How To Choose the Best Bedroom POP Ceiling Design Idea?

Planning your home? Then there is no chance you would not have heard about false ceilings. Here is a simple definition of false ceilings: False ceilings are dropped or suspended ceilings that are dropped or suspended from your main ceiling. False ceilings are used widely these days both in homes and master bedrooms POP ceiling designs have emerged as a new trend in interior design. There are numerous types of false ceiling materials that can be used for homes. Some of them include POP, wooden, gypsum, and even metal false ceilings. POP false ceilings are the most common false ceilings used for homes. If you are looking to give a new touch to your bedroom, these bedroom POP ceiling design ideas are sure to impress you. 

Best Bedroom POP Ceiling Design Idea

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Why Choose a Bedroom POP Ceiling Design?

bedroom pop design
Choose A Bedroom POP Ceiling Design

Flat standard bedroom false ceilings are slowly going out of fashion. People are looking for good mundane elegant designs that uplift the style of the whole room yet come at a minimal cost. Hence POP ceiling design material is the most common material used for false ceilings. 

Bedroom POP ceiling design offers a wide range of advantages: 

  • They seamlessly conceal any loose wiring on the ceiling. 
  • Of course, bedroom ceilings add a fancy luxury element to your home but they also provide uniform lighting throughout the room. 
  • You can also connect Alexa or a smart AI to control the lighting as per your mood. 
  • Bedroom POP ceilings also provide noise insulation to a certain extent. 
  • Bedroom POP ceilings also come in a fireproof and waterproof design. Which are mostly preferred. 
  • Bedroom POP designs latest are ideal for homes that don’t have a good source of sunlight.

Top 15 POP False Ceiling Designs for Bedrooms 

1. POP Small Bedroom Ceiling Design 

bedroom ceiling design
POP Small Bedroom Ceiling Design

There is nothing else that can completely transform your small cosy bedroom into your perfect night’s nest. POP small bedroom ceiling designs are very affordable and simple to install in your bedroom. POP ceiling designs for small bedrooms are not only affordable but since you need to cover very little space, you have large varieties to choose from.  
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2. POP Down Ceiling Design for Bedroom 

Bedroom POP Ceiling Design
POP Down Ceiling Design for Bedroom 

POP down ceiling designs for bedrooms come in a variety of designs and give a royal and elegant look to the bedroom. In POP down ceiling designs for bedrooms, the main design element is suspended from the main ceiling from one part of your whole bedroom ceiling.  

3. Master Bedroom POP Ceiling Designs 

master bedroom false ceiling design for bedroom
Master Bedroom POP Ceiling Designs

Master bedroom POP designs latest come in diverse styles and designs. Here are a few designs for your reference.

3(A)Circular Master Bedroom POP Ceiling Designs 

Bedroom POP Ceiling Design
Circular Master Bedroom POP Ceiling Designs

Transform your master bedroom with Circular Master bedroom POP ceiling designs into your dream master bedroom. In the case of Circular Master Bedroom POP Ceiling Designs, you can deliberately reduce the height of the ceiling to save your funds. 

3(B) Square Master bedroom POP Ceiling Designs 

Bedroom POP Ceiling Design
Square Master bedroom POP Ceiling Designs 

Want to give a sophisticated and dignified look to your master bedroom? A square master bedroom POP ceiling design is a perfect choice that would Plus-minus give you this look. 

3(C) Zig-Zag Master bedroom POP Ceiling Designs

modern simple pop design
Zig-Zag Master bedroom POP Ceiling Designs

Zig-Zag master bedroom POP ceiling designs are one of the modern ceiling designs trending for master bedrooms. You can choose different patterns and designs for your ceiling. 

4. POP Ceiling Design for Children’s Bedroom 

Bedroom POP Ceiling Design
POP Ceiling Design for Children’s Bedroom 

Choosing a ceiling for your child’s room gets better and better as you start looking for designs online. You can keep the ceilings simple or can have a special POP ceiling design for your children’s bedroom. 
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5. Bedroom Ceiling POP Design for Big Bedrooms 

For big bedrooms Ceiling POP Design, you could have elements suspended from certain areas of the bedroom ceiling or have the core space area of your ceiling be suspended from the bedroom ceiling.  

Bedroom POP Ceiling Design
Here is a typical example of a Bedroom Ceiling POP Design for Big Bedrooms which has the whole ceiling suspended. 

6. POP Ceiling Designs for Indian Bedroom

Bedroom POP Ceiling Design
POP Ceiling Designs For Indian Bedroom

POP Ceiling designs for Indian bedrooms are available in a large number of designs. Based on the theme of your home or bedroom you can choose or even design your POP ceiling design for your bedrooms. 

