Top Sliding Window Designs of 2024

Sliding window designs can enhance the overall look of your home if it already has a stunning view. These windows are essential, even if the view isn’t spectacular. Modern metros and mini-metros are so cramped that owners turn to slide windows to make the most of the available light and air. Because they don’t open inward or outward, these structures make the most of available floor space. They get a bonus for a room with a lot of natural light. 

Sliding Window Designs

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It is possible to have sliding windows in a wide range of sizes and types. French windows that open up tiny rooms to sliding picture windows that yield the outside in, and of course, sliding horizontal windows that provide ventilation and some privacies are just some of the options available. In addition, various materials are available for these designs, giving customers even more options. Let’s see what else these windows have to offer.

Slider Windows: What Are They?

Sliding Window Designs
(credits:www.pellabranch.com) You can choose from single or double-pane white sliding window designs based on your preference

You can open a slider window in a horizontal position. Interestingly, they almost give the impression of double-hung windows if you bend your head to one side. 

They are a simple and concise design for a replacement window, making them one of the options available. Window and movable panel count can be altered, but the system is unaffected. The window can be fully opened by pushing at least one of its panels to the side. 

Slider windows typically have two panes of glass, one of which can be moved. You can choose to have a movable pane on the right or left side. 

Sliding windows for homes come in single or double-pane varieties. Double-paned windows are an excellent financial investment since they contain two layers of glass. That’s great for keeping out the cold and keeping out the noise.

Diverse Varieties of Sliding Windows 

sliding window designs for your living room
(credits:www.build-review.com) Opt for white sliding window designs for your living room or balcony and ensure a well-lit space that also looks great

Slider Windows can be Divided into Three main categories: 

Single Pane Sliders: A single slider will have one pane that is fixed in place and one pane that can be moved. The pane that can be moved horizontally along the sash can be moved in either direction. 
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Double Pane sliders: Although they have two or three panes, double sliders have only two moving panes. To increase the fresh air entering the room, you can swing the window open on either side.  

Three-pane sliders: In most cases, a large picture window is placed in the middle of a three-pane slider, and two sliding windows are placed on either side. 

Type of glass or glazing utilised in Sliding Window Glass Designs 

Sliding window designs for balconies
(credits:www.sggglassmanufacturer.com) Sliding window designs for balconies should be constructed with transparent glass to ensure natural illumination

Since India’s climate is primarily tropical, those who live there may want to consider purchasing heat-reflective eyewear. Single, double, or triple glazing with your choice of heat-reflective, safety, or toughened glass can be installed to ensure adequate ventilation, a comfortable temperature, and a safe living environment. 

Glass Sliding Window Frame Material Varieties 

Sliding window with aluminium frame
(credits: 5.imimg.com) Sliding window with aluminium frame are a great and affordable option and is a common sight in houses across India

Sliding windows can have frames made of various materials, including steel, timber, aluminium, or uPVC, based on the interior decoration of the building and the climate of the surrounding area. 

1. A wooden frame 

A wooden window frame not only enhances the visual appeal of a room but also acts as an effective insulator. Even though it lends a sense of grandeur to a room, wooden frames are susceptible to humidity changes and require regular upkeep to maintain their regal appearance for years. 
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2. Framed in vinyl 

It is becoming increasingly popular to use vinyl frames because of their high insulation levels and reasonable price point. It’s easy to keep them clean as well. However, they aren’t able to withstand the heat as well as they should. 

3. Metal framework 

As a result of these attributes, aluminium frames have become famous for various applications. These items are an essential part of the overall design strategy for more than just adding to the visual appeal of a room. Furthermore, aluminium frames are ideal for windows because of their excellent mechanical properties. 

4. Fibreglass 

Another viable window option is fibreglass, which offers good resistance to unpredictable weather conditions. Even though it is more expensive than the other options, it is exceptionally durable and can last up to 50 years if purchased from a reputable seller. 

5. Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) 

uPVC is known for its durability and inflexibility. It is widely used as a framing material because of its long-term durability and low-maintenance requirements. Maintaining it is a breeze because it can withstand moisture, dust, and termite infestation. You need to buy only high-quality products like those made by AIS Windows because of the market’s high demand for uPVC profiles.
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When Is a Sliding Window Necessary? 

 modern sliding window designs
(credits:media.istockphoto.com) Opt for modern sliding window designs in the kitchen instead of expensive lighting solutions

With a sliding window, you can flood a room with natural light, make it easier to ventilate, and have a simple design that looks great. Slider windows are also one of the most cost-effective window options. 

