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How painting service works in Bangalore
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Measure & Estimate
Get accurate quotes with laser measurements
Project Initiation
Guaranteed on time project initiation and completion
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Post paint cleanup and quality check
What painting service includes
1. House Inspection with expert consultation.
2. They will do an in depth assessment of the wall condition and measure the exact paintable area with a laser measurement device.
3. One time project completion with dedicated manager.
4. Top quality paints & experienced and trained partners.
5. One year service warranty
Home Painting in Hyderabad
Festive Painting
The season of festivals is the bringer of new beginnings and also a fresh coat of paint to enhance your home’s beauty before the celebrations begin
Why should you go for NoBroker Festive Painting services:
1. Restore your home’s brand new look for the festive season
2. Make the home ready for the wedding season
3. Amplify your home’s interior decor
4. Increase your property’s value
Exterior house painting
The season of festivals is the bringer of new beginnings and also a fresh coat of paint to enhance your home’s beauty before the celebrations begin
Why should you go for NoBroker Exterior House Painting services:
1. Protect your house from harsh weather elements
2. Prevent and repair cracks from forming on your walls
3. Amplify your home’s interior decor
4. Increase your property’s value
Interior house painting
Refreshing your home’s paint and interior decor is important from time to time to make them more visually appealing and extend its lifespan.
Why should you go for NoBroker Interior House Painting services:
1. Give your walls a fresh breath of life at least every two years
2. Make your tenant’s move into your new property a pleasant one
3. Fix any existing cracks and damage forming on your walls
4. Ensure the house is move-in ready for new tenants
5. Increase your property’s value
One Wall Painting
Need a quick paint job for one or two walls only? Transform their beauty with our One Wall painting services without breaking the bank
Why should you go for NoBroker One wall Painting services:
1. Fix scribblings and stains over a new or old wall paint
2. Repair any minor damages on a single wall
3. Ensure a smooth move-in or move-out for tenants
4. Refresh your wall’s look within a low budget
5. Enhance your home’s existing interior décor
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Free Cancellation
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1. Use of top quality, specialised & safe chemicals
2. Use of Mechanised and Professional Equipment
3. Experienced, Trained and Background Verified Partners

Best Home Painting Services in Hyderabad

(At NoBroker Painting, we do our best in bringing your vision into reality)

We are not here to show you the best we can do. We are here to listen to and understand your vision for your dream home and help you realise it to the best of our efforts.

Interior Home Painting Hyderabad

(With NoBroker’s professional painting service, you are choosing quality and durability)

Painting your interiors so that it achieves long-lasting results is indeed necessary. You have a job well done with NoBroker’s interior house paint services. Not to mention, beautiful and durable. Interior wall painters in Hyderabad from NoBroker are here to provide you your money’s worth while also meeting all the quality standards. On-time project completion, devoted project management, and laser-accurate measurements are just some of the benefits you'll receive from working with our professional house painters in Hyderabad. Our expert team of professional painters in Hyderabad have all the necessary tools and expertise to create a stunning effect that will last you years. We offer one of the best wall painting services in Hyderabad possessing a vast experience in painting all types of home including budget and high end painting and beautifying. Every surface in your home or office is carefully protected by our staff and we clean up each day after work. Once you choose NoBroker painting contactors in Hyderabad, you can expect efficient painting services with the least amount of disruption possible.

Exterior House Painting Service

(In most cases, outdoor house painting is an essential maintenance task you need to repeat every few years)

While it’s no doubt an essential maintenance task, painting the exterior of your home may be difficult, time-consuming, and messy. That is why hiring a competent outside painting company to have the job done quickly and safely is always recommended. There are several exterior home painters in Hyderabad but for exterior home painting, NoBroker is the best choice because we offer a long-lasting finish, as well as advice on which paints to use and how to prepare the surface. We will make sure to pick the best timing to paint your house so that we don't overrun your budget or schedule expectations.The NoBroker home painting services in Hyderabad have so much more than just a few decades work expertise painting wood siding, wood trims, stucco, vinyl, shingles, or aluminium siding; exterior windows and doors; external brick; porches and decks; and brick on the exterior of the property. We go to considerable efforts to ensure that these services are completed on time and at the highest possible quality.

