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Feng Shui Frog Symbolism and How to Use It in Your Home

The three-legged toad sometimes referred to as the money frog in Feng Shui is a common Chinese symbol employed as a Feng Shui adjustment to attract riches and success. The three-legged toad is often employed as a more conventional Feng Shui remedy to attract more financial affluence. In Chinese decorative art, the three-legged toad often appears. It is often discovered as a little metal figure or a jade-like semi-precious stone. The toad and frog are often depicted in the same pattern in ancient Chinese art.

Feng Shui Frog

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The toad occasionally has various symbols, such as the yin and yang sign, on its back or the crown of its head. The three-legged toad is often discovered sitting on top of a bed of money or gold ingots, holding a coin in its mouth. The term “three-legged toad” refers to the fact that it always has two front legs and one rear leg or tail (similar to a tadpole tail). Let’s take a deep dive into understanding the Feng Shui frog or Chinese frog and the positive effects that it can have on your life. 

Legends and Origin Stories of Feng Shui Frog

Placing a good luck frog front door is considered an auspicious way to attract good luck and prosperity into your home. According to Chinese legend, the mythical three-legged toad can manufacture gold and silver coins from its mouth.

  • According to a well-known tale, one of the wives of the eight immortals turned into a toad after ingesting her husband’s immortality elixir.
  • Another legend says that Chan Chu lives on the Moon and often consumes the gleaming orb in the form of a coin. This causes lunar eclipses.
  • According to one theory, the toad shared a lunar home with Liu Hai, the deity of riches. He used a string of coins tied to a red fishing line as bait to capture the frog.

Placement of Feng Shui Frog and Where to Avoid

Feng Shui frog
A Feng Shui frog was placed on a coffee table and in a wooden box. 

The image of a frog with a coin in its mouth is a common motif in various cultures, often symbolising prosperity, abundance, and good fortune. The question always arises about where the Feng shui frog should be placed. The direction of the Feng Shui Money Frog is really important. Typically, the three-legged toad is elevated off the ground by being set on a tiny pedestal or table. It is said to be best to position it on a low-raised surface instead of a high one to gather more energy.
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You may keep and activate the money Frog at your house, office, or place of employment. Even more, than one three-legged toad could be present in your area. Try three, five, or nine toads if you want to have more than one Feng Shui Money Frog around. According to Feng Shui numbers, three, five, and seven are lucky numbers.

Be careful with how you handle and utilise this auspicious object. You must handle the three-legged toad respectfully and with humility. Additionally, you may meditate on it, fill it with your goals, and then deliberately set it down. Keep an eye on it to ensure it’s still there. You shouldn’t allow dust to collect on the frog.

The correct Frog position is necessary for the desired effect, so here are some ideas about where to put a money frog and the significance of a frog in Feng Shui.

1. The Entrance

The location from which all energy enters the house is the front door. A money frog at the entrance door makes a big impression and draws in good luck. When placing the money frog at the main entry door, attention must be paid to the direction it faces.

2. Wealthy Area

It’s crucial to locate the richest corner while deciding which direction to put the fortunate gold frog in. Use a Feng Shui Bagua map to place the figurine in the wealthy corner of the house. Standing at the home’s front entrance and facing inside can help you locate the wealth area.

3. Career Sector

The career sector of the home is another position where you may put the money frog. Your workstation is a representation of your position and career. To improve your prosperity, financial security, and professional position, you may place the frog figurine there.

4. Wallet Fortune

Another excellent location for the money frog is your wallet. The wallet is connected with wealth and money. Thus, keeping a fortunate frog will help money flow into your wallet. Frog symbol good luck since it keeps the fortunate frog near you wherever you go.
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5. The Office

The money frog may be positioned diagonally at the front entrance of your office. Maintain the statue beside the cash register, pointing inside or in the general direction of the room’s interiors. This arrangement brings in outside funding.

6. Garden

The backyard, garden, or other outdoor spaces with ponds or other bodies of water are the perfect places for the money toad. In addition to enhancing interior design, this position attracts wealth and prosperity.

Feng Shui Frog Placement: Things to Avoid

1- It is not a good idea to set the frog figurine directly on the ground.

2- Avoid placing the frog figurine in too high a place. The figure may be kept on a table or the bottom shelf of a cabinet.

3- Keep the money toad out of the bathroom, kitchen, and bedrooms.

4- Keep the lucky frog clean and prevent dust build-up.

Benefits of Feng Shui That Can Change Your Life for Good

Feng Shui frog
Many people believe that the placement of a Feng Shui frog can end the unhappy patch in one’s life

1- Builds Up Energy 

The Chinese Money frog in the residence should be set up on a high pedestal. The frogs will be able to build up a lot of good energy this way, focusing on the family. The acquisition of riches is another aspect of the Feng Shui meaning of frogs. The frog’s positioning will also enable it to absorb good luck energies.
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2- Brings Money and Success

According to an old myth, the Feng Shui Frog spews gold and silver. It is thus viewed as a lucky representation of wealth and success. According to legend, the lucky frog sign enters the houses of those fortunate enough to get good news.

3. Omen of Good Fortune

Keep the lucky frog figurine at your home’s far-left corners, which is said to bring you money and success. This layout will benefit the occupants by bringing riches and success to the home.