7. POP Fall Ceiling Design for Bedroom

Bedroom POP Ceiling Design
POP Fall Luxury Ceiling Design for Bedroom

While designing a modern home you want to get it right, both on the top and bottom. A ceiling in the past was ignored. POP fall ceiling design for bedrooms is the right choice to elevate your bedroom from an ordinary bedroom to a classy designer bedroom. 

8. Simple POP Design for Bedroom

Bedroom POP Ceiling Design
POP Ceiling Simple Design for Bedroom

Some people like to keep it simple, luxurious and elegant. To put a perfect lid on your bedroom you can choose classy elegant Simple POP Ceiling Design for Bedroom designs that match your vibe. You could go for simple POP ceiling designs and yet you could transform your bedroom into a completely different and perfect bedroom that you’ve always wanted. 

9. Plus, Minus POP Ceiling Design for Bedroom

Bedroom POP Ceiling Design
Plus Minus POP Ceiling Design For Bedroom

Plus-minus POP ceilings design for bedrooms are very similar to POP ceiling simple designs for bedrooms. These ceilings have a Popped structure in one area or part of the ceiling and have a flat structure in the other parts of the ceiling. 

10. Down Ceiling POP Design for Bedroom

pop design for bedroom
Down Ceiling POP Design for Small Bedroom

If you are planning a false ceiling, you also need to plan where your fan placement will be on the ceiling. Down POP design for bedrooms with fans is optimal and goes relatively easy on your pockets. The basic design structure is such that the POP design elements are Popped downwards a little lower than the other POP bedroom designs.  

11. Modern Bedroom POP Design

Bedroom POP Ceiling Design
Modern POP Ceiling Design for Bedroom

Modern POP ceiling designs for bedrooms are bold, beautiful and heavenward. Modern POP ceiling designs for bedrooms are available in vast colours, finishes, textures, and fabulous elements which are cut out to create fantastic bedroom looks. 

Here are a few examples of Modern POP ceiling designs for bedrooms: 

  • Cut out ceiling: 

One of the most trending modern POP ceilings for bedrooms is a cut-out ceiling. You can have various beautiful shapes cut out on your ceiling. 

  • Simple but elegant POP ceiling design for bedroom:

Simple designs are the best designs to choose for your bedrooms.  Simple designs for a major section of the modern POP ceiling design for bedrooms. 

12. Latest POP Design for Bedroom Ceiling with Chandelier

small bedroom ceiling design
Latest POP Designs for Bedroom Ceiling with Chandelier

A chandelier is a very significant and grand addition to any room. If you like chandeliers just like us, having a POP design for a bedroom with a chandelier is a must. Here is a simple idea of a POP small bedroom ceiling design as shown in the picture above. The simple chandelier enhances the aesthetics of the room by manifolds. Installing a chandelier has one disadvantage, especially in an Indian bedroom. You won’t be able to put a fan in the room and have to make do with wall-hanging fans or air-conditioners. 

13. POP Ceiling Design for Bedroom with Fan

Bedroom POP Ceiling Design
POP Ceiling Design for Bedroom with Fan

If you just want to use simple POP ceiling bedroom design ideas for your home, the design shown above may be of use to you. The ceiling is kept minimalist with the addition of a four-blade fan. This POP false ceiling design also has a pillar structure with small circular lights, making it a very aesthetically pleasing setting. 

14. POP Design for Master Bedroom Ceiling with Fan and Lights

Bedroom POP Ceiling Design
POP Design for Master Bedroom Ceiling with Fan and Lights

POP ceilings for bedrooms are generally used to give a modern look to your house. If you are planning a renovation, the idea shown above can help you narrow down the perfect POP ceiling bedroom design for your home. A lot of fans these days have lights attached to them to give your room some special kind of effect. You can also use one of these fans and lights in a combination with your POP ceiling bedroom design idea. 

15. Simple POP False Ceiling Design for Bedroom

false ceiling design for bedroom
Simple POP False Ceiling Design for Bedroom

If keeping it simple is your life’s motto, the design shown above is just for you. This POP False ceiling design is inspired by keeping a modern yet simple design perspective. The POP ceiling is strong enough to support any weight and looks clean with the whole setting. 

