Renting out your house is a task that demands effort. For one, you have sentimental value attached to it. Secondly, you are mostly right in worrying about whether the tenants will keep it in a good condition. And finally, the thought of how long the tenant would last and how long you would want the tenant to last can be bothersome if you’re both not in agreement. Here are some tips to help you glide through the house renting process seamlessly:

First things first

You must understand the house rentals in your area. If you have difficulty appropriating that, you could pose as a potential tenant and tour similar houses in the neighbourhood in person to estimate the right rent for your property. Portals such as have a feature called “Know Your Rent” that help you determine the right rent of the property. You can also call and ask if certain houses are still available for rent. It would give you an idea of the price level that moves properties like yours in a given time.

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Looks matter

Make any improvements that need to be made to make your home look more appealing. Sometimes, even the most economical options such as adding a lamp or an indoor plant in the corner of a room can give it an exotic feel. You could additionally look at short-term value additions like cleaning carpets, touching up paint, and replacing broken window blinds.

List online, save brokerage

List your house on the portals that do not involve brokers so that you can be in complete charge of the renting process. You can mention the screening criteria for tenants as per your preference.

Time it right

Consumer home search pattern indicates that rental ads posted on Fridays are visited more often than those posted on other days, maybe because people tend to do their house-hunting on weekends.

Who do you want as tenants

While you may want to rent out to family or close friends because it gives you an assurance you’re your house is in good hands, it would be good to analyse who could be the right tenants for your place, whether it is pet friendly, or better for family or bachelors, etc.

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We hope this makes the process of renting your home easier if you need more help just visit NoBroker! You can get the help you need, without any brokerage.

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