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Frequenty asked questions

Tell Me The Price Range Of All The AC Services In Gurgaon By Nobroker.
The price for all the AC services ranges from ₹349 to ₹1999. It depends on what kind of service you are asking for and what type of AC it is. The experience of our technician and different malfunctions in your AC can also decide the price. But there are many exciting offers and discount deals available throughout the year.
What Are Some Of The Other Services That Nobroker Gives Except AC Repair Services In Gurgaon?
There are many other services apart from AC Services. They are, repairing and cleaning your home, painting services and carpentry, property management and rental services, commercial services, and packers and movers services. Do not forget to experience them too.
What Is The Procedure Followed By Nobroker To Replace The Filter Of The AC In AC Filter Replacement Service In Gurgaon?

The Procedure that NoBroker follows is:

  • We first select the most ideal filter size that will fit in your AC.
  • Then we choose the MERV from the range of 1 to 20.
  • Then we odd one out the best filter suitable for the AC.
  • Then install it finally.
Do I Need To Be AC Size Specific For AC Servicing In Gurgaon From Nobroker?
You should choose the size that will first suit your home. An ideal size is always necessary. Choosing any big AC will not mean that it will need less servicing. Even though size doesn’t matter, we can fix any kind, it will take different amounts of time accordingly. We advise you to purchase an AC that fits your home perfectly and is under your budget.
How Does Nobroker Help Me In Improving The Quality Of Indoor Air In AC Services In Gurgaon By Nobroker?
The best way to improve AC indoor air is by checking the condition of the filter, changing it, or cleaning it and checking the refrigerant amount, also checking the connections. When everything is perfect, it will improve your indoor air quality.