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How to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home: Effective Techniques

Everyone goes through a gloomy feeling from time to time. But imagine how terrible it would always be to feel this way, especially when you’re at home? If this is the case, it’s time to shun those negative, sad, and downright depressing vibes that have a terrible effect on your mood, and learn some tips to remove negative energy from home; read on to learn how to remove negative energy from your home. Trust us, we have got you covered, from simple tips to remove negative energy from your home to ways to clear negative energy from your home over time.

remove negative energy from your home

Here are Times When it’s Essential to Clear your Home’s Energy

  • Negative energy in home may be feeding those feelings when you’re in blue funk or having a bad day.
  • If you were just sick: Along with the stress of feeling indisposed, the physical condition carries negative energy into space about you.
  • A breakup or loss may cause pain and prevent you from moving forward.
  • After arguing with your partner: Once the disagreement is over, it’s time to clear the air-literally.
  • During any major life transition (think of a new job, partnership, or pets/ babies arriving): Clearing out the old creates space for the new energy these things bring.
  • When you’re feeling adhered to or stuck: If you want to enhance your life and haven’t made progress, it may be time to question whether your home is keeping you stuck in the yesteryear.

Tips to remove negative energy from your home, how to remove negativity from your home using Vastu tips, and how to remove negative energy from your home with salt have been highly Googled topics in 2023. This has led to an increase in sales of sage and lavender as these are ingredients that help you clear negative energy. In addition to these, the price of salts has also risen as people are taking the time to deep cleanse their abodes by knowing how to remove negativity from their homes using Vastu tips.
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Ways to Remove Negative Energy from Your Home

Here are some ways to remove negative energy from home. These shall surely help you know how to remove negative energy from the house.

Try Airing Everything Out

 Remove Negative Energy from Your Home
Bright morning sun flooding through the open windows does help to clear out space.

When it comes to ways to clear negative energy from your home, the first move to get rid of harmful air out of your home would be to open up all your windows and enable ventilation and also let a draft of the air come through, even if it’s freezing outside. 

Carefully Burn Some Incense

 Remove Negative Energy from Your Home
Aromatic incense burning in an incense burner is a great way to cool off or calm down. 

This fragrant smoke has been a spiritual and meditation practice for ages – so why not give it a try at home? If you wonder how to get rid of negativity in the house, this is one of the easiest ways out there. It’ll help raise the energy. Nag Champa is best used at home for meditation as its property creates a calm and serene atmosphere.
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Be Sure to Remove Broken Things or Fix the Broken Ones

It might not be worth hanging onto even though you’ve been intending to get around to fixing that office chair. Make sure to discard everything that’s not required, this aids in having a positive mindset when you are exploring ways to clear negative energy from your home. This is the most important remedy to avoid negative energy in your home. 

Spray Orange Essential Oil in and About Your Home

 Remove Negative Energy from Your Home
Essential oils are a great way to boost the vibes in the room.

The smell of oranges indeed reminds most people of smiles and sunshine, and not only does it uplift your mood, but it also clears the negative energy and helps us stay away from negative vibes. You can diffuse drops into water or use an organic essential oil spray for the very same effect. So, when the question of how to eliminate negativity in the house pops up, you know which fruit to reach for. 

Remove Clutter as Soon as Possible

 Remove Negative Energy from Your Home
A perfect and neatly arranged set of clothes, well keeping your space tidy does Harbor in good vibes.

Yes, there are reasons you feel so good after clearing your counter. Objects often retain lots of energy, blocking our physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually ‘path’ forward. Oh, and clutter could make you feel tired and stressed, so always keep clutter away.
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Smudge Your Entire Home with Sage

 Remove Negative Energy from Your Home
Smudging – Sage smudge sticks are a great way to neutralise the space.

Lighting sage, then blowing out the flame, is an infamously Native American technique for removing lousy energy, which was probably the first answer to eliminating negative energy from an individual’s home. Always begin from the front door and work your way around in a clockwise direction. Be conscious of your intentions for your home after “smudging” your entire abode as the smoke (vibes) fills every crevice.

Protect Your Space with Crystals

 Remove Negative Energy from Your Home
Chakra gemstone and crystals work wonders in aligning your life. 

