20+ Bathroom Lighting Ideas That’ll Complement You And Your Space

Most of us begin and end our days in the bathroom, so it’s only natural that it should exude a sense of calm and cleanliness that allows you to rejuvenate and unwind. To make your dreary bathroom more inviting, you may want to consider using some fresh bathroom lighting ideas. If you’re going to create the atmosphere of a deluxe spa, the proper lighting can make all the difference. 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

The proper lighting in your bathroom can help you achieve the look and functionality you seek. There are so many modern lighting for bathroom options to choose from, whether you choose an automatic ambience, brilliant overhead lighting, subtle wall lighting, or something in between. Lastly, let’s not forget about fashion! Are you looking for something modern? Or traditional? How about something artsy or quirky? 
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When creating a beautiful and functional bathroom lighting design, layering multiple types of lighting is essential. This includes task lighting, ambient lighting, and accent lighting. The lack of natural light in bathrooms necessitates efficient lighting, which is especially significant. Keep reading to find out how designers employ chandeliers, ornamental wall sconces, hanging pendants, and even mirrors with integrated lighting to transform bathrooms from drab to dazzling.

Smart And Classy Bathroom Lighting Ideas

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: images.dwell.com This Scandi-inspired bathroom corner pops out more due to the pendant lighting

The key to designing a functional and beautiful bathroom is choosing the proper bathroom lighting fixtures. And we’ve got you covered when it comes to smart, classy and modern bathroom lighting ideas. 

1. Retro Flush Mount Inspired by Mid-Century Modern Design 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: images.squarespace-cdn.com Mid-century modern lighting for bathrooms always benefits from a flush mounted light in a conventional shape

Star-shaped, flush-mount small bathroom ceiling light fixtures add a nostalgic vibe to a bright and cheery mid-century modern-inspired yellow bathroom. Brass with a hand-rubbed antique finish is used to create an attractive piece. The fixture’s historical look is completed by using an incandescent Edison bulb.

2. Try Your Hand with Some Smoky Sconces 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: i.pinimg.com For bathroom wall lighting ideas, sconces are a great choice and are affordable too

Bell-shaped sconces in a bathroom with a neutral colour scheme can add a touch of drama to the space. This bathroom demonstrates how it should be done by coordinating the colour of the glass with the smoky quartz backsplash. The result is an immediate transformation in the appearance of the space, making it appear simultaneously intriguing and well put together.

3. All Equipped to Carry Out the Task 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: hips.hearstapps.com Bathroom-led lighting ideas on wall tiles need not have elaborate fixtures

Three straightforward globe sconces punctuate the angular pattern of the wall tiling in this bright bathroom with black hardware, which also functions as job lighting for the vanity. The lights are arranged to produce a great cross-illumination and lighting for the face. You should also install task lighting in the bathroom’s shower and toilet facilities.

4. Barn Light with an Industrial Flavour 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: hips.hearstapps.com Industrial chic accordion lights can be installed in contemporary bathrooms

This bathroom features modern elements such as clean white cabinets, marble worktops, and a utility-style sink, which are offset with lighting in the industrial style. One example of this type of lighting is an extensible accordion light with a traditional barn lamp shape. The design is not what one would expect, yet it is advantageous.
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5. Armed Black Upside-Down Dimmable Sconce 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: i.pinimg.com Dimmer lights are trendy nowadays due to their ability to transform any space within a matter of seconds

Is your master bathroom in need of a little extra oomph? This two-light sconce may take the place of your nightstand lamp. While it gives your outfit an updated edge, it also frees up room on your nightstand for other necessities. Modern and industrial, this piece features a square backplate and a straight arm, both coated in a matte black matte finish. Any appropriate candelabra-base bulb up to 60W can be diffused by two glass globe shades, illuminating your space in flair.

6. Intricately handcrafted French antique candle wall light. 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: secure.img1-fg.wfcdn.com If you are a fan of antiques, then these French-inspired sconces can be a great addition

This wall sconce can brighten a room without taking up valuable floor or surface area. Made of metal and wood with a French antiqued finish, this item has two curling arms that give it a look at home in rural French settings. Add a touch of cottage charm with wall-mounted wood accessories. Two 60-watt candelabra lights can be used in this fixture, which has a candle-style design. In addition, because it’s approved for wet places, it can be efficiently utilised in moist spaces like bathrooms.
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7. Vanity Four-Light Clear Glass Fixture 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: m.media-amazon.com If you are looking for some creative mirror lights ideas, then these wall lights right above the mirror are a great option

This four-light fixture, which features transparent glass shades, lights your home and provides adequate task lighting. The piece’s curved arms and round steel backplate evoke a modern farmhouse vibe and are considered one of the best bathroom vanity lighting ideas. It adds elegance and functionality to any mirror—compatibility with both incandescent and LED lighting sources.

8. Glamorous Flush Mount with Stunning Crystals 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: i.pinimg.com Take it up a notch with glamorous bathroom wall lighting ideas with clear glass and crystals

Beautiful rainbow lighting can be seen throughout the entire room thanks to this Flush Mount fixture that features crystal balls made entirely of crystal. The process of attaching strings and drops is relatively straightforward. The shine and splendour of this flush mount will be brought into your bathroom or any room.

