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Importance, Uses, Guide and Benefits of a Feng Shui Turtle Explained

A Feng Shui turtle is one of four heavenly creatures in Fengshui, the white tiger, red phoenix, and green dragon. A fundamental element of the feng shui turtle is the four heavenly animals, often known as the four emblems. When it comes to building a house that is in tune with its surroundings, both mythological and real-life creatures may be an invaluable resource. The black tortoise Feng Shui must be perfectly positioned in the back, to provide stability and support.

Feng Shui Turtle

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As part of tortoise feng shui, the tortoise is also essential because of its symbolic significance. Legend has it that a tortoise came from the Luo River with an auspicious constellation of divinatory symbols on its shell. Ancient systems like feng shui, Bagua, the Nine Star Ki, and the I-Ching are all based on these symbols claimed to be revealed in tortoise shells. One of the tortoise’s characteristics is its extended life span. The lengthy lives of turtles and tortoises are a source of great respect. Their hard outer shells serve as a kind of defence.

Where Should a Tortoise be Placed at Home?

The tortoise was revered in ancient China to symbolise long life and tranquillity. To boost the flow of positive energy and bring good fortune into your life, it is vital to place it in the correct location.

  • Both Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui tortoise consider the material to be very important in determining where it should be placed.
  • For example, the northeast, centre, or southwest should be used for mud or terracotta turtles. The northwest or southwest is the best location for a crystal turtle vastu. Tortoises made of wood should be put toward the east or southeast, whereas tortoises made of metal should be placed in the northern and northwesterly directions. For silver tortoise vastu, consider placing it in the eastern or western directions, while for copper tortoise vastu, the southeastern or southwestern corners are favorable spots. Each material carries its unique energy, and by positioning these tortoises accordingly, you can enhance the positive vibes in your living space.
  • Figures of tortoises may be put in the backyard to maintain a good atmosphere at home.
  • Additionally, tortoises may guard your house against harmful energy by being put at the front door of your property.
  • The feet of metal tortoises should constantly be submerged in water while being preserved. Place the turtle at home in a small metal dish or basin filled with water. As a result, the household is filled with joy and wealth.
  • It is said that putting the tortoise figurine near a water feature or fish tank can bring good fortune to the home.
  • Use your ‘Tien Yi’ instruction to place the tortoise so that it may assist you in battling any disease. Knowing your Kua number, which is the sum of your year of birth’s numbers, is necessary for figuring out your Tien Yi direction. To acquire the Kua number, ladies should add four to this number, and men should subtract 11 from this number.
  • It’s been shown that keeping a tortoise near your bed will help you sleep better at night. When a youngster is terrified of sleeping alone, you might place it next to the child’s bed to reassure them.
  • A tortoise kept in the east, north, or northwest is said to bring luck in the home and workplace.

Feng Shui Tortoise: Where to Keep Tortoise at Home for Wish-Fulfilment?

Feng Shui Turtles
Many Indian homeowners tend to keep the feng shui title along with the different idols in the Pooja room.

To work as a lucky charm feng shui turtle wish-fulfilling techniques may be employed in Feng Shui. However, you’ll need a tortoise made of metal that can be opened. Keep a yellow piece of paper inside the turtle and seal it shut. Take a red material and set this turtle on top of it. Remove the paper from the metal tortoise after your desire has been granted for a feng shui turtle for wealth.

Where to Keep the Tortoise at Home for Career Growth?

  • Placing a dragon turtle feng shui or picture in the living room or office can help you relax. As a symbol of rising affluence, the frenchui turtle figurine should be holding a Chinese currency.
  • Position the feng shui turtle for a career in your house to face the front entrance. This will guarantee that your career will develop.
  • If you want to advance in your job, place the black tortoise in the north, near water elements like fountains or fish tanks.
  • There are tortoises made of metal, crystal, wood, and stone. If the main entrance faces west, a stone tortoise should be put at the entrance, while a metal tortoise should be placed in the north or north-west direction.
  • Crystal tortoises should be put in the southwest or northwest directions, respectively. The east or south-east side of your house is a good place to put an earthen or wooden turtle.