If you have a large opening, you should install sliding windows because these types of windows are not designed to accommodate openings that are proportionally taller than they are wide. They look great in rooms with a lot of natural light, like a living room or a dining room. Slider windows aren’t the best choice for bathrooms, but they can be adjusted to fit. 

Sleek slider windows are ideal for modern architecture. In-home design, convenience and minimalism are still popular, and this window is a perfect fit. Like contemporary homes and bungalows, slider windows can look out of place if installed in an older building. 

In light of what we’ve learned, it’s time to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of working with a slider window.

What are the Advantages of having a Sliding Window Installed at Home?

Sliding Window Designs for living room
(credits:i.pinimg.com)You can always install a curtain cum blind design on the windows to get rid of excessive sunlight whenever you feel like it

Slider windows are an outstanding window style that is an excellent option for many homes: check our list of benefits to see if they’re perfect for you.
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  • Free-flowing views without obstructions

One of the most excellent features of slider windows is that they provide a fantastic view of the outdoors. There isn’t much to hinder your vision since they have a limited frame. Sliders are also often broader than tall, giving them the appearance of a picture window.

  • Size Variation and Versatility

Sliders are also larger than double-hung windows because they slide from left to right rather than up and down. You may install a more oversized slider than a double-hung window simply by turning the window on its side.

Although slider windows are not suited for tall and narrow window spaces, they have few limitations beyond that. Because of the simple sliding mechanism, they may be modified to fit into either a big or tiny area.

  • Ventilation & Sunlight

To cover a vast area, sliding windows tend to be larger than other types of windows. Having broad windows means they open more easily. Thus, a lot of light and fresh air can enter your home.

The clean, uncluttered look allows plenty of natural light to flood the space. With just two enormous panes of glass, slider windows are ideal for lightening up a room because of their shape and size.

  • It’s easy to maintain

Slider windows have fewer moving parts, which means there are fewer things that can go wrong.

Other types of windows’ springs and pulleys can degrade with time and need to be replaced. Sliding windows have a basic system that requires little maintenance and has few parts that might be damaged.

  • Affordability

Because of their straightforward design, they’re generally a relatively economical option for window replacement despite their great size. Slider windows, like sliding glass doors, open and close by gliding along a track. Because of their complicated pulley system, double-hung windows are usually more expensive.

  • Easy To Use

Slider windows are also easy to open and close. Slider windows are a terrific option if you’re becoming older and concerned about accessibility. In addition, they can be used in places that are difficult to access, such as stairwells and narrow halls. You can open the window to get to the bottom of it. You won’t need a step ladder for the majority of the time.

Slider Windows Have a Few Drawbacks

Sliding window glass designs
(credits: 5.imimg.com) Sliding window glass designs can be pretty high maintenance

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of installing slider windows, it’s time to learn about the drawbacks.

  • Cleaning Is Difficult

Cleaning the interior of slider windows is simple, but cleaning the outside is challenging. Fortunately, specific sliders allow you to tilt in or pop out the moveable glass. Cleaning will, however, become more difficult when you remove a pane.

Dirt and debris might get stuck in the tracks, making it difficult to open the window. You’ll also need to clean and lubricate the ways of your slider windows to keep them in good working order.

Use a vacuum attachment to clean the tracks a few times a year, or wipe them down with a moist cloth. Then lubricate the tracks with a little lubricant and slide the window back and forth.

  • Maintenance of Rollers

If the window mechanism on your sliders includes rollers, you may need to replace them after a few years. While this isn’t tough, it is an additional piece of maintenance that you may have to deal with.

  • Problems with Drainage

Water can also collect on the window sill, causing mildew to form and track issues. To avoid this problem, choose windows that have drainage holes.

This is an especially concerning problem in the winter when the water in the sliding track can freeze and prevent you from opening the window.

  • Seals are not strong.

Casement and awning windows seal more tightly than slider windows. This may reduce their energy efficiency and represent a security risk. Fortunately, these issues can be avoided by using windows with interlocking meeting rails between the panes.

Because the seal on slider windows is less energy-efficient, this could result in higher heating costs. This is only an issue if you buy a slider window with single glazing. The extra insulation supplied by high-quality window glazing compensates for any sealant flaws.

  • Less Secure

Sliding windows do not have the same amount of security as other windows; however, they are still secure. On a sliding window, the locks are usually simple, just like the window itself. However, this varies greatly depending on the design and provider, as some slider windows are double-locked and entirely secure compared to less expensive variants.

