FSI In Mumbai 2022: Calculate FIS in Mumbai Municipal Corporation

FSI is a very common real estate term used very often to describe a property. FSI in Mumbai refers to the ratio between the complete built-up area of a plot and the available plot area. The guidelines for FSI for residential building in Mumbai are determined by the government of the region and follows the National Building Code for the entire process. FSI is also commonly known as Floor Size Ratio or Floor Area Ratio as per the region of usage. 

FSI in Mumbai

Know More About What is FSI in Mumbai?

Know More About What is FSI in Mumbai?
(What is FSI in Mumbai)

In Mumbai, FSI is amended every few years and for property owners in Mumbai, it is absolutely necessary to stay up to date with the latest guidelines and new FSI rules in Mumbai. Floor Space Index Mumbai is a very important parameter for the government to track the development and redevelopment projects in the city. The government needs to track these details as any city has limited space. With such limited space and a growing population, the government keeps track of the FSI value. 
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Factors to Find FSI of Any Land 

The premium FSI rate in Mumbai is decided by the municipal corporation of the city. A few of the major factors that help the municipal corporation in FSI calculation Mumbai are

  1. Size of the property
  2. Type of building (residential flats, commercial buildings, etc.)
  3. Building’s location
  4. Availability of amenities 

FSI Calculator Mumbai: How is FSI Calculated in Mumbai?

FSI Calculator Mumbai: How is FSI Calculated in Mumbai?
FSI in Construction

The FSI value of different properties in Mumbai can be equal if the building size differs visually. Based on the new FSI rules in Mumbai, it can be calculated as:

Floor Space Index = Total area of the building floor/Gross Plot Area

The FSI of a place can differ significantly based on certain factors. Generally, the factors that are considered include parameters like construction exercises, population dynamics, growth models and the nature of the space. Even the type of land can significantly affect FSI value depending on whether it is a residential, agricultural, commercial or industrial plot. 

FSI in Mumbai is considered to be one of the very crucial factors for the city’s development. A low barrier is a real estate limitation as it complicates the process of construction. The real estate industry wants a higher FSI for the lands so that direct benefits can be extended to the estate developer. This will result in the strengthening of the housing sector and more houses can be constructed in the same space, leading to higher sales. A higher FSI also equated to more demand in the area. Currently, the FSI for redevelopment as per redevelopment rules in Mumbai 2022 is 1.10.

How Much FSI is Allowed in Mumbai?

(How Much FSI is allowed in Mumbai)

The Mumbai government follows a transit-oriented development approach. This allows the Mumbai government to keep the maximum FSI in the city at 5.  As per the new FSI rules in Mumbai for redevelopment 2022, Mumbai’s FSI is up to 5. The FSI score of the areas of Mumbai can be categorised as
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Width of the road (in meters)Minimum size of the plot (sq. m.)Maximum FSI in Mumbai Permissible
9 – 12 mBelow 1,0002
12 – 18 m Above 1,0002.5
18 – 24 m Above 2,0003
24 – 30 mAbove 3,0003.5
30 m & above Above 4,0004-5

(Figures for FSI for residential buildings in Mumbai)

FSI for Mumbai suburbs 2022 is set at up to 2.5 for residential buildings. 

What is the Most Significant Benefit of the FSI? 

What is the most significant benefit of the FSI?
(Benefits of the FSI)

The FSI may be regarded as a major real estate limitation but it has many benefits for a progressing city like Mumbai:

  • Managing the ratio between open space to developed space to an optimum level.
  • Managing the city’s ecosystem and space.
  • Measure a project’s stable development
  • Managing the right balance between the supported, planned growth & development is very necessary

The planning authorities of the city aim for a complete redevelopment plan with a move of FSI increase in Mumbai. Currently, the FSI base in Mumbai city is 1.33, which has been increased to 5 for commercial and 3 for residential spaces after the government’s revision. While the FSI for commercial development in Mumbai suburbs has been increased to 5, the FSI for residential spaces remains unchanged at 2.5. The FSI for commercial structures has been linked to the width of the road, which means the wider the road, the more space can be utilized. This is road width FSI Mumbai. 
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FSI in Mumbai is the maximum permissible area allowed by the Municipal Corporation for development. Based on the guidelines set by the government, these parameters keep changing from time to time. The current FSI in Mumbai is set up to 5. It is the same as FSI for redevelopment in Mumbai. With so many developing areas, Mumbai is one of the best and most preferred cities to live in among the new generation. If you are looking for affordable housing options in Mumbai, NoBroker can help you. Get the best property for buying and renting or sell your property through us and save huge with zero brokerage. Comment about any of your real estate requirements and our executive team will be in touch with you shortly. 


Q1. How can I buy FSI in Mumbai?

Ans. Paid FSI in Mumbai is available with the Planning Authority according to the FSI rules in Maharashtra. At present, Mumbai’s paid FSI charges are calculated depending on the ready reckoner rates of a plot. Paid FSI in Mumbai is almost equal to 25-33% value of the project.  
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Q2. What is the FSI for redevelopment in Mumbai?

Ans.  As per the new FSI rules in Maharashtra 2022, FSI for redevelopment in Mumbai is the same as regular FSI, i.e. 1.10

Q3. Are balconies and common spaces included in FSI?

Ans. No, FSI calculation in Mumbai only considers the gross floor area and hence doesn’t include any balconies, exterior spaces, common areas and driveways. 

Q4. What is meant by permissible FSI?

Ans. Permissible FSI refers to the maximum floor area that is officially permitted to be developed. The permissible FSI varies for different properties based on the location. 

Q5. What is the FSI in Mumbai?

Ans. Currently, FSI in Mumbai is set at 1.10.

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