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Best Home Painters in Mumbai

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House Painting Services in Mumbai
A professional painter in Mumbai is a responsible tradesman for painting services in Mumbai and decorating buildings, they are also known as a decorator or house painter in Mumbai. Job responsibilities of professional painters in Mumbai include -removing old paint, priming surfaces, choosing painting materials, selecting and mixing colours, suggesting the most adequate technology to you. Work does not stop there, after completing the house painting, cleaning up the job sites is also their responsibility. In Mumbai, city life is tough, and each home wants the best, the demand for skilled labour with technical qualification has increased. Thus, whenever any middle-class home or for that matter even a big commercial, or high-class house in Mumbai needs painting services, there is a need for a professional painters in Mumbai who can carry out the job while Mumbaikars can relax. Besides, not everyone is aware about house painting services in Mumbai and its new techniques, hence hiring professional painters in Mumbai for the perfect makeover of your house is a good idea.
NoBroker Professional Painters in Mumbai
NoBroker professional painters in Mumbai work differently from others as they provide complete solutions from planning to execution. The house painters in Mumbai are trained professionals; they provide you mess-free and hassle-free painting services in Mumbai with economical options to select from. NoBroker painter in Mumbai provide on-time completion of work with the help of mechanized equipment along with a seal of assurance. The benefits and advantages of a professional painter in Mumbai are many but what is important to you to find an expert painter who can give you a one-stop solution as per your requirements. You can share your expectations in terms of quality, budget and guarantee of the work. Moreover, you can be assured that once they take the work, they ensure complete dedication in completing the assignment. The most important benefit for a working couple or family is that the whole process will be mess-free. There is no requirement to go to a paint shop, looking for house painters in Mumbai in the market or investing time in supervising. The house painters in Mumbai do everything for you. Many house owners have invested surplus money in property or flats other than their own house. Most of these flats are rented out. Painting is done in these rented apartments as a quick makeover and renovation after one tenant moves out. Such work is referred to as rental painting. This prepares the house for new tenants to move in quickly. This typically includes filling up minor cracks in the wall, scrubbing the house using sandpaper and applying 2 to 3 coats of paint where required as per the condition of the wall. In Mumbai, this is extremely widespread as most of the people invest in homes to be given on rent as an extra source of income. Rental Painting in Mumbai helps in giving a fresh look to the house. Considering the expansion of Navi Mumbai there are multiple new homes and/or buildings that need to be painted. This type of painting starts generally once all the plumbing and electrical work is complete. During this time the painters have full access to walls, ceilings, kitchen and bathrooms.
Types of House Painting Services in Mumbai required
Painting can be categorised in 2 parts - In-house painting is a five-step process. To begin with, you need to clean the walls and ceiling. Post that you need to apply a primer coat. Once the primer is dry, apply wall putty twice. Finally, apply the coat of paint chosen and then another coat to give it a rich and thick feel. The exterior painting process for a new house or building is a 3-step process. The painters apply primer first then once it is dry, apply the first coat of paint and then a second coat to finalize it. Exterior painting of any commercial or industrial building requires concrete planning. You must consider the business cycle and choose a time when there is minimum disruption to commercial and business activity. The important thing to take care of at the time of painting any commercial building is colour. The choice of colour should complement the brand and enhance it. Any colour shade that goes well with the business brand is a great choice. After initial painting and occupation of the house there is need of repainting later. Most experts suggest that walls of the houses need to be painted every 4 to 5 years. This depends on multiple factors such as climate or weather and the location where you stay. If there are any floods or any other natural disaster, the houses need to be rebuilt and repainting is also a necessity. Considering the pollution and humid weather in Mumbai, it becomes even more imperative to re-paint often. The simple steps in repainting are to wash the walls with water to clean all the dust. The washing needs to be done twice to ensure every corner is clean, and then let it dry for a day. Then comes the coating of primer on the entire wall and ceiling, especially the damaged areas, fill it to make it smooth. If there is colour change then the old paint needs to be scrapped off completely which might take time. Any painting work with equipment like rollers, sprays and pole brushes will help the painters finish the work on time and ensures a perfect finish.
Cost of Painting Services in Mumbai
In Mumbai an average 2 BHK flat has a built-up area of 1000 square feet, the average price for per square feet for painting in Mumbai is around INR 3500 to INR 4000 per square feet. This means the overall Painting Services cost in Mumbai will be around INR 40000 to INR 45000 for the entire flat. The cost may vary depending upon the type of finish required such as lustre or matte. The cost to paint might increase you request for special designs on the walls or ceiling. The colour of paint keeps changing with the trends in society and new colours keep coming in the market. However, professional painters in Mumbai will suggest the best options based on furniture in the house and various other factors in your house like natural light etc. The choice of colour depends on the person and the vision of the person what he or she wants to see on completion. Try NoBroker painters in Mumbai today and transform your house with ease, at very competitive rates and with ZERO hassle.


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