Doing this will attract wealth and fortune. Elephants are a symbol of richness and luxury. You can place elephant statues on the entrance door to welcome positivity and luck. 

Q2. What do an elephant’s trunks signify?

Ans. Elephants that have their trunks up in the air or down are both considered auspicious. While an elephant with its trunk up brings happy and cheerful energy to the home, while an elephant that has its trunk down brings a calm and composed energy. Two elephants with their trunks together represent family union and bond and it brings positivity to the familial relationship. 

Q3. Does an elephant statue solve infertility problems?

Ans. Vastu Shastra provides a solution to infertility. Placing one elephant figurine on each side of the bed in your bedroom will bring good energy into your life. Position them to face the bed. You can also hang Vastu elephant images of seven elephants on the wall facing the bed.  

Q4. Does keeping elephant statues provide protection?

Ans. Elephants are majestic creatures that are full of strength and vigour. Placing them on each side of the entrance will protect your family from negativity and evil energy. According to Vastu, elephants’ trunks vacuum all negative energy from entering the house.  

Q5. What colour of an elephant statue is beneficial?

Ans. All colours of elephant statues for Vastu are beneficial. They come in all kinds of colours, black, white, red, bronze, silver, gold, etc. Each colour has its energy and benefit. So keeping any colour of elephant statue will bring positive energy, longevity and happiness to your life. 

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