The drop in temperature during winters is a pleasant welcome to some and a curse to those who can’t stand the cold. If you too hate the cold, then let’s change things up. Here are a few things you could do at home to keep it warm during this winter season.

Soak up the sun

The sun is out only for a shorter time in winter than it is in summer, this means that the little time you get with the sun will make a big difference. Open up your curtains and let the light in, this will also help to keep the room warm. As soon as the sun set, close the curtains so that the heat that’s in does not escape.

Choose the right drapes

In summer you need light and airy drapes to let in the breeze. During winter, you need the exact opposite. The breeze during winters would only make your home colder and unbearable, this is why you need to have thicker and heavier drapes. These drapes will act as a barrier and keep the cold air from entering your home and the warm air from leaving it.

Shut the doors

If you leave all the room doors in your home open, then you’re allowing cold winds to circulate. If the doors are shut, especially in the rooms that are not being used, your home is likely to stay a little warmer. This is mainly because you’re stopping the circulation of cold breeze through the house.

Rugs done right

Unless your floors are insulated, you are losing about 10% of your home’s heat. As the floors as chilled, the heat that your home retains is lost through it. A good way to stop this from happening is to add carpets and rugs wherever possible and cover the floor as much as possible.

Incandescent light

In the past few years, we’ve all moved away from incandescent light and started using LED and CFL lights in our homes. The truth is, the incandescent light actually emits light as well as a little warmth. If you switch out your existing light bulbs with incandescent lights, you could add more warmth to your home.

These are some cheap, easy and quick ways to warm up your home during the Indian winters. If you have more ideas that work well, do leave us a comment. If you hate the cold and want to move to a lovely warm home in a warm city, NoBroker can find the perfect home for you, one that you will love all year round.