Wall Texture Painting Services

(With NoBroker, even a boring white wall can come to life with cool, designer textures)

How your walls look is simply the beginning. It extends further to the way your home feels overall as well. Using textured wall finishes can bring your walls to life. Textured walls simply give your home space or business area a distinctive look. Wall textures are very much in demand now since they are an easy way to give your walls an instant facelift and make them appear amazing. With NoBroker’s Wall Texture Design Service in Hyderabad you can be rest assured that you are appointing an expert who knows exactly what they are doing! Most importantly, you get someone who you can trust since they have years of custom painting experience. As a result, for a long time we have been the best house painters in Hyderabad at an efficient cost.

Designs for Stencilling a Wall

(Whether you are opting for a whole wall mural or a statement design, wall stencil designs make your space stand out)

Whether you are looking for the ultimate comfort in your walls or seeking to stand out in a crowd, Some of the wall stencil patterns available from NoBroker's house painting services in Hyderabad include some eye-catching floral motifs. Every stencil for painting is precisely crafted to elevate the bar for living, with great attention to detail and exceptional artwork. At NoBroker, we strive to provide you with an affordable, one-of-a-kind blend of colours and patterns. Why invest in designer wallpapers when you can get it at a fraction of the cost with stencils. Colours and patterns of stencils are used to personalise your DIY stencil patterns. Such creations will lend your home a distinctive look and give the space a character to top it off!

Spray Painting Services

(If you are bold enough, you can experiment with unique abstract wall murals with NoBroker’s spray painting service)

Professional spray painting of your indoor and outdoor is another possibility. Paints like these will likely get all over the place and are therefore better suited for outside tasks. If you need the job done quickly and professionally, this is the best option. When spray painting, the only things that you need to be concerned about are overspraying and wasting paint. When this happens, you'll need the help of a specialist.

You can achieve an even finer finish within small interior spaces, courtesy NoBroker's professional spray painting services. For tiny trims, staircases, fences, and other small elements, they're a great choice.

Festive Season Painting Services

(NoBroker painting professionals will always perform a colour consultation with you to come up with the best colour schemes for your interiors)

This holiday season choose NoBroker's express painting service to brighten up your home. Cleaning, painting, and beautifying the house are all part of the holiday ritual. Nevertheless, the recent epidemic has changed a lot of how we celebrate holidays.If you are feeling apprehensive about hiring a professional painter to come to your house and paint it, then you are not alone. But what if we tell you that you can have your house painted without having to worry about the safety of your family? Isn't that a great deal?

Using NoBroker, you may decorate your walls in a festive manner without endangering the health of others.

Rental Painting Services That Fit Your Budget

(NoBroker offers normal painting services for rental accommodations at affordable prices)

When a renter vacates a rental accommodation, the walls are painted with a very simple plastic paint- a brand new concept in the world of painting. With rental homes, usually all the walls have the same colour scheme throughout, with one or two coats of paint applied to each wall. That is why the rental house painting costs in Hyderabad and they may be completed within one or two days.

As per our standard procedure, we touch up minor cracks, pilling off areas, etc. with a touch of Putty. Then use sandpaper to sand the entire house's wall surface. One or two coats of paint application may be necessary depending on the wall conditions. Once the project is completed our house painters clean the entire house from top to bottom.

Why Choose NoBroker Over Local House painters in Hyderabad?

(NoBroker has a cooperative and empathetic approach to customer services which has resulted in thousands of repeat customers)

Our primary goal is to ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied with the service we deliver. Value your home a lot? Then consider painting your house with one of our dust-free, eco-friendly paints. These paints won’t bother your eyes and are perfectly safe to use around children and pets. As they work, our highly skilled house painting contractors will keep your home spotless and odour-free.

Whether you are looking to hire painters for indoor or outdoor house painting, all our house paint services in Hyderabad are reliable and come with exceptional quality. We ensure smooth painting services that will keep your house free of any stains and will spare no effort to provide our customers with perfect outcomes. After each working day, a cleaning initiative is conducted to remove any paint splatters or other debris from your floors. We'll take care of the rest while you sit back and relax. Choose our experienced house painters in Hyderabad and receive the most value for money service

Painting your house is a good way to express who you are and our skilled Wall Painting Contractors can help it bring to life with the help of high-end equipment and cutting-edge methods.

What Sets NoBroker Apart From Other Professional House Painters

(NoBroker professional painters work in every way to make your house painting process an enjoyable one)

NoBroker Rapid Painting Experts has loads of satisfied customers who will vouch for our quick and on-time project completion and quality.