4. A Sign of Wisdom

The fortunate frog represents knowledge. Keep the frog figurine next to the study area so it may transfer good energy into the home as knowledge. It is often said that the family’s health and well-being are boosted by placing a Feng Shui frog in such a placement. 

5. Enhances Career Growth

The fortunate frog is said to improve one’s outlook on life and job chances when put in the career zone. Maintaining this lucky sign also aids in enhancing focus when working or studying.

6. Guarantees Health

The fortunate frog represents good health. It is also believed that keeping the frog figurines would protect everyone in the family’s health. The money toad’s crimson eyes also drive away bad spirits and negative energy.

7. Maintains cleanliness

The money frog is a fortunate symbol, and its ideal placement promotes cleanliness in the house. Keep the area spotless and tidy around the frog statue. Breakable or damaged lucky frog figurines shouldn’t be maintained.
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8. The Advantages of Several Numbers

The Feng Shui meaning of frog is that groups of frogs may be put together to focus more energy on them. The Feng Shui frog may be positioned in a cluster of three, five, or nine lucky numbers. An enhanced wealth energy absorption will come from this.

9. Dispels Evil spirits

According to the Chan Chu mythology of early Taoism, the frog was the moon goddess who was punished for stealing an elixir. The frog was responsible for capturing malevolent spirits and maintaining a pleasant atmosphere.

10. Encourages Peace

Installing a Feng Shui frog on a meditation or worship altar may improve the wealth of the home. You’ll become more conscious and aware of your surroundings if you meditate in front of the frog.

Feng Shui Frog Placement Direction

1. Entryway

To attract riches and success, position the three-legged toad diagonally at the entrance of your home or place of business. It is often advised to face the money frog inward from the front entrance so that the energy of money flows in rather than out. Typically, we put a beautiful statue towards theexterior and the guests. On the other hand, a money frog must be positioned so that it faces the inside of the home. With this setup, the Feng Shui money frog ring is certain to attract riches and good Chi energy and reflect it in the direction it is facing.

2. Affluent Bagua Region

Your home’s wealth is linked to plenty and success. You may locate this space by standing outside your front door and peering inside. The wealth location on the Feng Shui Bagua map corresponds to the southeast corner of your home. A three-legged toad may be placed here purposefully to bring good fortune with money.

3. Altar or a Meditation Space

You might also put a three-legged frog on the altar where you meditate to bring more wealth and overall prosperity into your spiritual life. Having a spiritual experience like seeing the Money Frog is a fantastic thing.

4. Garden

You might place a three-legged frog as a decoration in your yard, pond, or other patches of greenery outdoors to bring good fortune from the outside world.

5. Wealth Corner

If you are standing at the house’s front door and glazing inside, you will be able to find the wealth area more easily. The most prosperous region, as shown by the Bagua map, may be found in the southeast quadrant.

6. Feng Shui Frogs should be Placed in Groups of Three

Here is the basic question: where to keep the frog in Feng Shui? The fortunate frog may be kept in groups of three. The harmony of earth, heaven, and people is symbolised by the number three in Feng Shui. The luck of heaven is unlocked by the number six, while the number nine denotes grandeur in terms of strength, plenty, and eternity. It is possible to keep five or nine lucky frog figurines; they are believed to be lucky.

In traditional Chinese culture, the frog is considered to be a representation of wealth and success. Feng Shui teaches that displaying frog figurines in one’s house or workplace serves two purposes: it protects the environment and gives wealth to the person who displays them. The money frog often referred to as the three-legged toad, is a well-known Feng Shui sign used to bring riches and improve one’s financial situation. 

The concept of a frog coin in the mouth can have various interpretations across different cultures and contexts. A Feng Shui frog without a coin, often called an “empty-mouthed” Money Frog, symbolises protecting your existing wealth rather than attracting new wealth. It should face outward, signifying absorbing wealth from the outside environment to safeguard your financial resources.

On the other hand, certain guidelines govern its positioning. We have discussed everything you need to know about fencing Feng Shui frogs. If you are looking for interior decoration, Vastu Shastra, and Feng Shui expert guidance, do contact the experts at NoBroker who can help you achieve the best results! If interested, please leave a comment below this article; our executive will be in touch with you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is a Bagua Feng Shui Map?

Ans. The Bagua Feng Shui map is considered the atlas for people who believe in the practice. It highlights how Feng Shui can affect different energies. 

Q2. I’m a beginner in Feng Shui. How Do I Begin?

Ans. You can begin by reading books about Feng Shui and understanding the primary principles that the practice is based on.

Q3. Which way should my head be facing while I’m in bed?

Ans. It is advised that the placement of the head must be in the south direction and tilting to the eastern side.

Q4. How to activate Money Frog?

Ans. To activate your Money Frog first you have to place it on an elevated surface in your home, showing respect, then tie a red ribbon around it, symbolising good luck, and put a coin in its mouth, representing the wealth it attracts.

Q5. How Do I Lay the Bagua Map? Which Front Door Do I Use?

Ans. You can lay the Bagua map over the entire home or if possible, on the floor plan of the home or office.

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