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The Top Posh Areas in Chennai – Landmarks, Real Estate Prices and More

Chennai is not limited by its rich and glorious past, its fanfare to Rajnikanth, the unique mantle of culture, or its filter-coffee-soaked aroma. The city also represents a growing pool of jobseekers, a cosmopolitan lifestyle, a plethora of artistic genius, as well as a diversity and infrastructure that welcomes all. Also considered as one of the more expensive property markets in India, this blog lists out the posh areas in Chennai you should know about, in case you are pondering a move to this metropolis, one of the ‘the cultural capitals of India’. Read on! 

Posh Areas In Chennai

Top 10 Posh Areas in Chennai for That Are Admired by Everyone

1. Boat Club

 Boat Club
(Source: Deccan Chronicle) – Boat Club is the billionaire’s row in Chennai

Probably the poshest area in Chennai, Boat Club is home to the city’s top businessmen, actors, politicians, and conglomerates. This includes the Industrialist Venu Srinivasan, Chairman of TVS Group, Shyam Kothari, the brother-in-law of Mukesh Ambani and more.  A spacious and serene locality, Boat Club continues to maintain its charm with natural beauty given the Adyar river running along its side. The locality is also renowned for the adjoining Madras Boat Club, which is one of India’s oldest rowing centres, and where several iconic Indian Rowing Championships have been held. Without many commercial establishments, except some of the best city’s restaurants and ultra-luxurious real estate, Boat Club is one of the best investments for a home. Your residence will mostly be served best by the lush greenery and surrounding bungalows, all preserving their colonial heritage. Don’t be surprised if this upscale neighbourhood boasts the frequent Jaguars, Lamborghinis, Rolls Royce, BMWs, and the likes, whiz past you on its roads.
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Residential homes real estate price: 

  • Buy – INR 12,000 – 50,000 per sq. ft. 
  • Rent – INR 15,000 – 1,50,000 per month

 2. Nungambakkam

(Source: The Hindu) Nungambakkam is one of the oldest localities in Chennai, a remnant of the colonial European times

Home to a number of fine educational institutions, luxury hotels, commercial hubs, and residential areas, Nungambakkam holds an important role in the Central Business District. One of the poshest places in Chennai, the properties in Nungambakkam is typically sky-high, with several affordable options as well in the vicinity. In fact, as one of the poshest localities in Chennai, most prime residential areas of the city including Kothari Road, Wallace Gardens, and Khader Nawaz Khan Road, are in Nungambakkam. Formed within the western limits of the city of Madras since the 18th century, Nungambakkam has remained an upper-class European styled residential area, that used to house the influential city administrators and housing civil servants in the 20th century. Touched by the magic of technology and modernity, Nungambakkam today abounds several multinational commercial establishments, critical government offices, sporting facilities, cultural centres and tourist spots. So, if you are planning to move to this area, be sure to develop a taste for western fashion boutiques, and learn new languages at the local Alliance Francaise and Max Mueller Bhavan.
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Residential homes real estate price: 

  • Buy – INR 7,000 – 32,000 per sq. ft. 
  • Rent – INR 12,000 – 2,00,000 per month

3. Poes Garden

Actor Rajnikanth’s house in Poes Garden
Actor Rajnikanth’s house in Poes Garden

Another one of the poshest residential areas in Chennai that rivals Boat Club is Poes Garden. Home to the legendary actor and superstar Rajnikanth, cricketer Dinesh Karthik, the late Tamil Nadu chief minister Jayalalithaa, and actor Dhanush’s new INR 150 crore four-storied home, Poes Garden revels in vast and expensive bungalows. As one of the poshest places in Chennai, the locale is well connected to the other parts of Chennai via the Great Southern Trunk Road, the Teynampet Metro Station, Thirumayilai railway station, Mandaveli railway station, as well as the Chennai International Airport. Apart from being near to several employment hubs including the DLF IT Park, Mahindra City World and more, Poes Garden is also home to several luxury retail outlets like the Ramee Mall, VR Chennai etc. and fine dining restaurants in KB Dasan Road. 

Residential homes real estate price: 

  • Buy – INR 8,000 – 20,000 per sq. ft. 
  • Rent – INR 10,000 – 55,000 per month

4. Besant Nagar

 Besant Nagar
(Source: – Wikipedia) – Elliot’s Beach, one of the most happening places located in Besant Nagar 

If you are not looking for one of the most expensive, but one of the best posh areas in Chennai, look no further than the beach attraction of the city. Named after the legendary theosophist Annie Besant, Besant Nagar is as exclusive in its luxury residential apartments as it is in being inclusive as the social hub of the city. The area is gifted with water bodies including the Chennai River, as well as the coast of the Bay of Bengal Sea with Elliot’s Beach. The locality’s heritage value is richly endowed since colonial times, serving today’s affluent populations with upmarket cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. The attractive tourist spot at Elliot’s Beach at hand’s bay also teems with both youngsters and elders. The city is also a religious hotspot with the Arulmigu Mahalakshmi Temple situated along the shores of the Besant Nagar Beach, the Varasiddhi Vinayaka temple, and the Velankanni Church.

Residential homes real estate price: 

  • Buy – INR 8,000 – 20,000 per sq. ft. 
  • Rent – INR 10,000 – 2,50,000 per month

5. Adyar

(Source: – TheNewsMinute) – A view of the Adyar creek along with the Eco Park in Adyar, Chennai 

Situated on the southern banks of the river Adyar, its namesake Adyar or Adaiyaaru comes among the top posh areas in Chennai. This locality has preserved its colonial-era heritage by being home to some of the oldest buildings in the city. This is also one of the greenest areas in the city, with Elliot’s beach in its close reach. Given this is also near the affluent residents of Besant Nagar, the properties in Adyar are also very costly, with nearly four times the value of a property of the same size in northern Chennai. In Adyar, you will find that Gandhi Nagar tops the list of Chennai posh localities. 

