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Top 20 Posh Areas in Delhi That’ll Make You Gasp in Wonder

Delhi, the capital city of India is home to some of the most well-developed areas and communities in the country. With India’s top politicians and bureaucrats living in the territories of the beautiful city, it’s no surprise that properties for sale are very limited in the area because of the skyrocketing prices and unavailability of new land for construction. However, the city is filled with beautiful, high rising skyscrapers and bungalows and posh localities in Delhi available for rent and other forms of investments. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the top posh areas in Delhi and how the real estate ecosystem is developing in these posh areas in Delhi.

Posh Areas in Delhi

20 Most Expensive Posh Residential Areas to Live in Delhi

Delhi houses a lot of embassies, markets, 5-star hotels and established residential areas. Posh areas in New Delhi are some of the most desired pin codes in terms of real estate investments. Delhi’s architecture is inspired by a blend of modern and ancient ideologies. From Mughal inspired domes to European gardens and lawns, the city never ceases to amaze its roughly 3 crores strong population and the numerous countless travellers and tourists visiting the city. When it comes to the posh residential areas in Delhi, the list seems to be growing with each passing year. With continued investment in infrastructure development and providing amenities, the property prices of land parcels in Delhi continue to skyrocket despite the pandemic and other factors affecting business. 
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South Delhi remains the poshest area in Delhi. The entire region is considered to be the administrative district for the capital city. This part of the city is filled with well-built public spaces like malls, restaurants and eateries and art theatres. South Delhi has a very rich history and connects deeply with India’s heritage and development. Just wander in bliss and enjoy the rich colonial and Mughal architecture and South Delhi takes you right away, to a far, distant land, to the most happening and posh areas of Delhi city. Every corner in South Delhi can be considered a posh colony in Delhi. Here is a list of Delhi posh localities based on location, the current market value of land and exclusivity of the area. Dive in and find the best and upcoming posh places in Delhi.

1. Lutyens Bungalow Zone

Lutyens Bungalow Zone, New Delhi one of the best posh areas in delhi
Lutyens Bungalow Zone, New Delhi

This is undoubtedly the poshest area in Delhi and arguably the most expensive real estate land parcel in India. Lutyens Bungalow Zone tops Delhi posh area list, being the home to numerous top-ranking politicians and business tycoons. The entire area was named after the English architect Edward Lutyens, and the colonial name has stayed with the city ever since. 
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2. Vasant Kunj

Vasant Kunj one of the best posh areas in delhi
Vasant Kunj

Vasant Kunj is one of the oldest and poshest neighbourhoods in the South Delhi posh area. The region has great connectivity with other major hubs in the cities and it is the home of a lot of A list celebrities, bureaucrats and VIPs of Delhi. Vasant Kunj. Vasant Kunj is filled with luxury hotels, lavish bungalows, crowded malls and has some of the best schools and hospitals to boast of. Vasant Kunj is one of the oldest and most famous posh areas in Delhi and it’s a crowd favourite. Delhi’s first PVR- PVR Priya started in Vasant Kunj and the area has several other pubs, lounges and other such hotspots to cater to the resident’s demands. 

3. Golf Links

Golf Links
(Source: Instagram) Golf Links, New Delhi

Another top posh area in Delhi, Golf Links is an extension of the Lutyens Bungalow Zone and has some of the most luxurious real estates in the city. Property rates in Golf links are one of the highest in the country, with some of the luxurious bungalows costing almost Rs 4 lakh/sq. Yard. Golf Links region is centrally located with proximity to other posh areas in south Delhi and houses diplomats and politicians. The area also has some of the most luxurious 5-star hotels in the city and hosts super-elite crowds from all over the world throughout the years. 
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4. Shanti Niketan

Shanti Niketan
Malls in Shanti Niketan

Shanti Niketan is an old and popular Delhi posh colony. It is one of the most sought after posh residential areas in Delhi. It was initially an area where top government officials resided and it has grown out to be a crowd favourite when it comes to real estate investment in Delhi posh area list. Currently, a lot of the city’s elite industrialists and businessmen have properties in this area. Proximity to top schools and other hotspots in the city makes Shanti Niketan a very desirable posh area in South Delhi.

