When you need to sell or rent your home there are too many things you need to fix and improve, if you don’t maintain your home regularly that is. So, naturally, the best way to avoid last minute major repairs and huge expenses is to practice regular maintenance. Here are a few things you can do regularly –

1-     Doors

When it comes to your doors, there are two things that most commonly happen with age and with weather changes. One is that the hinges get squeaky and two is that the door gets stuck as the wood expands. This is a problem, especially when it rains. To stop the squeaks just use some lubricant, like grease or WD-40. To keep the door from jamming you can use some sandpaper or a wood planer to smoothen out the door so it shuts well.

2-    Water stains on walls

Water stains can happen for many reasons, from bad plumbing to cracks in the wall, after fixing the main cause of these stains, you need to erase the damage it has done. The best way is to make a mix of 10% bleach to water. Put this mixture in a spritzer bottle and spray it on the stains. These spots are likely to clear up in 24 hours, just see to it that you use the bleach carefully. If this seems like too much work, you can always buy a ready-made stain cleaner from the store.

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3-    Check the fire safety of your home

This is a two-step process, one is, check that all the fire alarms and smoke detectors are in working condition, change batteries if needed. The second is to make sure the fire extinguishers are working as they should. They too have an expiration date and require maintenance. You can do a simple check on your own or call in the supplying company to check it. If not, a fire could destroy before you know it.

4-     Smooth flowing water

It’s important that the water from your faucets flow in freely and flow out freely through the drains. The most common problem with faucets is the build-up of tiny grains of sand or other mineral deposits. This is collected near the mouth of the faucet by a mesh screen. These can be unscrewed and cleaned, once put back, water will flow freely. The drain can be kept clean by using plungers or a drain cleaner like drunks.

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5-    Deep clean

Apart from all the regular cleaning that you do daily and weekly, you also need to do a deep clean of your home. This can be done either annually or biannually as per the size and usage of your home. This means cleaning out places and portions of your home that don’t get cleaned regularly. Places like under the cupboard, fans, lights, behind TVs and so on. If this task is too much for you to take on by yourself, you can hire experts from NoBroker, they have the right equipment and training to get to all those hard to reach places.


By following these maintenance tips, apart from practising ways to increase the value of your home, you’ll find you can demand a much higher asking price. Selling or renting out your home, when it is in excellent condition is a breeze! Remember, NoBroker is here to help you get the best for your home.

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