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Mahesh Babu’s House – A Perfect Balance Between Luxury and Comfort

Mahesh Babu is rightly titled – the ‘Prince of Tollywood’. The superstar has been in the Telugu film industry since the age of 4 and has amassed a massive fan following for himself. Mahesh Babu has managed to stay relevant not only for his work but also appreciated for the balance he maintains between his work life and family life. The quarantine gave his fans a glimpse of the actor’s personal life. Mahesh Babu’s house is pure luxury – with a well-lit living room, a study room with dark aesthetics, an indoor pool, a lavish outer space and the list goes on. Want to know more about hero Mahesh Babu’s house? Read this article for a virtual tour.

mahesh babu house

Ghattamaneni Mahesh Babu House Address and Location 

mahesh babu house
(Source: Instagram) Mahesh Babu entered the film industry at the young age of 4.

Mahesh Babu’s house in Hyderabad is located in Jubilee Hills, which is in one of the poshest localities of the city. Mahesh Babu’s house address in Jubilee Hills is filled with many famous renowned film industry stars. Mahesh Babu’s house costs around Rs 28 crores.
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Mahesh Babu House in Jubilee Hills Address: Sri Lakshmi Nilayam, Flat NO. 1, Plot No.60/A, Road No.12, Film Nagar, Hyderabad 500096, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Mahesh Babu House Price: A Glimpse into Luxury

Situated in the prestigious Jubilee Hill colony of Hyderabad, the sprawling residence belonging to the renowned Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu stands as a testament to opulence and grandeur. Nestled in a locality frequented by several other prominent celebrities, this impressive abode boasts an extravagant price tag that commands attention. According to a report by GQ India, the mesmerizing Mahesh Babu house price is a staggering 28 crores. This investment underscores not just the actor’s success but also his penchant for creating an environment of ultimate luxury and comfort for his family.

Kids Rooms at Mahesh Babu House

Mahesh Babu has been happily married to the actor Namrata Shirodkar for the last 14 years. They have two beautiful children – Gautam Ghattamaneni and Sitara Ghattamaneni. Both the children’s rooms share very different aesthetics and style. Below are Mahesh Babu’s house images to give you an inside tour of his home.

kids' room of mahesh babu house
(Source: Instagram)

Like all other children, the superstar’s children also were schooled at home. In the above Mahesh Babu’s house photo, his daughter is seen posing for her mother after school activity.

mahesh  babu relaxing at home with his kids
(Source: Instagram)

The Instagram account of the couple (the actor and Namrata) is filled with Mahesh Babu’s house pics. Mahesh Babu’s house photos are mostly of him hanging out with his dogs and kids. The actor once in an interview stated that whenever he is at home, he makes sure to read his children a few bedtime stories. The above-shared image is of his daughter’s room and how the family spends time together. 
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Mahesh Babu’s new house is built in such a way that Sitara’s room is divided into 2 parts – one where she attends school and has her study table set, while the other is the fun zone with Barbie-themed decor.

mahesh babu kids
(Source: Instagram)

Gautam has a neat and clear vibe to his room. Namrata shared the above photo of her son in his room while he meets his best friend after 6 months of social distance. Gautam’s room receives ample sunlight, and the wooden furniture balances the dark element of the room.

Indoor Swimming Pool at Mahesh Babu House

Indoor Swimming Pool of mahesh babu house
(Source: Instagram)

Actor Mahesh Babu’s house has state-of-the-art luxury which includes the massive indoor swimming pool that he has. One side of the room has floor-to-ceiling French doors/windows, providing a great view while swimming. While one wall contains a monochromatic tile design, which gives the room the illusion of being larger than it is. The house of Mahesh Babu also has a jacuzzi, making his home a perfect spot to relax.

The Lounge and Reading Space

Study Room at mahesh babu house
(Source: Instagram)

Inside Mahesh Babu’s bungalow, the study room is the only room that has dark wood aesthetics. The furniture of the study room is also precisely selected to replicate the ‘read near the fireplace’ vibe. The actor is seen on social media spending a lot of time with his daughter.
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Namrata reading book at her house
(Source: Instagram)

Mahesh Babu and his wife Namrata are avid readers and have also inculcated this habit in their kids. There is a high-tech coffee machine in the study room which makes it a perfect catalyst to help in long script readings. The dark aesthetic of the study room in Mahesh Babu’s house is brightened by a couple of family photos and personal marks. 

