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15 Wall-Mounted Dining Table Design Ideas

A dining room can be defined well by the presence of a dining table. This is not just a table to eat. In many households, people also use it as a reading or working table. But as there are lots of changes coming into the interior decoration industry nowadays, the concept of heavy and wooden dining tables are no longer very popular recently. 

Wall-Mounted Dining Table Ideas

People who live in apartments often get a small space as a dining room, so a huge table may destroy the look of the space. Therefore, with recent advancements in interior decoration, wall-mounted dining tables are now in. These are better alternatives to a traditional and conventional table as they fit in even tiny spaces.
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These tables are an advantage, especially in the case of the limited available carpet area. Suppose you live in a small studio apartment and can’t install a table because there is practically no room left for the table, then a wall-mounted table seems a good idea. 

On the other hand, if you have ample space but want to give an edgy look to your home interior—a wall-mounted table will be great too. Days are gone when wall-mounted tables used to be basic and odd-looking. Interior designers have designed different models that are good-looking, durable, and beautiful and can also allow you to save a lot of space without disturbing the ambiance of your room or apartment.

If you are running out of ideas about how a wall-mounted table can enhance your interior along with saving space, here is a small guide. We have listed 15 of the best and most interesting wall-mounted dining tables that you can consider and use as your inspiration to revamp your cozy homes. Read on and learn like a pro.

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1. Wooden Wall-Mounted Tables

Nothing beats the rugged yet polished charm of the wood. So if you have a small corner space, a rustic wooden table can be a great idea. These tables are fixed on the wall and take very little space. 

These are smaller than a kitchen table but are perfect for a small family or couples. These tables come with hanging chairs also that can be hung on the wall if not in use. If you have limited space in your dining area or don’t have any separate dining space at all, you can choose this wall-mounted table.

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
Wooden Table

2. Steel Wall-Mounted Tables

Steel tables are great, durable, and efficient. These come with great longevity if you maintain them properly. But maintaining these is not rocket science! You just need to be careful while using it. If you have a small area near a window in your apartment, then an old diner-style steel table with stools is great for dining tables. 

You can gaze through the window and have a feeling of dining inside a restaurant. Wonderful and nostalgic at the same time! This can be the best example of a wall-mounted folding dining table. A wall foldable dining table can be amazingly space-saving. Additionally, it will make your dining space easier to clean.

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
Steel Wall Table

3. Wall-Mounted Table with a Cooking Station

Do you live in a small studio or have a kitchen that does not allow you to install a conventional dining table? Ditch the idea and get a wall-mounted folding table that saves space and allows you to set up a counter there. 

It will serve as a dining table or as a small breakfast table—the choice is yours. These swanky long tables can offer you a great spot if there is a window.

If you have a party in your house, you need not spend the entire time inside the kitchen. If you have a table like this, you can serve and be part of the party.

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
Cooking Station Wall-Mounted Table

4. Wall-Mounted Tables with Chairs

It is the ideal choice if you can only afford a narrow aisle in your apartment or house. A window is a great advantage in this case. This is a simple wall-mounted table with legs fixed on the floors for wall support and two parallel benches. 

The idea is rustic and space-efficient! The benches can have small drawers or cabinets where you can store your cutlery and other things. It doubles up as a dining table or as a cozy space for your children’s study area.

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
Wall-Mounted Tables with Chairs

5. Tree-Style Wall-Mounted Table

This design is for nature lovers. It is different and will become a focal point of your room. Just invest in a tree trunk and a rustic-polished flattop. You can keep it adjacent to your cooking station. It is also a variation of the G-shaped kitchen, with a natural touch. This classic-looking table will blend in with the artificial environment and add a little touch of nature.

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
Tree-Style Wall-Mounted Table

6. Cabinet Extension

This unique wall-attached dining table idea for those who have very limited space in their house. Here the cabinet or kitchen top becomes an extension of the dining arrangement. You just need to install a floor and wall-mounted small, narrow dinner table.

One side of the cabinet is transformed as the bench, and the other side can be used as a chair. If there is a wall on the other side, invest in a wall-mounted bench with storage. 

