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Everything You Need to Know About Crystal Tree Vastu

Vastu is an ancient Indian practice of creating a harmonious environment in your home or workplace. And one of the most popular ways to bring positive energy into your space is by using a crystal tree. 

Crystal Tree Vastu

In this blog post, we’ll explore what a crystal tree vastu is, its benefits, and where to put it in your home or office. So, let’s dive in and discover the power of crystal tree vastu.

What is a Gem or Crystal Tree?

Crystal Tree Vastu
Source: The Spruce The gemstone tree can be a powerful energy.

A crystal tree, a gem or gemstone tree, is a decorative item that has become popular in recent years. They are generally made with a wire frame adorned with various healing crystals, gems, and other precious stones. Crystal trees have been used for centuries in many cultures for their spiritual and healing properties.
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The belief behind crystal trees is that the crystal’s combined power can create a powerful energy field around them which can be used to balance the energies in any given environment. 

These powerful energies are believed to attract abundance, prosperity, and good luck into your life. Crystal trees also help purify negative energy and bring peace and harmony into your home or workspace.

Gemstone trees combine different crystals to produce a powerful energy source of protection and healing energy. Each type of crystal has unique metaphysical properties, so combining multiple types of crystals creates a strong energy field around them when placed together in a tree form.

When shopping for crystal trees, it is important to find one made with natural stones, as artificial ones offer a different level of protection or energy enhancement than those made from genuine gems and stones. 

The size of the tree should also be taken into consideration, as larger pieces will create more powerful energies than smaller ones. Finally, it’s important to ensure you buy from a reputable seller who understands Vastu principles if you plan on using your tree for Vastu purposes.

Gemstone Tree Benefits

Crystal Tree Vastu
Source: Activos Mineros Gemstone tree benefits include the pure energy they provide.

Gemstone trees offer a variety of benefits that make them an ideal decorative item for any home or business. In addition, gemstones are believed to hold healing properties, so when combined with a tree, these properties become amplified. 

Gemstone trees can promote positive energy, create an inviting atmosphere, and protect from negative energies.

  • Ability to attract abundance and prosperity–Crystals and gems are believed to have powerful energy-attracting qualities that can draw wealth and success into your life. By placing a gemstone tree in your home or office, you can encourage positive vibrations that will help manifest your desires.
  • Ability to purify negative energy and bring peace and harmony into a space–Crystals are known for their cleansing and protective powers, which help dispel fear, tension, anger, stress, and other forms of negativity from a space. They also help create balance within the environment by promoting calmness, serenity and relaxation.
  • For Vastu purposes as well—The ancient practice from India that promotes optimal health through environmental design principles. When shopping for a crystal tree for Vastu purposes, it is important to find one made with natural stones and buy from a reputable seller who understands Vastu principles.

In conclusion, gemstone trees offer numerous benefits, making them a perfect decorative item for any home or business setting. Not only do they attract abundance and prosperity into one’s life, but they also have the power to purify negative energy while creating balance within the environment as well as aiding in Vastu practices if desired.
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Where to Put the Gem Tree?

Crystal Tree Vastu
Source: Karma and Luck Knowing where to place the feng shui crystal tree.

When placing a crystal tree in your home or business, it is important to consider both Vastu principles and your individual needs. In Vastu, the placement of objects is key to creating a balance between the five elements—earth, water, fire, air and space. 
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The Feng Shui crystal tree is a beautiful and powerful talisman that can bring good luck and abundance into your life. First, however, knowing where to place the crystal tree properly is important to maximise its positive energy. 

Generally speaking, it is said that a crystal tree should be placed in an area of the home or office that will benefit from its healing energy. So, for example, to attract abundance and prosperity, they would place their gemstone tree in their wealth corner (also known as the North-East corner). In contrast, a gemstone tree used for purifying negative energy should be placed in the centre of the home or business.

It is recommended to place the crystal tree on a shelf, desk, or table in that area. Make sure to keep the tree visible and unobstructed for maximum benefit. 

You can also place the crystal tree in your bedroom, office, or workspace. It can bring the user feelings of wealth and abundance if placed in the proper area. Make sure to place the tree in the corner of your chosen room but not too close to the bed. 

In addition, placing a crystal tree near windows, doors, and mirrors can help to increase its positive energy and vibration. 

It is also important to consider your feelings when deciding where to place your crystal tree. For example, if you feel more relaxed and at ease in certain areas of your space than others, this could be an ideal spot for your gemstone tree. 
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Similarly, if there are any places you avoid because of low energy or other issues such as clutter, this is another spot where a crystal tree helps create positive vibrations.

Which Crystal Tree is Best for Home?

When it comes to incorporating the use of crystals in your home, one popular option is the crystal tree. These decorative pieces come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and each type has unique properties that make it ideal for different purposes. Here are five of the most popular options to help you decide which crystal tree is best for your home.

Wealth Tree 

Crystal Tree Vastu
Source: Pinterest The wealth stone tree brings prosperity.

This vibrant green tree is said to bring prosperity and abundance into your home. Made with jade leaves and citrine stones, this tree is believed to attract wealth and success when placed near a doorway or entrance.

Citrine Crystal Tree 

Crystal Tree Vastu
Source: Etsy Citrine tree benefitsinclude bringing positive energy to the home.

The Citrine Crystal Tree is an excellent choice for those looking to bring positive energy into their space. It contains natural citrine stones that radiate yellow light, which can help promote hope and self-confidence while bringing joy into your life.