Christmas Decoration at Superstar Mahesh Babu House

Christmas Season
(Source: Instagram)

The inside of Mahesh Babu’s house is always decorated for a festival. The family believes in spending quality time together, and festivals are the perfect occasion to do so. Below is Mahesh Babu’s house photo during Christmas Season

Mahesh Babu’s house is perfectly decorated during the Christmas season. The huge Christmas tree gives us the idea of the high-rise ceilings that the house has. A light-coloured velvet sofa and dark wood like side table finish off the festive look completely.

Mahesh Babu’s House Temple

temple at mahesh babu house
(Source: Instagram)

The above photograph is from last year’s Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. The actor’s family goes green for the celebration to promote conscious living. The mandir of the house is a small room but the most important. The mandir room has many idols and photographs of Gods which are regularly venerated by the family.
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mahesh babu daughter
(Source: Instagram)

Mahesh Babu’s residence has a beautiful marble mandap that is used for festivals and celebrations. The mandir room also overlooks the kitchen garden which fills the room with lots of sunlight.

Spacious Balcony

(Source: Instagram)

The drawing room overlooks the balcony, and the balcony overlooks the whole city. Mahesh Babu’s house address in Hyderabad is the perfect spot to enjoy sunrises, sunsets, and monsoons. The balcony of Mahesh Babu’s house has minimal grey furniture to keep the area open for his kids and dogs to play.

Mahesh Babu’s House Interiors

mahesh babu house interior
(Source: Instagram)

The living room of Mahesh Babu’s home

Mahesh Babu’s living room is furnished in exquisite dark wood. The living area is large and ideal for the family to gather and talk about their days. Social media photos show the actor frequently playing video games and watching movies with his children in the living room.

The furniture and decor of the house is a mix-match of a lot of colours. Though there may be many patterns and colours put together, they balance and complement each other perfectly. Plus,the best part of the decor is the furry little animals that spruce up the actor’s space.

mahesh babu house staircase
(Source: Instagram)

Mahesh Babu’s house location has ample space and the huge dark stairs connect the ground floor to the upper part of the house. The stairs are built with dark wood and minimally decorated which works perfectly to bring out the element of luxury and comfort in the house.

Mahesh Babu’s Home Puja Room

The puja room is the family’s choice spot to celebrate festivals such as Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali and Raksha Bandhan. This well-lit puja room is designed to appear gloriously spacious, with a white marble temple against the golden walls with pictures of different Gods and Goddesses.


outdoor of mahesh babu house
(Source: Instagram)

The outdoor porch area of Mahesh Babu’s house is built to give a natural look. The outdoors is kept minimal in colour scheme as the flowers and grass add colour to the area. The pots of plants are also dark in colour so as to balance the whole theme together.

mahesh babu kids playing with dog
(Source: Instagram)

The porch has a comfortable seating setting for the family to sit and spend some time together. The furniture used in the area are of basic colours, the sunsets and sunrise add all the colours to the place.

(Source: Instagram)

This may be the most beautiful corner of the house; the basic stone statues complete the outdoors completely. And the stair area acts as a spot for everything – reading a book, lunch, shoptalk, or anything.

Mahesh Babu’s house is nothing short of perfection. The dark and light elements of the house offer a perfect balance of luxury and comfort. Contact NoBroker interior design services and get your home decorated like Mahesh Babu’s house. Mahesh Babu’s new house address is a popular fan-gathering spot to get a glimpse of the actor. Are you looking for your dream home? Head to NoBroker to find the perfect home for you, and the best deal is that you can find your home with us – Brokerage free! 


Q1. What is Mahesh Babu’s net worth?

Ans. The superstar’s net worth is a whopping amount of Rs 149 crores.

Q2. How much does Mahesh Babu charge for a movie?

Ans. The actor’s fee per film is nothing less than Rs 22 crores, and for an advertisement, the actor charges more than Rs 1 crore.

Q3 What is actor Mahesh Babu’s house address in Bangalore?

Ans. Apart from Hyderabad, the actor has a home in Bangalore. But the inside details or address of the house is not public information.

Q4. How old are the actor Mahesh Babu’s children – Gautam and Sitara?

Ans. Gautam is the elder sibling and was born in 2006 (15 years). Sitara is the younger sibling, born in 2012 and is 9 years old.

Q5. What is Mahesh Babu’s wife Namrata’s net worth?

Ans. According to sources, Namrata’s current net worth is somewhere between Rs 50-100 crores.

Q6. Mahesh Babu’s House name is Sri Lakshmi Nilayam.

Ans. Mahesh Babu’s House name is Sri Lakshmi Nilayam.

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