Tourmaline wards off and dissolve negative energy, while Rose Quartz replaces negative emotions and feelings with positive ones. Learning how to remove negative energy from home with salt is an effective way to eliminate negative energy in their house.

Ring-a-Ring, hang a Bell in Your Room

Just give a bell a ring when you enter the room or come through the doorway. Then, manoeuvre the intention in your mind to move through the sound waves, to move the bad energy out. This tends to be an effective way to eliminate negativity in the house.

Turn It All Yellow

 Remove Negative Energy from Your Home
Yellow is indeed the colour of sunshine; let some of those positive vibes lighten up your living space with yellow walls. 

Colour plays a crucial role in your home when eliminating negative energy from home. Yellow keeps away bad energy. This colour will also make your space appear larger and add a friendly tone to a room from an interior design perspective.
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Salt The Corners of Each Room

 The experts support pouring salt into the four corners of your rooms, then letting it sit to absorb the cold energy of the previous owners. Either vacuum or sweep the salt and toss it away in the trash after 48 hours,

Initiate With a Clean Stale

Experts suggest constantly cleaning and wipe down surfaces before relocating when someone acquires a new home. This will aid in removing ways to clear negative energy from your home from the previous owner.

Remove Sharpened Corners

One of the essential rules in Feng Shui negative energy protection is to blunt as many sharp angles and edges around your home as possible. When it comes to eliminating negative energy from home, experts recognise this isn’t easy but say it’s worth it. Using round lamp shades or decorating with circular objects, such as vases, jewellery boxes, and round tables, will go a long way towards bringing positive energy to your home.

Add More Mirrors

 Remove Negative Energy from Your Home
Adding a vase holding lavender or any scents near the sink in the bathroom adds to the interior design and is also suitable for aromatherapy.

 If removing negative energy from your home is a question you have in your head, mirrors are theanswer. Placing mirrors around your home to add assertive energy (also known as chi) will help cleanse the mind and help you create more positive energy in your decor. But be mindful to avoid ones with sharp edges.

Neutral Colours

Dark, rich colours are full of character. But when you’re already inundated by life, that’s the reverse of what you need. What you have to do is create a soothing environment. Steer clear of anything dark that might feel negative and make spaces appear smaller than they are.

Protect The Entrances

Tips to remove negative energy from the home includes protecting doors and windows, as they act as external forces that act as access for power. It is crucial to keep these areas fumigated. Experts at Energy Muse advocate filling a bucket of water with lemon juice, salt, and white vinegar, then wiping doorknobs and windows with the solution/mixture. Afterwards, cover the doormat with sea salt. This prevents negative energy from entering. You can also try Vastu mantra to remove negative energy from house.

Today’s generation may think it’s not reliable; however, once you learn what attracts negative energy and how to remove negative energy from home, the change it brings is immense.

How to identify negative energy at home?

If you are wondering what causes negative energy in a house or what are the symptoms of negative energy at home or just how to find negative energy in home, then there is no certain answer to it. Negative energies are real and all around us. Even if we try to stay optimistic in our life, negative energies at home can still be prevalent.. Illnesses, family problems, and quarrels can all be caused by negative energy. It causes people to become sedentary, sad, and bitter. Negative energy drains the mind and body of positivity, leaving you dejected and fatigued. It may be time to eliminate the harmful energies from your home if it feels stagnating.

Open the Windows for Sunlight and Fresh Air

Ventilated homes help you have a positive mindset 

If you want a sure solution to ‘how to detect negative energy in the house’ – Keep your home ventilated and make use of the sun’s positive energy. Make sure you let natural light in your room. Simply opening the windows is one of the simplest methods to eliminate pollutants and negative energy from your home. Allowing fresh air in and bad energy out will help to cleanse the home. Sunlight can assist to relieve depression symptoms and improve one’s mood.

Effective Ways to Swiftly Remove Negative Energy from Your Home

Wondering how to stop negative energy from entering your home? Here’s an array of proven techniques to promptly dispel negative energies from your home while safeguarding against the malevolent gaze:

1. Create an Inviting Aura: To repel negativity and leave a positive imprint on guests, enhance your home’s entrance with small plants. A tidy and organized exterior and interior contribute to this welcoming effect. Regular cleaning of your home’s entrance ensures a continuous flow of positive energy.

