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How To Prepare Your Kids For Online Classes


Jun 18, 2020

As the numbers of Covid-19 cases continue to rise in the country, many schools have resorted to e-learning or online classes to start the new academic year.

Keeping in mind the uncertainty of the current situation, educational institutions, teachers and parents are prepping hard for the new normal – a shift from the traditional teaching method to tech-based learning solutions.

While some schools have already begun their trial sessions, a few are now set to start their formal virtual classes from the coming week.

If your child is about to attend online classes, here’s how to prepare them for the ‘school from home’ concept.

Create a learning space for your child

It is important to have a dedicated learning space for students. A comfortable space helps to stay motivated, increase focus and nurtures creativity. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an exclusive room but you can get creative and make your own fun little space, this is especially for those who stay in smaller apartments with space constraints.

  • Choose a place where the child can avoid distractions.
  • Try and seek for a space with natural light or a brightly lit area.
  • Corner of a room can be an option.
  • Have sturdy seating with good back support.
  • Make sure the desk has ample space for laptop, tablet, notebooks and stationery, and is near a power outlet.
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If you have a bigger apartment, you can always experiment with the interiors of your child’s room such as the choice of the wall and furniture colours (always keep opt for bright and calming hues such as green, orange, purple, blue, red or yellow).

Eliminate distractions

It is ideal to maintain some degree of decorum during your child’s class hours. Loud television volume, the noise of a busy kitchen – the clanking of utensils, sound of pressure cooker whistle, and so on can be distracting and these should be avoided. Distractions also include a younger sibling, pets, gadgets like video games and mobile phones, social media. Make a list of things that might distract your little one and find ways to eliminate them as much as possible. Make sure to block other websites that can pose as a distraction during class hours.

Make a schedule 

No doubt, this pandemic has brought families closer, but it is also the first time that parents and children are working and schooling together. In such a scenario, having a schedule is important. To begin with, prepare your child to follow the same routine that he/she maintained otherwise on regular school days, especially sleep and eating schedule. This will allow them to have a set timetable for all their activities and also follow deadlines.

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Regular exercise is a must 

Sitting in front of the computer can be tiring to the eyes, mind and body. Encourage your kids to be physically active and indulge them in some easy workouts to do at home. Exercise reduces stress and keeps the mind fresh and active. You can even give them company and do some sit-ups, burpees, squats or jumping jack. It is always fun to exercise in a group.

Review your child’s daily learning 

As the day ends, make sure to review what your child learnt. It is essential to show them you are interested to know about his or her day even though the classes are virtual. The best way to keep a track is to combine old and new learning techniques – give them a written test or just take an oral revision.

Keep the required accessories handy

Keep all the required software applications and external equipment like headphones, earphones, notebooks, stationery and so on, ready well before class hours to reduce last-minute chaos and panic in your child. Adjust sound and video and be available for assistance.

Teach basic camera etiquettes

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Teach your child basic camera etiquettes to be followed during an online class. Educate your child to face the camera and avoid distraction while it is on, to use the chatbox wisely and type only what is required of them, teach them to mute the video when the teacher or any other student is talking, to raise their virtual hand in case they have a query and to being polite and respectful during a class hour, are just some of the camera etiquette the child should know.

Note to parentsThese are uncertain times and as much as schools are trying to adapt to this new situation, so is your child and you. It is okay if you take some time to understand how to flow out a smooth plan for your child. It is natural for your little ones to get distracted during an online class and it is perfectly okay because this is all new to them; only practice makes a person perfect. This too shall pass. 

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