Residential homes real estate price: 

  • Buy – INR 8,000 – 30,000 per sq. ft. 
  • Rent – INR 12,000 – 2,50,000 per month

6. Velachery

(Sorce: LiveChennai.com) – A view of the MRTS station by the Pallikaranai wetland at Velachery

While Velachery used to be the growing home to a budding IT sector in Chennai, it has increasingly emerged as the preferred area to buy homes. It is in fact, the largest commercial centre in southern Chennai. The area is particularly preferred by residents who would like their offices nearby given the close distance of the IT hub. The locality connects the rapidly growing business class professionals in the IT industry operated by the Vijayanagar Bus Terminus, flying to various parts of the city. The city is also home to some of the best educational institutions, medical care, and commercial establishments– perfectly balancing the distinct meld between the old colonial times and modern lifestyle.   

Residential homes real estate price: 

  • Buy – INR 8,000 – 45,000 per sq. ft. 
  • Rent – INR 15,000 – 1,30,000 per month

7. Gopala Puram

(Sorce: Wikipedia) – A view of the artificial pond at the Semmozhi Poonga Park

Not only is Gopalapuram one of the poshest areas in Chennai, but it is also one of the most prime residential areas. The locality is home to one of the oldest libraries called the Easwari Library, the Semmozhi Poonga botanical garden, the former Chief Minister Karunanidhi, as well as a famous cricketer you may know by the name of MS Dhoni. Needless to say, Gopalapuram has many established educational institutions, several heritage temples, and places of recreation. 

Residential homes real estate price: 

  • Buy – INR 8,000 – 30,000 per sq. ft. 
  • Rent – INR 12,000 – 1,50,000 per month

8. East Coast Road

 East Coast Road
(Source: – NativePlanet.com) – A ride through the East Coast Road that covers a slew of tourist destinations

Commonly known as ECR, East Coast Road is located alongside the Bay of Bengal’s coromandel coast. Considered among the top Chennai posh area lists, ECR offers the perfect mix of peace, luxury, and fun. You will find tons of amusement parks including MGM and VGP. Due to the nearby beaches, you can enjoy the soothing coastal breeze while watching movies in a drive-in movie theatre, go surfing to enjoy adventure sports or the annual Covelong Music Festival at the Covelong beach, relish the authentic and must-try South Indian dishes by the bay, or even spend a relaxing day at any sea-facing villa along the entire stretch of the East Coast Road. 

Residential villas real estate price: 

  • Buy – INR 9,000 – 20,000 per sq. ft. 
  • Rent – INR 30,000 – 2,50,000 per month

9. Thiruvanmiyur

view of the Thiruvanmiyur beach in Kottivakkam
(Source: The Hindu) – A view of the Thiruvanmiyur beach in Kottivakkam

Located in southern Chennai, Thiruvanmiyur is a prime residential area. The locality was first to witness the spike in the economy with the setting up of Chennai’s first technology office space, i.e. the Tidel Information Technology Park, and thereafter several subsequent growths of business and research centres. Thiruvanmiyur beach is the primary attraction in the vicinity, making the property values higher than the average residential spot. 

Residential villas real estate price: 

  • Buy – INR 10,000 – 42,000 per sq. ft. 
  • Rent – INR 12,000 – 3,00,000 per month

10. Vadapalani

(Source: – Wikipedia) – A view of the Vadapalani Andavar Temple

Located on the western side, Vadapalani is one of the poshest areas in Chennai due to the presence of well-known film studios and actors. The area is also one of the more busy and densely populated parts of the city due to an important pilgrimage to the Vadapalani Andavar Temple, and the bust terminus on Arcot Road. Other than the well-known theatres and malls, Vadapalani is also home to several major medical care institutions, hospitals, colleges, and universities.  

Residential villas real estate price: 

  • Buy – INR 8,000 – 45,000 per sq. ft. 
  • Rent – INR 10,000 – 90,000 per month

Like several other metropolitan cities in India, Chennai’s properties are on the higher side of the spectrum due to urbanization. The residents of the city like to grind at work as hard as they like to enjoy the quality of life. You can choose any home of your dream within the busy posh areas in Chennai, as well as the more peaceful, tree-clad, sea-side havens. Need the help of experienced and top-starred real-estate professionals to know more? Head to NoBroker to find the house of your dreams – brokerage and hassle-free!


Which are the top posh areas in Chennai to live in?

According to local listings, Boat Club, Poes Garden, Besant Nagar, Adyar etc. are some of the poshest areas in Chennai.

Does Chennai have enough trees?

A top view of Chennai will give you an idea of how green the city is. Chennai has trees across the borders of busy roads, the beaches, as well as several parks or ‘poonghas’ for you to enjoy fresh air from greenery.

What can I do for recreation in Chennai?

Chennai doesn’t boast its nightlife exclusively, however, can keep you entertained with a bustling music scene, an active theatre scene, great places to eat, and of course, the beach.

How is public transport in Chennai?

While traffic is a problem in any metropolitan city, Chennai has a massive bus fleet, private autos, an international airport, railways as well as the newer Chennai Metro Rail.

How is healthcare in Chennai?

Chennai prides itself in being home to some of the top medical colleges, super-speciality hospitals, and research centres in the country, at affordable prices. 

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