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House plumbing service - Gurgaon
Want to Save your Water Bill? 3 Leaks to Fix NOW
Water leaks are hard to detect. You do not know whether it is just a loose tap or a result of someone’s carelessness. However, both of these instances can lead to financial loss in the long run. These are relatively minor leaks when looked at from the lens of an experienced plumber; however, they need to be fixed to save water and money. The question is, how to distinguish between a leak and carelessness? Below are the tricks to determine when you need to call a professional plumber:
  • Leaky Toilet: A number of houses in Gurgaon are switching from the traditional tap and mug system in a toilet to flush and jet spray. However, a loose rubber valve in the pipe can lead to a leak. What can you do? Take a few drops or a pinch of food colour, add it to your tank, and leave it for 30 minutes. If you find the colour on the toilet bowl, you need to call a professional plumber to fix it.
  • Leaking Faucet: This is a common problem in a majority of the house, but is equally hard to notice, as the water directly flows into the sink. What can you do? Attach a small plastic bag on the head of the tap. Make sure that the plastic bag isn’t leaky. Leave it as is for 30 minutes. If you find the bag half or fully filled with water, you need to type, “Professional plumbers near me in Gurgaon”.
  • Leaking Showerhead: Fault in the pipe stem can lead to the leaky showerhead and can often leave the floor wet. What can you do? Similar to leaking faucet, use a small plastic bag and tie it around the showerhead. Leave for 30 minutes. Again, if the bag is filled with water, even to a quarter of it, you need to hire a professional plumber. As these are basic tasks, there is this misconception floating around the tasks that plumbers undertake. They are perceived as people who fix sinks and toilet. However, their task list extends to ensuring that your home is fully protected from plumbing-prone incidences such as pipe bursting in winters or kitchen flood. Winters in Gurgaon are severe and pipe-bursting incidences are frequent and so most of the households have the number of a plumber on speed dial. However, the charges of your local plumber can vary on how urgent your plumbing needs are. Besides this, there are instances such as sink clogging, wherein you should do away with your DIY plumbing skills and let a professional do the needful.
Why Do you Need to Hire a Professional Plumber?
Thanks to YouTube, a lot of plumbing problems are now fixed at home. However, a serious plumbing issue can lead to mold and can turn tough on your pockets. Below are some of the advantages you receive when you call for a professional plumber:
  • They have Latest Equipment to Detect and Treat the Cause of the Problem: Professional plumber and especially the ones in collaboration with the reputed companies such as NoBroker are well-equipped with the latest tools and equipment, which makes it easier for them to diagnosis and repair in a time-efficient manner.
  • They can Solve Multiple Problems in One Go: In most cases, a faulty faucet can be because of multiple reasons, which need a professional to detect all of them to fix them. If you approach such a problem using your expertise, it could sometimes lead to more damage and can cost a fortune.
  • They can Cater to Emergencies and Fix them Permanently: Professional plumbers can cater to your plumbing needs better than your patchy fixing. Also, to avoid getting frequent floods in your kitchen and bathroom, you need a professional to approach the problem at a grassroots level.
What are the Key Services Offered by Professional Plumbers?
A professional plumber can cater to multiple services ranging from fixing a faucet to taking care of the entire house’s plumbing. Below are the key services offered by professional plumbers:
  • Repairs and Fixes: Professional plumbers offer repairs and fixes for clogged sinks, faulty taps, etc.
  • Water Leakages: Expert plumbers can fix bursting of pipes, leaky taps, pipes, drainage systems, showerhead, tanks, etc.
  • Pipe/Tap Fitting: Plumbers can connect a hose to a tap, install a pipe and a faucet, replace a tap and a pipe, etc.
  • Installation Services: If you are moving to a new building, you can seek help from expert plumbers who can undertake the installation of the water tank and taps in all your bathrooms, toilets, and kitchen.
Cost of Hiring Professional Plumbers in Gurgaon
If you are wondering what is the price of a professional plumber in Gurgaon, it could range somewhere between ₹ 5,000 to ₹10,000 for the complete installation service. This service includes fixing of washbasins, faucets, showerheads, valves, taps, solar heater valve, shower enclosures fittings, racks, towel rods, and flush tanks. The range can be a bit lower or higher, depending upon the materials used and labour charges. While there are chances to get deceived by local plumbers, who use cheap materials and charge for high-quality ones. It is, therefore, recommended that you avail plumbing services from trusted plumbing professionals from leading service providers such as NoBroker, who offer value for the price. With NoBroker, you get quality services. All you need to do is follow three simple steps:
  • Select the service that best describes your plumbing requirements
  • Choose a suitable time for the service
  • Avail emergency services to prevent flood-like kitchen/bathroom situations
Our trusted plumbers in Gurgaon will come well-armed with the latest set of plumbing tools to serve you and keep the leakage issues at bay for the long-term. What’s more? You get NoBroker verified professionals, so you don’t have to worry about your safety and security. Also, NoBroker covers the damage (if any) done by a plumber to your home during his service hours.


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