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15 Attractive Outside Color Combinations for Indian Houses


Apr 16, 2020
15 attractive oustide color combination for Indian houses

The exterior colors of a house create first impressions. They reveal your personality and taste without need for words. It becomes quite a tricky job to blend perfect color combinations that will awe the viewer.

In this article, we list 15 interesting exterior paint colors for Indian houses. This will help you in sorting the right colors for your dream home.

1. Yellow, Blue, Cream and Gray—The Right Proportions

Who says too many colors spoil the look? Exterior colors, when used in the right proportions, can do wonders. The above picture will give you ideas for cool colors for the exterior of your house.

The house in the picture uses deep blue, gray, and cream colors, and yellow is strategically painted to lift the mood of the house. When you are using a combination of colors for house exteriors, make sure they are in the right proportion.

yellow blue cream with grey top on reddish orange floor
yellow blue cream with grey top on reddish orange floor

2. Peach and White—Elegant!

The Indian house in the above picture makes a statement of elegance and richness. Peach-and-white color combination for the exterior of the house looks classy. The colors look clean.

Peach used in vast doses is balanced out by the white. The roof of the house complements the exterior colors of the house.

The pale colors of the house accentuated by the green garden and blue swimming pool work right. Homeowners who hesitate to use bold colors for the exteriors of their houses should consider this look.


peach white
peach white colour house

3. White and Indigo—Right Play of Colors

Indian houses reflect uniqueness. The exterior colors of each neighboring house is different. In the above image, white is the dominant color, with indigo touches enhancing the aesthetics of the house. The dashes of brown add depth to the exteriors of the house.

Though white is used extensively in the colors, the right play of indigo doesn’t let our eyes focus on the white. The exterior paintings of the house sit well with the contemporary taste of Indians.


white and indigo
white and indigo colour house

4. Red and Cream—Traditional and Modern

Several Indian houses are awash with red-tile roofings. It exhibits tradition, warmth, and desi vibes. The house in the above shows a twist of traditional and modern. Traditional red tiles with tinted wooden windows and pillars are matched with quintessential cream paintings.

This traditional and contemporary blend of colors in the exterior of the house will appeal to the young and the elderly of the family alike. If you like to paint monochrome colors to your house but don’t want the house to look dull, try the above colors.

red and cream
red and cream colour house

5. Orange and Gray—Impactful

Orange is not commonly used in the exterior house colors. If used many times, the results may be disastrous. But the above picture of an Indian house tells a different story. Despite being doused in orange, the house looks easy on the eyes because of the steel gray accents.

You can paint a bright color in the exterior of your house, but make sure to use a natural color to balance it out.


orange and gray colour house

6. Gray and White—Minimalistic yet Grand

When we say combination of colors for the exterior of a house, we only imagine bright and lurid colors with light colors. But neutral colors alone can make a minimalistic yet exquisite combination for home exteriors. The above house is clad in ash gray with white painted to counter the effect.

The murky look of gray is uplifted by the white color. Together, these exterior colors create a welcoming feel. Without showing off extravagance, the colors reveal the intricate architectural designs of the building.


white and gray colour house
white and gray colour house

7. Yellow and White—Eye-Catching!

White and yellow colors are used in the exteriors of many Indian homes. In the beautiful house in the above image, the perpetual mustard yellow color is broken by white windows and red-shingled roofs to create an eye-catching look.

The dexterous use of white-trimmed windows bordered by grew paint is giving a decent finish to the house. Plus, the red roof is an accessory of the house’s exteriors.


yellow and white colour house
yellow and white colour house

8. Yellow and Cream—An Optimal Combination

Yellow is the most regular color found in the exterior of Indian houses. Whether it is ochre, amber, or mustard, many shades of yellow can be found on Indian houses. If this sounds familiar to you, then the house in the image will give you an idea of how to blend yellow beautifully.