Red Jasper Tree 

Crystal Tree Vastu
Source: Pinterest Red jasper crystal tree vastu brings stabilising emotions.

Red Jasper trees are said to havegrounding qualities that help create balance in any room they’re placed in. In addition, red Jasper helps stabilise emotions while encouraging creativity, making it an excellent choice if you need extra motivation or inspiration.

Amethyst Crystal Tree

Crystal Tree Vastu
Source: Pinterest The amethyst gemstone treehas a lot of great properties.

Amethyst trees are well known for their calming properties, making them perfect for bedrooms or areas where stress relief is needed. Their lavender hue promotes tranquillity and peace of mind while helping block negative energies from entering your space.

Seven Chakra Crystal Tree 

Crystal Tree Vastu
Source: Pinterest Seven chakras crystal tree helps heal the body.

This unique tree features seven chakras along the trunk, representing our bodies’ energy centres. Placing this crystal tree in any room helps promote balance between the physical body, emotional body, mental body, spiritual body and more — creating an overall sense of well-being throughout your home.

Green Aventurine Tree 

Crystal Tree Vastu
Source: Pinterest Green Aventurine Tree consist of calming energy.

This evergreen stands out for its calming energy and ability to promote balance in the home. It is said to attract success and prosperity, as well as reduce stress levels when kept in the bedroom or living area. This type of crystal tree also helps open up communication between family members, making it ideal for large households.

Labradorite Crystal Tree

Crystal Tree Vastu
Source: Pinterest Blue-grey shades are common in labradorite crystals.

They are known for their healing properties, helping to remove negative energies from home and replace them with positive ones. They are also believed to increase psychic abilities and intuition when placed in certain areas of the house. Labradorite crystals come in shades of blue-grey, so they look beautiful when paired with other crystals on display.

Red Carnelian Tree

Crystal Tree Vastu
Source: Govind Foundation Grounding energy is associated with red Carnelian.

It represents courage, strength and protection from harm – all qualities essential for a harmonious household environment. In addition, Carnelian is known for its grounding energy which helps keep people focused on achieving their goals without getting distracted by external influences or obstacles. 

When placed around the house, this crystal tree will offer protection from negative energies while encouraging peace and stability within your home space.

Gomti Chakra Tree 

Crystal Tree Vastu
Source: Pinterest It is a traditional Indian symbol of good luck and prosperity.

It features a spiral of tiny discs that look like coins and is believed to attract positive energy into the environment. This type of crystal tree is often used to clear away negative vibes in particular regions or provide protection against them. It also makes a beautiful addition to any home decor, as its vibrant colours draw attention and add uplifting energy to the atmosphere.

Evil Eye Tree 

Crystal Tree Vastu
Source: IndiaMart Evil Eye Tree drives away bad luck.

It is another popular choice for those looking to drive away bad luck and bring more positive energy into their homes. Its unique design features multiple eyes that look down from the branches, which are meant to ward off negative influences from outside influences. 

The Evil Eye Tree also has some spiritual benefits as it can help open communication channels with higher beings, guiding you on your journey through life.

Black Tourmaline Tree 

Crystal Tree Vastu
Source: Pinterest Black Tourmaline Trees offer protection from harmful electromagnetic fields.

They are known for their ability to protect and shield against negative energies. It is said to be very helpful in purifying one’s environment while promoting physical and emotional well-being. 

Crystal Tree Vastu is a traditional Indian system of architecture and planning that promotes harmony and balance in homes, businesses, and other structures. Unlike many other forms of architecture, it considers the spiritual energy of the environment and seeks to create a space conducive to positive energy flow. 

It emphasises the importance of principles such as symmetry, proportion, and orientation to bring about harmony.

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Q1. What are the basic principles of Crystal Tree Vastu?

Ans. The basic principles of Crystal Tree Vastu include symmetry, proportionality, orientation towards the sun or moon’s direction, use of natural materials like wood or stone for construction purposes, placement of plants around the structure to promote positive energy flow, and respectful integration with nature.

Q2. What are some common misconceptions about Crystal Tree Vastu?

Ans. One common misconception about Crystal Tree Vastu is that it promotes superstition or magic. In reality, it does not rely on superstition but rather on ancient wisdom passed down through generations about how best to harmonise with nature to create an environment that is conducive to health and happiness.

Q3. What kind of environment does Crystal Tree Vastu seek to create

Ans. Crystal Tree Vastu seeks to create an environment that is free from negative energies such as stress or anger while also providing a sense of comfort and wellness due to its emphasis on natural elements such as sunlight or plants. It also seeks to provide an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere by using symmetrical designs and orienting towards natural features like mountains or rivers when possible

Q4. Are there any special considerations I should take when designing my home according to Crystal Tree vastu?

Ans. Yes. When designing your home according to crystal tree vastu, you should pay special attention to things like orientation towards natural features (such as mountains), ensuring even distribution between north-east/south-west directions (if applicable), avoiding sharp edges which may cut into corners (where possible), maintaining good ventilation throughout the space etc., in order achieve maximum harmony within your home/building design.

Q5. What are some benefits of following crystal tree vastu guidelines while designing my home? 

Ans. Followers claim a range of benefits associated with following crystal tree vastu guidelines while designing one’s space, including improved health due to its focus on creating positive energy flows throughout the building; improved relationships between family members/people occupying said structure; improved wealth luck due its emphasis on balancing yin and yang energies etc., all depending upon individual circumstances.

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