Some Tips to Choose the Best POP Design for Bedroom

Bedroom POP Ceiling Design
Tips To Choose The Best POP False Ceiling Design For A Bedroom

There are a lot of advantages of a POP ceiling bedroom design. Not only does it give an aesthetic look to your bedroom, but it is also very convenient and pretty durable. POP ceiling bedroom design can be sculpted into any shape as per your requirements. They have great insulation ability and hence can be easily paired with lights and other electrical devices. However, it’s kind of a permanent choice as it’s very expensive and can’t be removed easily. Implementing a POP down ceiling design for a bedroom is very labour-intensive too and hence, it’s advisable to be very sure of the kind of design you want to set for your bedroom. Here are some tips to help you in the process:

  • Choose a light and simple POP bedroom ceiling design 
  • For small bedrooms, make sure the design is not overpowering the room’s settings. 
  • Pair with paint for a clean and tidy finish. 
  • Take professional help. 
  • Use pairing colours

A bedroom POP false ceiling Design can be implemented easily if you make sure you have given some thought to these pointers. POP ceilings are very appealing when implemented properly, so make sure your bedroom has the perfect design before you start implementing them. 

What Is the Process of Installing a POP False Ceiling for a Bedroom?

Installing a POP false ceiling is a great way to add style and functionality to your bedroom. Here are the steps to follow for a successful installation.

  1. Measure the size of your bedroom to determine the amount of material you will need.
  2. Purchase the necessary materials, including POP powder, fibre tape, screws, and metal framing.
  3. Prepare the room by covering any furniture or items that may be damaged during the installation process.
  4. Create a frame using the metal framing that will support the false ceiling.
  5. Install the frame on the ceiling using screws and ensure that it is level.
  6. Mix the POP powder with water to form a paste and apply it to the fibre tape.
  7. Apply the fibre tape to the joints between the metal framing and allow it to dry.
  8. Apply a coat of POP paste to the entire surface of the false ceiling and allow it to dry completely.
  9. Sand the surface of the false ceiling to remove any bumps or roughness.
  10. Apply a second coat of POP paste to the surface of the false ceiling and allow it to dry.
  11. Sand the surface again and apply a final coat of POP paste.
  12. Once the final coat has dried, the false ceiling is ready to be painted or decorated according to your preference.

Precautions to Take While Installing POP Designs

Here are some quick and easy-toWhat Is the Process of Installing a POP False Ceiling for a Bedroom?-follow precautions to take while installing POP designs:

  • Wear protective gear, like gloves, goggles, and a mask, to avoid any irritation to your skin, eyes, or respiratory system.
  • Ensure that the surface you’re applying the POP design on is clean and free of debris, so you can achieve a smooth finish.
  • Mix the POP powder with water in the correct ratio to achieve the desired consistency, and avoid over-mixing to prevent air bubbles.
  • Work in small sections and allow each section to dry before moving on to the next.
  • Use the right tools, like a trowel and a hawk, to apply the POP and achieve a smooth finish.
  • Be patient, take breaks if necessary, and avoid overworking the POP to prevent cracks.

Get The Best Bedroom POP Ceiling Design Ideas with NoBroker

We saw how with the abundance of material and labour; POP designs have taken up and we can see them in our homes now. This was our ultimate guide on how to choose the perfect  bedroom POP ceiling design. If you are looking for bedroom POP ceiling design ideas, this guide will help you choose from a list of the best and most trending bedroom POP ceiling design ideas. Once you are done selecting a design, it’s advisable to take professional help for ceiling designs. It’s a pretty labour-intensive task and with expert help, you get a hassle-free completion of your project. If you are looking for an interior designing specialist for your home projects, reach out to NoBroker. Our team of interior designers are the best in the business and ensures you get your dream home without any hindrance. So don’t wait anymore. Just comment about any of your real estate requirements and we will get in touch with you shortly. 

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Q1. Is a bedroom POP ceiling design trendy?

Ans. Bedroom POP ceiling designs are very trendy and one of the latest trends in interior designing. A lot of Indian homes have also started adapting to this trend. 

Q2. Which false ceiling is the best for the bedroom?

Ans. A bedroom POP ceiling design can vary depending on the taste of the homeowner. There is no best design as such, but you can make sure you have a top-class design by referring to our style guide. 

Q3. What are the advantages of having a false bedroom ceiling?

Ans. POP ceilings are very lightweight and durable and provide excellent insulation. It can be easily set and avoids wastage through shrinkage. 

Q4. What are the disadvantages of a false bedroom ceiling design?

Ans. A false bedroom ceiling has its fair share of disadvantages too. It’s very expensive compared to generic materials and easily damaged with external pressure. Another important factor to consider is that a false ceiling significantly reduces the height of the ceiling. This can be a disadvantage too. 

Q5. What are the best pop designs for bedroom 10×12?

Ans. For a 10×12 bedroom, opt for minimalist pop designs with subtle lighting and streamlined geometrical patterns. This maintains a spacious feel while adding a modern, artistic touch.

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