• Sun. Oct 24th, 2021

Simon Ghosh

The home is where Simon's heart is! As an introvert, he has always been curious about transforming the indoors into a space that can help mentally reset, recharge, and feel safe. A long-time analyst of architectural and real-estate trends, Simon is a true believer in the fact that thoughtful design can provoke powerful thoughts, even when done with the least effort. As a writer, Simon shares his tips to make your home a place of tranquillity, with smart and stylish ways.
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  • The Top Posh Areas in Chennai – Landmarks, Real Estate Prices and More

The Top Posh Areas in Chennai – Landmarks, Real Estate Prices and More

Chennai is not limited by its rich and glorious past, its fanfare to Rajnikanth, the unique mantle of culture, or its filter-coffee-soaked aroma. The city also represents a growing pool…

Create The Perfect Lounging Destination at Home with These Terrace Decoration Ideas

When it comes to relaxing outdoors, the beach, the hills, or a distant country comes to mind. But there is something special that can come from transforming the lofty outdoor…

Refresh Your Boudoir’s Décor with These Creative Wall Painting Designs for Bedroom

Even though your bedroom is a private and special retreat seen by the least amount of people visiting your home, it is also the one most used by its residents.…

Invite Good Fortune & Prosperity with Correct Money Plant Vastu Placements at Home

Money plant Vastu has been a crucial part of Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture that helps to achieve a state of tranquillity and equilibrium with the five elements of…

Add A Dash of Creativity to Your Navratri Decoration at Home: 9 Simple Ideas

‘Sharad Navratri’, also called Durga Puja, is one of the most celebrated and longest festivals in India, honouring the divinity of Goddess Durga. Over nine whole nights, the nine forms…

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