1. Colour Consultation on the Spot

You can consult with a professional colour consultant regarding how to use the best colour combinations that can bring your interiors to life. And all this, just at a nominal fee of Rs 49. However, remember we do not make cost estimations at this stage.

2. Paints That Are Good for Your Health

We, at NoBroker, are committed to maintaining the safety of our clients as well as the environment. That is why we recommend that to maintain a healthy house and earth, choose goods with low volatile organic compound (VOC) levels and government approval.

3. Sanitation of the Worksite

Once the project is completed, we always perform a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the area that was painted as well as any surfaces that were used regularly.

4. Painters With Valid Safety Certifications

When you pick us, you may have peace of mind knowing that our painters put safety as the first priority before anything else.

5. Certified experts in their fields

You can be rest assured about the quality since our painters have years of training and experience in the required field. They totally know how to apply paints and maneuver them to achieve the desired effect.

6. Automated Instruments

We make use of state-of-the-art sophisticated equipment to produce quicker, more sanitary and aesthetic results.

7. Accuracy In Quotation

There are no hidden costs! No matter how large or little the painting project is, we will always provide you with an exact estimate of the costs involved. Our latest laser technology helps us to guarantee exact pricing.

8. Lowest Price Guaranteed

Now you can take advantage of our low prices, free cancellation, and flexible rescheduling options whenever you hire our expert residential and commercial painting contractors in order to paint the exterior or interior of your home or office.

9. In-Home Furnishings & Floor Covering

Don't be worried about your valuables. All of them are covered by us to prevent damage from dust, paint spills, and other hazards.

10. Customised Interior and Exterior Paint for Your Home

We, at NoBroker, are committed to give you the house of your dreams. We can transform your walls into a work of art by simply adopting a unique colour scheme. It is fast, safe and completely reliable.

11. A highly rated waterproofing service

Areas that get too much exposure to moisture and dampness like bathroom walls, patios and balconies need to be protected from cracks and fungus. Even a small crack or leakage or uneven temperature can affect the entire home. Waterproofing your home helps you resolve these things in a fast and efficient manner. Customised waterproofing services in Hyderabad are available through

12. One-Year Limited Warranty

We provide a full year warranty on the quality of our painting work, however this may or may not cover the cost of materials and supplies.

What Colours do we use?

(You can experiment with various types of finish even if your room has a single colour scheme)

When it comes to the quality of paints used and the appearance of the walls, we don’t believe in cutting corners. A lot of paints emit VOCs that can trigger a wide range of short-term health issues, including headaches, dizziness, and a runny nose and itchy eyes, when inhaled in high concentrations. With NoBroker's professional house painters, you can be rest assured about the safety of your family since we exclusively use government-certified, widely regarded house paint with lower VOC levels because some VOCs may also cause nervous system and organ harm.

It is more important to do a paint selection than a colour selection for a house because it enhances the durability and attractiveness of your desired paint job. You have to choose appropriate paint types, colours as well as pricing before embarking on a painting project. In fact these are some of the most important decisions you need to make. We, at NoBroker, work with only the best in the field who will guide you through the colour selection process i.e what type of colour to choose based on the type of surface and local weather. With more than 22,000 colour options, you have loads to choose from!

Using high-quality paints infuses a breath of freshness into your interiors and lets them speak for themselves. Wow your guests with innovative and stylish walls at every nook and corner of the house

There is a paint for every room

(NoBroker professional painters will be able to suggest innovative ideas to personalise your space in the best possible way)

Different parts of the house serve different purposes and therefore the habitat, lighting as well as the aesthetic you wish for each one of them might be different. Needless to say, it also necessitates various paint types and colour schemes. So, whether you're painting a single room or a large number of rooms, you may customise the paint types and glosses to suit your needs.

1. Best Indoor Painting Idea For Master Bedroom

Bedrooms are a low traffic area so almost any type of colour works. Flat or matte paint can be used in these areas because they tend to be more forgiving in terms of effect. Nowadays however, more and more homeowners are leaning towards the satin or eggshell finish paints.

2. Best Type Of Paint For Kids Bedroom

Kids are not the type to stay put and their activity bursts might lead to the walls getting exposed to heavy wear and tear. That’s why a satin or eggshell finish is a good choice since they are stain resistant finishes and can easily cover any paint defects or irregularities. Added bonus- they are pretty low maintenance also.