Where Should Sliding or Gliding Windows Be Installed?

 Iron sliding window designs
(Credits: wpengine) Iron sliding window designs with tempered glass can be a classy yet affordable option for differentiating the patio area from the rest of the house

Sliding windows are ideal if you have ample window space and wish to be able to open the window. They do not protrude when open. As a result, they’re ideal for areas where people walk and congregate. For instance, facing pathways, decks/patios, and sidewalks are all examples.

A large amount of natural light is let in through a sliding window. They are frequently placed in “social spaces” throughout the home. They enable households to benefit from the additional light. They’re typically located in spaces that require the most incredible ventilation and have a clear view. They’re also frequent in difficult-to-reach places such as above a kitchen sink or behind a garden or soaking tub.


Open kitchens are increasingly popular in today’s world, but if you need a little extra privacy, a sliding window might be the answer. Because of this, it’s possible to maintain a sense of connection with the other room without having to open your entire kitchen. You can open the windows with a gentle push to quickly expel smoke and other vapours. Installing sliding windows in your kitchen, regardless of whether they are large or small in size, does not require a lot of clearance. 


The aesthetic value of your bedroom can be improved by switching to sliding windows from regular ones. They are an excellent choice for your bedroom’s closets and wardrobes. Aside from that, they are simple to use and promote better ventilation. 


In the patios, one sash window installation can benefit significantly from the addition of windows made of strong glass. In terms of window styles, they’re among the most common. You can glide them open whenever it’s convenient for you, so you can breathe fresh air without leaving the comfort of your living room. The bottom half of these windows can be moved vertically, but the top half remains stationary. 


When it comes to balconies, doors and windows are exposed to various weather conditions, including strong winds, storms, and even harsh sunlight and thunderstorms. These natural elements can be lessened by sliding windows made of tough glass. You may want to consider sliding windows if you don’t have much room. High-quality aluminium frames ensure a smooth slide for aluminium sliding window systems, making them a viable alternative for those seeking more excellent structural stability and strength. 


Bathrooms are a typical example of a room with inadequate ventilation. Sliding windows, on the other hand, allow for more ventilation and natural light to flood the room. In addition, sliding windows with frosted glass and an aluminium frame will keep your space bright and private simultaneously. 

The library 

Even though it’s easier to concentrate in nature, it’s not always the case. When installed in a study room, sliding windows provide a panoramic view that enhances concentration and productivity. The window can be opened or closed anytime, thanks to the simple locking mechanism and gliding system.

What Does a Sliding Window Look Like?

Sliding window designs with grills
(credits:cpimg.tistatic.com) Sliding window designs with grills are far more secure and are commonly preferred by Indian customers

Let’s go back to the beginning to reaffirm this knowledge about sliding windows. In practice, slider windows frequently resemble the following:

They are usually designed in a minimalistic and straightforward manner. After all, a window only has two – or three, if it’s a three-pane slider – glass panels. With slider windows, there are no problematic latches or ornate frames: they’re a straightforward, modern style that works well in most homes.

With such large, transparent window panels, the focus shifts away from the window and toward the scene beyond it – and the natural light penetrating the room is a bonus.

Trending Sliding Window Design Ideas

Trending Sliding Window Design Ideas
(credits:5.imimg.com) French sliding window designs are a great addition to balconies and patios and help elevate the look of your space

Let’s get started by exploring our curated collection of today’s most popular sliding window glass designs, which have captured the attention of a significant number of contemporary homeowners. 

1. Sliding Glass Window Design in Aluminium 

Sliding Glass Window Design in Aluminium 
(credits:abvconstruction.co.za) The l-shaped kitchen’s aluminium sliding window glass design has a clean, modern appearance.

This aluminium sliding window glass design is an excellent choice because it promotes cross-ventilation and allows for adequate air circulation in the kitchen. Because it lets in so much daylight from the outside, it reduces the need for ambient light during the daylight hours. These kitchen sliding windows are long-lasting and add a touch of class to the room’s decor. 

2. The Balcony’s Sliding Glass Window Design 

The Balcony's Sliding Glass Window Design 
(credits:images.homedepot-static.com)For those rainy days when you don’t want to get wet, these sliding windows for balconies will keep you dry and comfortable

A popular choice for apartment dwellers is this five-pane sliding glass window design. The marble flooring and the pristine white wall on the other side complement the windows’ strong profile and overall strength. They’re both environmentally friendly and sound, and thermally efficient. 

