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How painting service works in Bangalore
Book Home Inspection
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Measure & Estimate
Get accurate quotes with laser measurements
Project Initiation
Guaranteed on time project initiation and completion
Cleaning & Quality Check
Post paint cleanup and quality check
What painting service includes
1. House Inspection with expert consultation.
2. They will do an in depth assessment of the wall condition and measure the exact paintable area with a laser measurement device.
3. One time project completion with dedicated manager.
4. Top quality paints & experienced and trained partners.
5. One year service warranty
Home Painting in Bangalore
Festive Painting
The season of festivals is the bringer of new beginnings and also a fresh coat of paint to enhance your home’s beauty before the celebrations begin
Why should you go for NoBroker Festive Painting services:
1. Restore your home’s brand new look for the festive season
2. Make the home ready for the wedding season
3. Amplify your home’s interior decor
4. Increase your property’s value
Exterior house painting
The season of festivals is the bringer of new beginnings and also a fresh coat of paint to enhance your home’s beauty before the celebrations begin
Why should you go for NoBroker Exterior House Painting services:
1. Protect your house from harsh weather elements
2. Prevent and repair cracks from forming on your walls
3. Amplify your home’s interior decor
4. Increase your property’s value
Interior house painting
Refreshing your home’s paint and interior decor is important from time to time to make them more visually appealing and extend its lifespan.
Why should you go for NoBroker Interior House Painting services:
1. Give your walls a fresh breath of life at least every two years
2. Make your tenant’s move into your new property a pleasant one
3. Fix any existing cracks and damage forming on your walls
4. Ensure the house is move-in ready for new tenants
5. Increase your property’s value
One Wall Painting
Need a quick paint job for one or two walls only? Transform their beauty with our One Wall painting services without breaking the bank
Why should you go for NoBroker One wall Painting services:
1. Fix scribblings and stains over a new or old wall paint
2. Repair any minor damages on a single wall
3. Ensure a smooth move-in or move-out for tenants
4. Refresh your wall’s look within a low budget
5. Enhance your home’s existing interior décor
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1. Use of top quality, specialised & safe chemicals
2. Use of Mechanised and Professional Equipment
3. Experienced, Trained and Background Verified Partners

Best Home Painting Services in Bangalore

Bangalore - Do not downplay paints ability to make a difference. When the painting work on the inside and outside of a property is conducted seamlessly, the home transforms into a lovely domicile. House painting serves as one of the greatest and fundamental components of design. However, a sizable number of property owners and tenants of rental properties frequently experience feelings of anxiety and overwhelm regarding the entirety of the process, beginning with the task of locating room painters for the home who can be trusted with the task of purchasing high-quality materials. The citizens of Bangalore (Bengaluru) are in luck since the NoBroker platform has made it simpler than ever to schedule consultations with industry professionals and paint their homes without any trouble.

Frequenty asked questions

How long does it take to paint a typical 2BHK apartment in Bangalore?
The time required for painting depends on the complexity and size of the project. On average, a 2BHK apartment may take approximately 5-7 days.
What is the recommended paint type for painting home interiors?
For most interior walls, water-based paints like acrylic or latex are commonly recommended. These types of paints are popular choices for residential spaces due to their ease of use, low odour, and quick-drying properties.
Can I choose eco-friendly paints for my home painting project?
Yes, we offer eco-friendly paint options for customers who prioritize environmentally-friendly choices.
What other expenses should I take into account when painting my house?
Aside from the costs of paint and labour, there are additional factors to consider, including charges for primer application, wall surface preparation, and furniture relocation. If you decide to incorporate specialized finishes, textures, or stencils, these will also contribute to the overall home painting cost in Bangalore.
Are there any additional charges for surface preparation and repairs?
Surface preparation and minor repairs may incur additional charges, but we ensure transparency in our pricing and discuss all costs upfront.