White and cream are colors painted on Indian home exteriors. The combination of white and yellow fits well together. If you feel yellow is too loud, then blend it with white or cream, and it will turn mellow.

yellow and cream colour house
yellow and cream colour house

9. Gray, White, and Orange—Elegant!

The neutral colors gray and white with a dash of orange are used in the exteriors of the above Indian house. The colors look subtle yet impactful. Gray and white contribute to the freshness of the house. The accent falls on orange color, which is added in bits to the exteriors. This house shows that gray can be beautiful when painted wisely.

The designer of the house used neutral colors with one bright color to create the magic. All the colors have an equal share of grandeur. The house looks simple, elegant, and decent.


gray white orange colour house
gray white orange colour house

10. Gray and White—Bold and Decent 

Most of the Indian house exteriors are painted in combinations of white. People choose colors that can offer insulation to the heat of subtropical summers. The model duplex house in the above image is painted in silent white and gray. Small portions of mustard yellow adds boldness to the house.

The windows and doors are aptly painted in rosewood to add vibrancy. White and gray are a decent combination of colors mostly apt for the exteriors of Indian houses.


gray, white on green grass colour house
gray, white on green grass colour house

11. Brown, White, and Red—Cheerful and Vibrant

The exteriors of the Indian house in the above picture use a clever combination of colors. Light-brown makes a decent statement. White color used on the edges and pillars of the house is elegant. Red on the roof and the floor makes the house look cheerful and vibrant.

The paleness of gray is balanced out by the red roof and floor. White is painted strategically to improve the look of the house. The color play and proportions used in the exteriors of this house are a delight. The garden bordering the house is the cherry on top of the cake and completes the overall look of the house.


white, brown and red colour house
white, brown and red colour house

12. Reddish Orange Brick and Gray Wall—Exotic

Brick is the main factor found in most Indian houses. The above house looks exotic. Reddish orange color of the bricks does all the talking. Gray is used as an accent color for the exterior painting of the house. You can pair brick colors with other nude colors too, and this color combination can never go wrong.

The exterior brick wall looks exquisite. The grills and the glass windows are simply amplifying the house look. If you have ever been to an affluent Indian neighborhood, you will encounter at least one house with this design.


reddish, orange and gray colour house
reddish, orange and gray colour house

13. Golden Brown, White, and Gray—Effortless

Many Indians prefer one-tone painting to the exteriors of their houses. To this end, the house in the above image gives oodles of inspiration. White paint is used as a dominant color. Golden brown is contoured to the architectural shapes of the house. Gray paint is used as a highlighter in the outdoors of this house.

All the three colors—white, golden brown, and gray—justify the structure and design of the house effortlessly. The green plants and the garden beside the house accessorize the house, adding the nature element to it.


golden brown white gray colour house
golden brown white gray colour house

14. Creamy White and Red—Regal Bearing

The exterior of the house in the above picture is a beautiful blend of creamy white and gray. The golden and yellow windows are doing all the talkings. Highlight is the red rooftops that sit perfectly and stand out from the bland exterior colors.

This house reflects royalty, power, and charm achieved through minimal colors. People who love simplicity yet want their house to be a highlight should consider the above example.


creamy white colour house
creamy white colour house

15. Dark Brown, White, and Light Brown Orange—Green Vibes

The exterior paintings of this house set a perfect tone for nature lovers who love to blend their house with the surroundings. It is revealing a sophisticated statement. Exterior colors are interestingly paired. While dark brown remains the main color, accompanied by dark brown orange, the white color is adding sheer vibrance to the entire house.

This house creates green vibes, which matches with the greenery surrounding it. White is truly illuminating the house, and the dark brown orange is accessorizing it. Overall, the house is exemplifying the natural beauty of typical well-off Indian houses.

dark brown and light brown orange colour house
dark brown and light brown orange colour house


The houses in India are diverse, unlike in other countries where houses are mass produced and therefore have some uniformity. Bricks—white, brown, and yellow—are commonly found in Indian houses. However, it is the combination of exterior colors that defines each house and differentiates it from the rest.

The above is a list of outside color combinations for Indian houses, and we hope you found one that speaks your taste. You can visit NoBroker Interiors or NoBroker for more deals and save thousands on brokerage.


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