Christmas is that time of the year when friends and family travel miles and miles to be with those they love. To make this holiday season more fun and unforgettable, why not treat them to some entertaining games and memories to last a lifetime!
Here are a few simple ideas to add more joy to the season –
Two Truths and a Lie Christmas Edition 
It’s just like the game you’re used to playing where one person shares 3 things about himself, 2 of them are true and the third is a lie, it’s up to you and the rest of the guests to figure out which is which. The twist here is, everything must be related to the holiday season! You can have rounds like funniest thing that happened during Christmas, worst Christmas gift, special memories etc. It’s a great way to know people better and also see how well they know you.
Guess the Carol 

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This is a fun game for kids of any age, here you can divide your guests into teams and the ask them to start guessing. You can either play a clip of a Christmas carol or create sheets with a few lines from the carol. They can work together as a team to give you the right answer. This is a game that gets people excited and requires very little prep time.
Spoon and Ornament Race 

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If you have a bit of space, then set up a small obstacle course, then just like lime and spoon, place an ornament on a spoon. The person then carries the spoon in their mouth and makes their way through the obstacle course without dropping the ornament off the spoon. If that happens, they need to restart the course. To make things more challenging, you could make it a team event or a relay.
Guessing Game 
When the guests have settled down, pass along little slips of paper and start a timer, ask them to guess the number of ornaments they think is on the tree. The person who gets the right number, or a number closest to the right number wins. The other way to play this guessing game is to take a try around that has been filled with various Christmas Themed snacks, ornaments etc. and ask them to write down in a minute how many items they remember.
Pin the Nose on the Reindeer

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This one is fun for both the adults (if alcohol is involved) and the kids. You play it just like pin the tail on the donkey, but you need to pin the red nose on Rudolf. All you need for this is a cut out of Rudolf,  a big red nose cut out, some glue or a pin and a blindfold.
Gift Wrapping Race 
This one is fairly simple, all you need is some empty gift boxes, wrapping paper or even newspaper will do along with some bows, a pair of scissors and tape. Each guest will get a place to wrap and the one who does it the fastest and best wins. You can add an element of complexity by choosing odd shapes to be wrapped and then seeing how they perform.
Gift Hunt

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There are two ways to do this, either each individual guest that comes in has to find their gift based on cryptic clues you hand over to them OR you divide your guests into teams and they work together to find one big gift or prize. This is fun for all and also gives you some time to sit back and watch the fun. If the game is for kids you can make the clues simple and have them search only in the house or garden. For adults, you can hide clues around town and they can even make a day of driving around to find the right clues.
We hope these fun games spread some Christmas cheer, you can also check out some DIY Christmas decoration ideas while you’re at it!
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