Things That Make Tenants Choose Your Home

Things That Make Tenants Choose Your Home

When you are scouting for tenants, a good house in an ideal location, with great amenities is NOT all you need to attract the right ones! You need to do a little more, commence with making a list of the features that give your property an edge over the other neighbouring properties. Not sure where to start and what we mean, here are a few tips –

1) Furnished Kitchen with Proper Storage

The foremost thing that a tenant looks for in the apartment is a well-maintained and well-furnished kitchen. The kitchen needs a proper setup and storage, and this is something that can be quickly fixed and doesn’t need burning a lot of money on it. This is true even in the bedrooms, and other areas of the house. Any smaller area with good storage space or closets is better than any spacious area with smaller closets. And more storage area is always welcomed by the tenants, and it will increase the value as well as the utility of your home in the long run.

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2) Provide Proper Parking

Having a personal parking space is not a luxury anymore, it’s now a basic requirement. Providing an appropriate parking space in a garage, off-street or on street should be your foremost priority as a landlord. If you do not have a parking space, then it can be rented from the neighbouring buildings or the neighbouring lanes. As far as you are providing a safe space for them, it is going to be a great advantage to you.

3) Access to Society Amenities

Provide your tenants access to society amenities like pool, gyms and playgrounds. Make sure to highlight these facilities to tenants. As per the NoBroker data, tenants are willing to pay extra money for amenities like pools!

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4) Energy Efficient Upgrading

In the era of smart homes, upgrading your house with the energy efficient appliances is the least you can do. It will not only help you attract the right tenants but will also reduce their utility cost. Along with reducing the electricity bills of the tenants, it will help them be assured of staying in a sustainable living space. It will give you an edge over others and attract those that are environmentally conscious like the Millennials.

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5) A Well Maintained House

It’s highly advisable to keep the property in the right shape at all times. More than the community amenities, a well-maintained place gains attention. It is advisable to always keep a check on the condition of your property so that the rental value of the property does not deteriorate. This is something that a tenant would look for in the long term as well. The tenant needs an assurance that the property will always be in a well-maintained condition even after they move in.

6) Due Consideration to Tenant Requests

There are various things that need your attention on a timely basis like fixing the faucets or fixing of the electrical appliances. You also need to attend to your tenant’s requirements on priority. You should not file it in the list of ‘when I am around’ things, rather you should get the things fixed immediately. Allow your tenants the option to change the setup of your house as per their requirement. Changing a few things in the house is going to do no harm, they should a little bit of freedom to feel at home.

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Last but not least, it is very important to advertise your property smartly. You should add all the perks and amenities of your property so that it stands out. Also, do not skip on the professional photographs as it will gain more traction from the right customers. NoBroker can help you with the placement of the right tenant. Just list your property on NoBroker and leave your worries to us. Remember, finding the right tenant means a continuous source of income, lesser worries, and a lot of profit over time.

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