3. Windows With Sliding Glass Panes for Your Bedroom 

Windows With Sliding Glass Panes for Your Bedroom 
(credits:i.pinimg.com) This design of sliding window glass lets in a maximum amount of unfiltered natural sunlight, which gives the impression that the space is more significant

This glass sliding window seat is ideal for those who enjoy reading, listening to soft music, or simply letting their minds wander in contemplation. Your bedroom will feel more welcoming and bright as a result, and the transition from the inside to the outside will be smoother due to this addition. 

4. Design Concept for Sliding Windows Used in the Kitchen 

Sliding Windows Used in the Kitchen 
(credits:i.pinimg.com) It looks more open and bright with sliding windows in the earthy decor minimalist kitchen.

Wouldn’t it make cooking more enjoyable if you could enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape while working? We’re sure you would. This design for a wide sliding window in the kitchen helps you make the most of the horizontal wall space in the kitchen and gives the impression that the room is more open and brighter. 

5. Living Room Glass Sliding Window Design 

Living Room Glass Sliding Window Design 
(credits:miwindows.com) A white sliding glass window in a beige living room creates a luxurious and bold atmosphere

The living room’s lighting is enhanced thanks to this window sliding glass design. It adds a luxurious and daring touch to the room’s interiors and existing decor. The aluminium white window frame contributes to the overall design’s strength and durability. 

6. Windows with Large Sliding Glass Panels 

Windows with Large Sliding Glass Panels 
(credits:i.pinimg.com) A floor-to-wall sliding window design is a good choice for minimalistic spaces

This black window frame and wide sliding glass window design are ideal for a living or dining room. They allow you to fully appreciate the lush greenery of your backyard or garden without interference. These windows become an instant point of interest thanks to the striking contrast created by the window frames against the interiors.

It should be clear to you why selecting sliding window designs as replacement windows is such an excellent idea. They combine the aeration of a double-hung window with the stunning views of a skylight. Whether you’re looking for a window that is easier to open or allows for more airflow, slider windows are a great option. They’ll last for a long time if they’re correctly cared for.

However, when it comes to replacing your windows, it’s a huge undertaking and not a DIY. We at NoBroker understand that this is a long-term investment in your home, and we’re here to help you make the right choice. NoBroker offers a wide variety of high-quality window replacement options, including sliding windows. Get your custom quote on new windows by contacting us today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are sliding windows becoming a trend?

Ans: Fenestrations are the architectural focal point of any domestic area, although being given a back seat. Unfortunately, the significance of these structures is frequently discovered the hard way. The choice of fenestration utilised in a well-designed home is just as important as the quality of the design. Why? Because there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution! Understanding one’s fenestration requirements are critical before selecting a window type.
Sliding windows are one of the most popular fenestration options for modern homeowners. If these windows had to be described in a single phrase, it would be “Big style can come in small spaces.”

Q: What exactly is the purpose of a sliding window?

Ans: Sliding windows often have substantial glass panels that let in lots of natural light and provide residents with extensive, unrestricted views of the outdoors. They provide lots of airflow: Most sliders open completely to let in fresh air due to their streamlined design.

Q: What is the best kind of sliding window?

Ans: uPVC is one of the most excellent materials for windows because of its durability, sound insulation, thermal efficiency, and minimal maintenance. Because of the remarkable qualities of uPVC, sliding windows constructed of this material are becoming more popular in contemporary homes.

Q: What are the many kinds of sliding windows?

Ans: Single sliders, double sliders, and three-pane sliders are the three significant forms of slider windows. One fixed pane and one movable pane are included in single sliders. On the sash, the movable panel glides back and forth. Two or three panes of glass are used in double sliders, although only two of them move. A huge picture window in the middle and a sliding window on each side are standard features of three-pane sliders.

Q: What factors influence the price of new windows for your home?

Ans: Several factors will determine the price of new windows for your home. The installation cost for each window type will vary depending on the chosen window choices and local labour rates. The following is a pricing breakdown for every replacement window you choose to install:
1. Type of Window (double-hung, casement, bay window, garden window, etc.)
2. Window Dimensions (more oversized windows are more expensive)
3. Type of Window Frame (aluminium, wood, vinyl, fibreglass, etc.)
4. Window Panes (energy efficient, soundproof, double pane, argon gas fill, etc.)
5. Labour Costs in Your Area (changes by location, demand in the area, etc.)

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