5. Saket

Saket - posh area in south delhi

Saket is a posh area in New Delhi and it’s considered the headquarters of the posh South Delhi posh localities. Saket is a popular hub for the younger crowds as it has some of the best malls and lounges the city has to offer. Saket is one of the most sought-after posh areas in Delhi with top schools, hospitals, malls and easy availability of other such public amenities. 
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6. Chanakyapuri


Chanakyapuri is also one of the best posh areas in Delhi housing several diplomats and government officials. Chanakyapuri is filled with lush green gardens and colonial-style scenic avenues. The area is filled with cottages and bungalows and has a lot of street shops and markets. It is one of the most preferred luxury residential areas for government officials and white-collar workers. 

7. Amrita Shergill Marg 

Amrita Shergill Marg
(Source: Instagram) Amrita Shergill Marg 

Amrita Shergill Marg is a Delhi posh colony on Aurangzeb Road. This region is a high-security zone housing central government ministers, elite industrialists and a few other millionaires. Amrita Shergill was a well-known Indian painter and the region is named after her to honour her. The area has posh and luxurious bungalows with heavy security at all entries and exits. 

8. Jor Bagh

Jor Bagh most expensive residential area
Jor Bagh

Jor Bagh is located within a walking distance from a lot of historical monuments and has lots of green gardens and hangout spaces. Jor Bagh is one of the most preferred posh areas to live in Central Delhi housing prominent Bollywood celebrities and politicians. Property for sales have saturated in this area and it’s very tough to find a house with rent below Rs. 1 lakh here. 

9. Punjabi Bagh

Punjabi Bagh - poshest area in west delhi
Punjabi Bagh

Punjabi Bagh is one ofthe affluent and posh areas in West Delhi. The architecture of the house in West Delhi has a slightly different aesthetic than the houses of South Delhi. While South Delhi has spacious Bungalows and sprawling Kothis, west Delhi boasts of luxuriously built independent houses. Punjabi Bagh is the home to a lot of entrepreneurs and rising celebrities and the well-developed residential complexes with proximity to good schools, eateries and markets make this region one of the best residential areas in Delhi. 

10. Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas poshest area in south delhi
Markets in Hauz Khas

Hauz Khas has emerged as one of the best and most affluent areas in the city with great architecture and modern public amenities. Hauz Khas has great connectivity with prominent areas in South Delhi like Vasant Kunj and Gulmohar Mark. Interestingly, Gulmohar Park is another posh area in New Delhi. This region derives its name from the magnificent Gulmohar trees aligning the avenues. . Coming back to Hauz Khas, the buildings boast of a mix of Islamic architecture with inspiration from modern trends. The markets, cafes and eateries here have emerged as the new hangout spot for the younger, chic crowd. Property rates here have skyrocketed recently with the resident’s upscaling their bungalows. 

Most of the posh localities of the city are built in South Delhi. However, continued investment in development and unavailability of space has allowed other areas in the city to flourish as well. This has given areas like Jankakpuri and Rajouri Garden in the west, Model Town and Civil Lines in the North and phases of Mayur Vihar in the East to emerge as Delhi posh residential areas. Most parts of these areas have been built after careful planning to attract real estate investments and the move seems to be paying off. These areas have emerged as some of the best options to be the best residential areas in Delhi in our Delhi posh area list. Let’s take a look at some of these localities and check out some new posh places in Delhi. 

11. Model Town

Model Town
(Source: Instagram) Naini Lake in Model Town, Delhi

Another new addition to the Delhi posh area list, Model Town is one of the most affluent and posh areas in North Delhi. It is very close to popular places like Chandni Chowk, Civil Lines and has great historical significance. It’s one of the first neighbourhoods in Delhi that was developed by a private developer. The DLF group built Model Town in the early 1950s and it became the first elite neighbourhood of India post-independence. 

The model town has luxurious flats and duplexes and houses a lot of prominent government officials and celebrities. This is one of the only few posh areas in Delhi where rent hasn’t soared like in the other parts of the city. 

