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Best Home Plumbing Services in Bangalore

Bangalore, the garden city requires ample water to maintain its gardens throughout the year. Water is required not just for maintaining gardens but also for commercial, industrial and personal use. In making water available to everyone, 2 types of infrastructure in piping or plumbing are required.
  • Bringing water in for usage - This system is created for you to get water worth usage for various activities in the daily chores of life
  • Removing the waste out of the surrounding – This system is equally important in removing extra or wastes out of your homes to ensure you have a safe and clean environment to live in
Be it Bangalore or any city in the world, this fundamental need doesn’t change at all. When any of these systems fail or have issues, plumbers come to the rescue. It is their domain of expertise and in a city like Bangalore, there are plenty of plumbers here to help. NoBroker is a trusted way that you can source the right plumber for your requirement. These professionals are trained and have enough experience in this field to ensure that you get the right service. Some offer a 30 day after work service guarantee too. This is done to gain your confidence and ensures that the issue does not re-occur.

Frequenty asked questions

Importance of plumbing
Plumbing involves the usage of various materials. With technology moving to great heights it has impacted the way plumbing material is used. Now you have fancy pipes that augment the look and feel of the construction. Plumbers have multiple choices to select from - copper, galvanized steel, plastic pipes and many more. Even the tap fittings available in the market have plenty of variety, too many options also create stress and confusion. Professional plumbers are very handful here and help you make the right choices that will match your budget and look elegant in your home. Their advice should not be overlooked as they are veterans and suggest the best.
The cost of hiring a plumber
The cost of hiring a plumber varies from city to city and is based on the extent of work to be completed. A general visit by a plumber in Bangalore will cost you around 150 INR to 350 INR. The labor cost is over and above the visit cost and you may end up paying a minimum of 250 INR to 500 INR for getting a tap fixed at home! Hiring professional plumbers will give you an option to look at their rate sheets for the kind of work you need to be fixed. Building contractors usually give contracts for their entire infrastructure just to one or 2 plumbers and ensure that the entire design is managed by them. They also offer further support post-construction in case of any issues identified. This gives them continual business for the services they offer.
What does a plumber do?
There are multiple categories of services that plumbers offer and are broadly classified in 2 categories - Repairs & fixes and Installation services. Let’s look at each of them briefly Installation Services – These services are generally offered or called for in a new construction or when an additional element is required in an existing system due to various reasons. In new construction, the work of a professional plumber begins while the property is been built and this helps in concealing all pipes within the walls of the building. This gives the building or house a clean look. On the other hand, if any additional piping or fitting has to be added in a house will require good amount of hard work. This will call for making holes in the wall, the pipes being evident on the outside, fixing and connecting to multiple pipes for both inlet and outlet. Repairs & fixes – These services include fixing water leakages for the inlet water source and drainage or sewage systems. In this service, the plumber will help with tap or pipe fitting or changing an existing water system. It's always advisable to call professionals the moment you identify a fault in your plumbing systems. As the saying goes “A stitch in time saves nine”. Water is precious, and you can’t waste it hence the inlet systems must be fixed immediately to avoid wastage. Any issues with the outlet or drainage systems must be fixed on higher priority. This causes unhygienic conditions for survival and can also give place for mosquitoes to breed that leads to dengue and other problems. While you get professional help from the plumbers there are few things that you should be doing so that you don’t increase the damage to your water/drainage systems such as –
  • You must ensure that the main water supply is cut off immediately on identifying that there is water leakage.
  • Avoid throwing waste into drainage pipes.
  • Occasionally clean the water tanks
  • Pour drainage acid into water outlet pipes to keep it from getting clogged
These tips can be used in Bangalore or any city in the world to ensure that the drainage systems have a long life and require low maintenance. Some of these suggestions would be given by professional plumbers who visit your home. They too work to ensure your life is peaceful and you dwell in a healthy and trouble-free environment. Professional plumbers need not be told what repair is required, they can figure out the extent of the issue based on their inspection. Quality is never compromised and is always above the average standards you find elsewhere. NoBroker helps you connect with trusted and reliable plumbers in Bangalore. You can check their reviews and then make a choice based on your needs. While professionals complete their work with absolute precision, they also value your time and money. You would always see them giving you multiple options before they begin their work and leave the ball in your court to decide. Hence professionals are always preferred, as the business is not their focus, but customer satisfaction their primary focus.