2. Cleanse Entrances: Employ a mixture of water, lemon juice, salt, and white vinegar to cleanse windows and doorknobs. Sprinkle sea salt at all entry points and place a doormat over it to obstruct the entry of negative energy.

3. Floor Purification: Add a pinch of sea salt to your mop water (except on Thursdays) to cleanse your living space of negative energy as you mop the floors.

4. Salt Ritual for Ailments: Defend against the evil eye by holding a pinch of salt over the afflicted person’s head, moving it thrice (for 2-3 consecutive days). Remember to discard the salt to remove negativity from your residence afterward. 

5. Harness the Power of Dried Herbs: Ignite dried herbs to effectively expel negative energy from your home. Allow the aromatic smoke to permeate and cleanse each corner, revitalizing your living space.

6. Eliminate Negative Energy Emitters: Refrain from retaining objects that emanate negative energy within your home. By ridding your space of such items, you create a more conducive environment for positivity to flourish.

7. Invoke Positive Energy with Household Items: Welcome positivity by strategically incorporating household items. Crystals, fresh flowers, and uplifting artwork can infuse your home with revitalizing energy, enhancing your overall well-being.

How to get rid of negative energy at home during Shravan month?

Shravana is the fifth month of the Hindu solar calendar, and it is dedicated to Lord Shiva and includes fasting for Hindus. Following some auspicious and purifying rites is thought to lead to purity and abundance, as well as aid in the removal of negative energy from one’s self and the environment. As a result, it is critical to keep the house and its surroundings clean. Goddess Lakshmi is also said to appreciate staying in a tidy and clean home, according to Indian mythology.

Natural incense helps to detoxify the environment. It is one of the puja ceremonies performed throughout the month of Shravan and on other auspicious days. Also, according to Vastu Shastra, the east corner of the home should be activated by water symbols such as a water fountain. It aids in the attraction of good fortune and positive energies and catalyzes negative energy removal.

Now that you have learned how to eliminate negative energy from home, you can experience a lot more positivity vibe at home. Practice any one of these, and, in a short time, you will feel lighter, brighter, and better. Now, if you think that your home has too much negative energy no matter what you do, then it just might be time to move!

You can start your search for a new cheerful home on NoBroker. You can find homes designed according to Vastu, so you won’t ever have to worry about negative energy! Now that you know how to remove negative energy from your home, share this with friends and family as it may help them. And you may click the link below to start your search for a new home filled with good vibes. 


Q1. Which salt eliminates negativity?

Ans. Live Vaastu Salt (raw sea salt) is in granules and crystal form. According to Dr Puneet Chawla, it has the power to expel negative energies and has a natural tendency to absorb negative energies. This is also one of the first answers that pop up when you search for eliminating negativity in the house.

Q2. How to eliminate negative energy from home via sage?

Ans. Burn the sage bundle with a match (the end)
The tips of the leaves must release thick smoke as it consumes slowly.
Let the incense linger on the surroundings you’d like to focus on or the areas of your body.
Collect the ash in a ceramic bowl or shell.

Q3. How to get rid of negativity in the house?

Ans. The following are some of the more stress-inducing things you may be holding onto, with some proven strategies for releasing them from your life. 
Release your grudges. 
Clear the clutter.
Drop unwanted/negative attitudes/emotions about yourself or others. 
Remove tolerations (and learn what they are).
Say No to toxic relationships.

Q4. What are the ways of negativity removal from your home through salt? How to remove negative energy in a home with salt?

Ans. You can sprinkle or place bowls of salt in the corners of your rooms that need energy cleansing when you wish to get a little jinx with your salt. The salt will absorb any negative energy or toxins, and after a few hours, you can vacuum it up or toss it out.

Q5. How to remove negativity from home using Vastu tips?

Ans. Rearranging, facilitating better air circulation, decluttering, setting up flower pots, salt therapy, using mirrors to decorate, the right direction, the entrance, fragrance in the air, cleaning regularly are ways to remove negative energy as per Vastu.

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