12. Mayur Vihar

Mayur Vihar - poshest are in north delhi
(Source: Instagram) Gurudwara Sahib in Mayur Vihar

Mayur Vihar is an upscale and posh area in East Delhi. Mayur Vihar is very close to the Yamuna River and gets its name as it used to be the home of peacocks. The beautiful birds can still be seen roaming freely in parts of the area. Mayur Vihar was planned and built over three different phases and hence affordability and convenience are the major driving factors. The area boasts of well-developed residential complexes and public spaces for the resident’s leisure. Mayur Vihar has a lot of crucial infrastructure facilities like hospitals and international schools, making it one of the best residential areas in Delhi. 

13. Rohini

Rohini is a diverse neighbourhood in North-West Delhi. It was built and developed by the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in the 1980s to provide social infrastructure for all income groups. Constant investment and great opportunities have pushed the quality of houses in the area and it now houses a lot of businessmen and entrepreneurs of the city. Most of the housing complexes in the region are surrounded by lush green gardens and good roads. The area is also a major business hub with markets for granites and marbles. 

Rohini has well-developed entertainment centres, planned houses and public infrastructures making it a very comfortable and posh area to live in. 

14. Green Park

Green Park

Although Green Park is one of the upscale localities of South Delhi, it took some time for the region to get developed into one of the posh localities of Delhi. Green Park was established in the early 1960s. As the name suggests, the Green Park area has one of the highest green belts in the city. The area has a rich amount of flora and fauna diversification and it is surrounded by the famous Ring Road flyovers. 

Green Park is close to areas like Safdarjung Enclave and Hauz Khas making it a top posh area in Delhi. However, real estate is still a bit cheaper here as compared to other, more developed areas like Golf Links. 

15. Pitampura


Pitampura is one of the most popular and posh areas in North Delhi. Pitampura is one of those posh localities where you can decide the level of convenience based on your budget. The area has a mix of residential Bungalows and flats, offering different income groups to live a lavish life. The area has smooth connectivity by road to other major parts of the city and it is well connected by the Delhi Metro as well. It has good connectivity with the NCR regions of Noida and Gurgaon, making it one of the most well-connected posh areas in Delhi. 

Most of the current residents are white-collar workers or private business owners. Public infrastructure is also well-developed in the area with top schools and hospitals present for the convenience of the residents. 

16. Kirti Nagar

Kirti Nagar
Kirti Nagar

Kirti Nagar is a major interior designing hub and one of the affluent and posh areas in West Delhi. Kirti Nagar is famous as India’s largest furniture market housing luxury furniture makers and remodelers. The area along with its twin region Mansarovar is known for its staggering Kothis and luxurious villas. Kirti Nagar is the home to a lot of private businessmen and the residential complexes are well connected with public infrastructures like schools and hospitals. Kirti Nagar is well connected by the Delhi Metro and it’s one of the major stations under the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) guidelines for changing routes. The residents also have the luxury to enjoy India’s biggest golf course and spend their leisure time in the Country Club. 

17. Vikaspuri

Vikaspuri is one of the affluent and posh areas in West Delhi. The residential complexes are divided into 9 major zones known as blocks. Vikaspuri has wide roads and a lot of greenery and houses some notable celebrities. Indian Batsmen, Virat Kohli’s house has also emerged as a major landmark recently driving the property prices in the area higher. 

Vikaspuri has emerged as a hub or hangout spot for the younger, more sassy generation of the city. The area has a lot of happening cafes and eateries and has local markets and ‘Haats’ to keep the residents entertained. The residential complexes in the area mostly comprise Lavish Bungalows, Kothis and independent houses. 

18. New Friends Colony

New Friends Colony - one of the best posh are in north delhi
(Source: Instagram) New Friends Colony

New Friends Colony is a Delhi posh Colony situated in the south-eastern parts of the city. The area has some of the top colleges from the South campus in its vicinity so it’s buzzing with college students. There are a lot of low-rise apartment complexes in the area and has great connectivity to the city through Mathura Road. However, traffic congestion in New Friends Colony can be a menace sometimes due to the crowded neighbouring areas. Proximity to the Jamia Millia Islamia University has resulted in a lot of eateries, cafes and street shops in the area to cater to the demands. Property Prices in the area can go as high as Rs. 20 crores for a Bungalow. 