3. Best Kitchen Wall Painting Idea

Flat/ matte paints are a big no-no in the kitchen since it might be difficult to wipe down. Instead, choose from the general category of interior wall paints. Although satin or eggshell sheens are common, if you are specifically concerned about the amount of maintenance required, we recommend going with a semi-gloss sheen for their kitchen cabinets instead.

4. The Best Paint for the Living Room

You don't need to go overboard when it comes to painting your living room or bedroom. Flat or eggshell finishes are pretty common unless you have little children. They are more likely to use the walls as their personal doodle canvas. Since you need to wipe off the living room walls frequently, it’s better to go with a resistant satin finish. Also, mix n match with two or more paints even for a single room.

5. The Best Bathroom Indoor Wall Paint Colours

Bathroom walls are more exposed to dampness and moisture. Therefore paints with tighter molecular structure like glossy paints are a great choice. They are easy to clean and are pretty low maintenance.

6. The Best Ceiling Paint

For ceilings, the most common colour is various shades of white. But there's a valid explanation for this practice. The bulk of the room's ambient light is reflected by lighter colours which in turn lends an illusion of a larger space. Ceiling flaws can be easily disguised with flat paint. Also, flat/matte paints gives your space an airy feel and prevents the room from a claustrophobic effect.

How does it operate?

(As a first step, interested customers need to fill out an application form post which our representative will reach out to you)

1. Reserve a meeting

Fill out the form online and provide the necessary details. Next, one of our customer service executives will call to arrange an appointment with NoBroker Home Painting Service.

2. Consultation For painting site and products to be used

A representative of the NoBroker Residential Painting Service will contact you shortly. The colleague will conduct a product and area consultation and assist you with any questions or concerns you may have.

3. Choosing the right shade

NoBroker provides you with the option to choose from a selection of some of the most stunning yet environmentally safe painting colours. A seasoned house painter will assist you in deciding on the colours.

4. The first day of work

Once the colour selection is done, the flooring and furniture is covered with polythene or plastic sheets. There is also additional disinfection done on the site before there is a turnover of the property.

5. Execution on the Ground site

Be rest assured that we will carry out painting services in a timely fashion all the while maintaining the highest possible standard thanks to a well planned project management framework and efficient execution procedure.

6. Venue Handover To The Customer

After the painting has been completed, a post-painting clean up and home disinfection will be done. Our representatives will also give you a tour of the property and explain how to properly care for your walls.

Frequenty asked questions

What are the advantages of hiring professional house painters to do the job?
  • Improved health and safety.
  • Certified experts in their field.
  • Consultation on colour schemes.
  • Quotes that reflect the truth.
  • On-site monitoring on a regular basis.
  • Devices that automate the painting process.
  • The rooms furnishings and the floor covering.
  • Items that are kind to the environment
  • Sanitation and cleanup of the area once painting has been completed.
How long does it take to complete house paint services in Hyderabad?
  • For 1BHK- 2 to 4 days
  • For 2 BHK apartment: 4 to 6-Days.
  • For 3BHK: 6-8 days
  • For 4 BHK- 8 to 10 days
Is NoBroker's painting services the right choice for Hyderabad residents?

NoBroker painting services follow a slew of safety standards on the job site which infuses confidence in our customers. We believe that a significant contributor to the development of consumer confidence is the adherence of NoBroker painting contractors to all applicable safety regulations on the job site.

  • Usage of masks whenever necessary
  • The good old Namaste, not handshakes!
  • Our team will always carry hand sanitizer/soap/tissue paper at all times.
  • Daily monitoring of each team member’s performance
  • Always maintaining a distance of 3ft.
  • Proper bathroom sanitation is followed
  • All high traffic contact zones are cleaned daily
  • All high traffic contact zones are cleaned daily
  • In a bid to limit paper use, we prefer sharing and preserving data digitally whenever possibly.
  • What factors should I consider when looking for a good Home Painter in Hyderabad?

    We recommend hiring a painter with experience and skill in the required area. Good customer service experience will also make your painting project a walk in the park. Also look for guarantees for the service provided and pay special attention to ensure that the staff are well-trained and in perfect health. No prize for guessing that the lowest priced contactor is definitely not the one! You can scroll through various social media handles, look for trustworthy referrals and get help from your peers. Check online reviews from satisfied customers. Also, never shy away from asking for a cost estimate.

    How costly is it to paint an entire house?

    We cover all aspects of the painting process. Right from the paints and tools used to the workforce and the pricing estimate. With the help of state-of-the-art laser service , we will be able to give you an exact estimate of the service you are looking for.