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
Wall-Mounted Cabinet Extension

7. Peninsula Wall-Mounted Dining Table

If you only have a small corner available in your kitchen and do not have any other space to install the dining table, then you need to be a little more clever. Invest in a peninsula kitchen and use the nook as a wall-mounted dining table–cum–kitchen station. 

You do not need to use wood or steel. Simply use the kitchen top marble or solid surface, and you can have a rustic and minimalistic wall-mounted table.

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
Peninsula Dining Table

8. The Corner Table

It is perfect for bachelors and couples who share a small studio apartment. If one corner of your wall is free, you can use this place to install this table. It is small and won’t consume a lot of space. Additionally, you can use it as a study or work table.

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
wall-Mounted Corner Table

9. Cantilevered Dining Table

Perfect for the house of an engineer or an artist, it doubles up as a kitchen table and also can be used as a dining table. You can adjust it even in the smallest space. A simple wall kitchen top is enough for this. This wall-mounted folding dining table is a one-wall wonder. And since it is supported by sting cantilevers, it is secured. Such wall-mounted dining tables with 6-seater capacity are available in the market.

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
Cantilevered Dining Table

10. Fixed Table Near the Kitchen Cupboard

If your kitchen has a small unused space left near the kitchen cabinet or cupboard, you can make use of this space the best way. Just fix a simple-looking table on the wall. It is within reach of anyone and looks like an extension of your kitchen, but is in actuality a wall-mounted dining table with storage.

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
Fixed Table Near the Kitchen Cupboard

11. Cabinet Convertible Wall Dining Table Design

This is the dream option of anyone who wants to save space. If you have a portion of your kitchen or lounge room left with a large empty wall, install a wall-mounted dining table with storage. There are spaces where you can store things, and it will make your compact space look bigger. You can also install a wall cabinet and install a TV to complete the setup.

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
Table with Storage

12. Floating Table

Another perfect option if your apartment has a small corner left unused. You can install a floating dining table for two in the corner. It is small yet offers a lot of space so that two people can eat without a problem.

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
Floating Table

13. Kitchen Counter Table

This is a perfect table for your small kitchen. If you have a party in the house, installing such a table will keep you looped in with the ongoing discussions while you’re cooking in the kitchen. If you have a modular kitchen, installing this table will be easier.

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
Kitchen Counter Table

14. Shelf to Table

This is practical yet simple. Just extend the shelf a little to make it a table. This shelf-cum-table is great for those who use a penthouse or studio apartment with less space. You can use fixed legs for extra support. The table can be great for two to three people.

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
Shelf to Table

15. One-Person Dining Table

A simple and elegant one-person wall-mounted table in the kitchen can be a great alternative for those who are always busy and need to catch breakfast or meals before going to work. It is very space-efficient and looks neat.

Wall Mounted Dining Table Design
One-Person Dining Table

These are some of the most unique and interesting wall-mounted dining table designs that we have found and compiled for you. You can install any of them if your apartment or home has limited space. All these are great and make the apartment look a bit more spacious. You can get a fully functional table that can be folded and take very minimal space but still allow you to dine comfortably. You can choose any of these designs or improvise something as a DIY. 


1. Where can I buy a wall-mounted dining table?

You can buy a wall-mounted folding table in India online from a furniture retailer.

2. How much weight can a wall-mounted foldable dining table hold?

Load bearing capacity of the folding table will depend on the build and quality of the table. If you plan to hold weight on such a table it is advisable to get a wall-mounted table with folding legs which can distribute the weight evenly, as opposed to a cantilever folding table.

3. How much will a wall-mounted dining table cost?

Depending on the size of the table, the price can range from ₹1600 to ₹23000.

4. How do wall-mounted folding tables work?

Wall-mounted folding tables can be folded into or aligned along a wall to save space. The surface of the table will be supported by detachable or foldable supports.

5. What is a wall-mounted folding table made of?

Usually, wall-mounted tables are made of lightweight wooden planks or fibres with decent load-bearing capacity.

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