19. Pandav Nagar

Pandav Nagar
Akshardham Temple in Pandav Nagar

Pandav Nagar is a residential colony and posh area in East Delhi. Named after the legendary Indian Mythologies of the Mahabharata, the area is surrounded by the Indraprastha region. The famous Akshardham Temple is just minutes away from the area. The major population of the area comprises government service officials and white-collar workers. The area has some leading business institutes in its vicinity so the availability of affordable housing can be tough. However, Pandav Nagar has a good number of residential complexes catering to different sections of society. The area is popular among Delhiites as Delhi’s first Adventure Park was built in Pandav Nagar. 

20. Dwarka Sub City

Dwarka Sub City one of the best posh areas in delhi
Dwarka Sub City

When we talk about established, posh residential areas of Delhi, the list is incomplete without Dwarka Sub City. One of the first planned residential sub-cities of Delhi, Dwarka has emerged as a top posh area in Delhi with property prices in the area touching Rs. 30 crores for a luxurious 3 BHK. The area is well connected with metro lines in almost every sector of the sub-city. Dwarka has some of the best residential complexes and apartments in the city and houses a very large population of different diversity. The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) has taken a special interest in redeveloping the Dwarka sub-city and establishing it as one of the best residential areas in Delhi. Most of the residential complexes are apartments and independent builder floors. 

Most of these posh areas in Delhi are located in the Southern parts of the city. South Delhi is comparatively more developed than other parts of Delhi with popular entertainment hubs and well-maintained public infrastructures. However, the growing population and the unavailability of suitable land parcels to cater to the need had led to investments in other localities of the cities as well. Localities in West Delhi have emerged to become one of the best residential areas in Delhi and have great demand when it comes to real estate development. Whereas, planned townships in the Eastern and Northern limits of the city have given way for more posh places in Delhi. If you want to experience the taste of luxury and stay in one of these posh pin codes, just head to NoBroker. NoBroker has thousands of properties in these pin codes, available for renting and buying. Choose your dream house in the poshest area in Delhi and save big with Zero Brokerage. Click here and start browsing for your dream home. 


Q1. What are some of the best residential areas in Delhi?

Ans. There are a lot of posh areas in Delhi. The city houses many top politicians, celebrities and elite businessmen. Here are some posh residential areas in Delhi:
Lutyens Bungalow Zone
Vasanth Kunj
Golf Links
Shanti Niketan
Amrita Shergill Marg
Jor Bagh
Punjabi Bagh
Hauz Khas
Model Town 
Mayur Vihar
Green Park
Kirti Nagar
New friends Colony
Pandav Nagar

Q2. What are the poshest areas of South Delhi?

Ans. South Delhi is one of the most developed and posh areas in Delhi. The South Delhi localities boast of affluent and luxurious colonies like Lutyens Bungalow Zone and Golf Links within its territories. Here is the list of top Delhi posh localities in the southern parts of the city:
1. Lutyens Bungalow Zone
2. Panchsheel Marg
3. Golf Links
4. Jor Bagh
5. Saket

Q3. Is West Delhi a posh area?

West Delhi has emerged as a popular and posh area in New Delhi Here are some posh areas in West Delhi:
1. Punjabi Bagh
2. Vikaspuri
3. Dwarka
4. Kirti Nagar
5. Rajouri Garden

Q4. Which is the most expensive area in Delhi?

Ans. Lutyens Bungalow Zone is a top posh area in Delhi with property rates going as high as Rs. 150 crores. 

Q5. Is Dwarka Sub City a posh area in New Delhi?

Ans. Dwarka Sub-city has some of the best residential areas in Delhi. The planned city has luxury apartments and independent builder floors catering to a lot of white-collar workers and elite businessmen. 

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