The turtle is considered a lucky animal in Vastu Shastra. Like a tortoise, Lord Vishnu’s second incarnation is revered in Hinduism. Having a turtle statue in your house is a good omen. Vastu’s crystal tortoise is beneficial. It’s best to put it on the southwest or northwest side.
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How to Keep a Feng Shui Tortoise at Home for Protection?

The rear of the home is the finest spot for the tortoise in terms of Feng Shui. Place a little tortoise behind your desk if you work in an office. It is possible to keep a tortoise outside in your garden. A stone tortoise placed near a west-facing front door will guard the main entrance. The crystal tortoise face direction in home should be towards the main entrance if you use this Feng Shui technique.

Where to Keep Tortoises to Promote Health?

When placing a turtle statue inside a residence, make sure that it faces the ideal feng shui tortoise direction in home possible for the people who will be using it. The Kua number (a system of numerology based on one’s birth year and gender), the birth Feng Shui element, and the current Feng Shui energies for the year are used to determine this.

Where to Keep the Tortoise for Positive Energy at Home?

It is said that having a tortoise turtle in the house helps harness the excellent energy already present in it. Placing turtle statues in the backyard or on the porch might help lift your spirits. Additionally, a turtle might be put at the residence door to ward off evil spirits. Keeping it at the front entrance helps keep the place peaceful. The family’s tiny arguments do not escalate into a full-blown argument. Turtles are considered lucky animals; thus, placing one in front of a water feature or fish tank is good.
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Significance of Tortoise in Various Cultures

Feng Shui Turtles
Embrace Good Luck with a Glass Turtle Vastu Feng Shui for Your Family

In many cultures, the tortoise or turtle is a sign of good health, longevity, and good fortune. Tortoises are revered as divine creatures in both Chinese and Hindu mythology. Lord Vishnu is depicted as a tortoise in Hindu mythology as the second incarnation of the Kurma Avatar. According to tradition, during the Samundra Manthan, Lord Vishnu adoptedthe tortoise form. As a symbol of Hermes, the messenger, a peace-promoting deity, the tortoise was revered in Greece. In certain Native American cultures, turtles are said to carry the whole universe in their cradles. This shows the glass turtle significance across the globe. 

Types of Feng Shui Tortoises

As a precaution, you should realise that each turtle figurine in your house has a particular function. Let’s look at the various types and where they should be positioned.
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  1. A Turtle Made of Metal – It is recommended that metal turtles be placed in either the north or the northwest. The presence of turtle figurines in the house is said to bring good fortune to the children who reside there and sharpen their brains and increase their focus.
  2. Glass Or Crystal Tortoise – Glass or crystal turtle feng shui may be placed toward the southwest or northwest.” Good fortune, money, and plenty are all promoted by using a crystal or glass turtle feng shui figures. In a house or workplace, a crystal tortoise might face east or north for glass tortoise feng shui. 
  3. A Turtle Made of Wood – The east or southeast corner of your house is the best location for any wooden turtles or tortoises since it draws out bad energy. Your loved ones will benefit as well since they will be happier and healthier.
  4. Female Tortoise – A female turtle in the house is a popular figure that symbolises children and family. Having this turtle in water feng shui in your house can help to prevent any family arguments.
  5. Coin-Carrying Tortoise – To attract money and promote health and family life, you may utilise tortoise figurines represented with Feng Shui coins.
  6. Tortoise With Three Shells – As to Feng Shui, three tortoise feng shui or triple tortoises indicate harmony between family and friends. Good fortune, love and familial ties are all encouraged by the practice of this ritual. Keep this turtle in your house to ward against ill luck and misfortune for your family.
  7. Turtles With Dragons – Feng Shui practitioners use dragon turtles as a treatment for removing bad chi from a space. In a way, it’s like a mashup of the energies of the turtle and the dragon.
  8. Tortoise Encrusted with Hematite – Choosing a hematite turtle as a gift for a loved one facing a life-threatening disease might be a meaningful gesture. Rose quartz is said to enhance romantic connections, so that’s an option.
  9. Tortoise With Rhinestones – Keep a rhinestone turtle in your home if you’ve been in a financial bind for an extended period. Keep its head pointed inside toward the north side of the home.
  10. A Turtle Made of Clay – Placing a clay turtle in your house can help bring steadiness into your life. There are fewer ups and downs in life when you own a tortoise of this sort.
  11. A Black Tortoise – Place a black tortoise or turtle in the north of your house if you want to enhance your profession or company.

Where to place different types of tortoises?

Tortoises for house decor are readily available in various styles and colours. You may choose from the options below, or you can keep all of them. However, bear in mind the following considerations:
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  • If you want your relationships to last, don’t put just one tortoise in a jar. Instead, keep a pair together.
  • Small and large tortoises may be kept as a ‘family’ in the southwest direction.
Type of tortoiseFeng Shui Turtle Placement Direction
Metal tortoiseNorth or north-west
Wooden tortoiseEast or south-east
Glass/crystal tortoiseSouth-west or north-west
Stone tortoiseWest

Best Day to Place a Feng Shui Tortoise

Vastu experts recommend placing tortoise statues in the home on weekdays, such as Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Consult a local priest or select an auspicious day based on the Panchang calendar if you like (Hindu Calendar).

Benefits of Keeping Tortoises at Home

Here are some feng shui tortoise benefits: 

  • Tortoise figurines have a calming effect on the mind. Please keep it in your bedroom as a possible remedy for insomnia as one of the feng shui tips tortoises. 
  • Also, tortoises are said to bring good fortune and riches.
  • The tortoise’s extended life cycle symbolises eternality.
  • Keeping tortoises in water increases their impact by double.
  • Your personal and professional life will benefit from the presence of a tortoise.
  • You may protect your house from bad energy by placing a tortoise at the door.
  • Place it near an artificial waterfall or fish tank to amplify the tortoise’s potency.
  • Keep a mound-like turtle in your garden to ensure your safety and security.

Decorating with tortoise-themed objects at home is a great way to boost positive energy, improve one’s health, and strengthen relationships. Keep a tortoise planter on your balcony or in your yard for good luck. Miniature feng shui tortoise pots in a variety of colours are also available. With a tortoise as a pedestal, you may add a touch of elegance to any environment. 

Positive energy is amplified when a turtle-themed wallpaper, piece of wall art, or cushion is placed in the north. Puja rooms have historically employed metal Diya stands in the form of turtles to invoke good fortune. Keep a gorgeous water fountain with a tortoise in your house to bring luck. If you want to consult a trusted Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui expert, you will certainly find the right help at NoBroker. Please leave a comment below this article, our executive will soon be in touch with you.


Q. What is a Feng Shui turtle and why is it used?

Answer – A feng shui turtle is a turtle made of glass or metal that has a sacred significance in feng shui. It represents all good things such as endurance, luck and wisdom and hence it is said to bring good luck to the homeowners.

Q. Which material is a feng shui turtle made of?

Answer – You can buy a feng shui turtle made of any material. The most commonly used materials are acrylic, glass, bronze, crystal and gold. 

Q. Should feng shui turtles be kept in water?

Answer – Turtles always need to stay hydrated and hence it is important to keep them in water always. 

Q. Which direction should a feng shui tortoise face?

Answer –The best direction for the tortoise to face is North since the north is considered a direction of wealth in feng shui

Q. Which tortoise is good for the wealth of the family?

Answer – It is said that the crystal turtle or tortoise is the best for ensuring the family is always wealthy. 

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