9. Rectangle LED Flush Mount Making a Bold Artistic Statement 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: m.media-amazon.com Wish to go the artistic way? Check out these LED flush-mounted lights for reference

This one-of-a-kind combination of three modern bathroom ceiling lights that are rectangular, geometric, and trendy is packed with chic décor. When reading or engaging in other activities, your eyes benefit from the protection provided by soft light. This beautiful and contemporary LED ceiling chandelier is ideal for use in various settings, including the bathroom, kitchen, living room, bedroom, dining area, workplace, study, and hotel. Lighting that can be used in both household and business settings.
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10. Flush Mount Caged Drum in Bohemian Style 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: i.pinimg.com Rattan-inspired bathroom-led lighting ideas look great in rustic settings

Suitable for use in moist environments. You’ll want this flush mount in your covered porch or bathroom because of its breezy and eclectic look. Rattan-wrapped rattan creates a light and airy form, which contrasts nicely with the finial’s brass finish. A clear plastic diffuser covers the base of the shade. Inside, two 60W lamps create a warm glow that fills the room.

11. Porcelain Tole Chandelier in Farmhouse Style 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: hips.hearstapps.com Go farmhouse chic with stunning chandelier designs

With its delicate flower patterns, this farmhouse bathroom’s tole chandelier is a lovely surprise. A gorgeous gold chandelier with porcelain flowers and other exquisite features is a work of art in its own right. Golden foliage and yellow blossoms adorn the light, with other eye-catching features. A total of four light fixtures are installed.

12. It’s time to brighten up your bathroom with uplighting. 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: hips.hearstapps.com If you enjoy reading while soaking in the tub, some bathroom wall lighting ideas are a welcome change)

Backlighting your bathtub with a warm glow creates an unquestionably seductive ambience. The light from the uplighting is accentuated further in this bathroom by the iridescent panther-and-plant-printed mural wallpaper.

13. Adjustable Sconces Are Strategic And Stylish

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: hips.hearstapps.com You can go for adjustable washroom lights ideas that have been positioned cleverly over the task zones

Strategically position your lights. For instance, in this bathroom, the lights have been strategically placed over certain task zones, such as the bathtub and the sink area, to ensure that those regions have abundant light. You could also consider getting a movable sconce so that you may moveit to the room’s location that requires additional lighting.

14. Make Track Of Your Bathroom Lighting 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: hips.hearstapps.com Track lighting on the walls is an excellent example that you can achieve sophistication even with simple lighting tweaks

It’s possible to achieve a very hip and trendy look with track lighting, particularly if the lights are mounted on the wall at an angle rather than hung from the ceiling. This bathroom design is a testament to luxury and streamlined modernity, demonstrating that the only embellishment you want is the use of sleek materials.

15. Ambience Enhancement With A Sense Of Peace

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: hgtvhome.sndimg.com Small bathroom ceiling lighting ideas can also include a statement recessed ceiling light to give character to the space

Low-level recessed wall fixtures flood the floor in a calming glow in this ethereal spa bathroom. The patio’s abundant sunlight and the soft light of the chandelier create a cosy atmosphere. In this tub room, there is no task lighting; it is solely to relax and have fun.

16. Find Elegance in Layers 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: st.hzcdn.com Tiered lighting paired with fixed sconces can be used in large bathrooms for an elegant effect

The tiered technique is beautifully demonstrated in this White Spotless bathroom. Bathroom pendant lighting ideas are one of the best to amp up your space instantly. The gold pendant hanging over the tub does not block the natural light coming in either the French doors or the window in the ceiling cove. Sconces provide task lighting for the vanity with comparable finishes that flank the mirrors.

17. Bathroom Lighting Fixture Resembling a Jewel 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: cdn.decorpad.com Brass light fixtures help make a unique statement in this ultra-modern bathroom

The wall-mounted sink in this ultra-modern bathroom appears to float in mid-air. Make a statement with these beautiful brass fixtures. A stunning brass and glass faceted pendant light float above it all.

18. A Brass Vanity Light for All Directions Is Warm and Cosy. 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: cdn.shopify.com Pair warm white lights with bathroom ceiling light fixtures in brass for a clean, industrial look

This four-light vanity light features form and function for the perfect industrial look. Warm brass accents on sockets, lug nuts, and a lower support arm dress up this fundamental black base. A simple yet stylish vanity light can be enhanced by using G25-shaped bulbs. Finish your bathroom renovation in a contemporary, modern design by installing this product lightly over the vanity. To give the mount a two-toned appearance, it is made of metal with four bent arms and sockets finished in brass. Soft light from four 60W bulbs illuminates your morning and nightly routines with ease. Because it’s dimmable, you’ll always have the correct amount of light, no matter what time of day it is in your house.

19. Simple Circular LED Flush Mount for Modern Design Lovers 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: i.pinimg.com When it comes to modern bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors, a diffuser ceiling light works well too

This kind of LED light for bathroom ideas, with its luminaire features a blown acrylic diffuser that provides adequate brightness with smooth and continuous dimming capabilities. The brushed nickel trim on top of the diffuser completes the look. Puck has built-in LEDs that produce a bright, even light that doesn’t cast shadows, similar to conventional flush mount lighting. The puck can be used in various ways as a wall or ceiling attachment.

20. Gold and White Semi-Flush Mounted Cluster Globe 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: i.pinimg.com Pure white globes attached at the base to a gold stand are pretty versatile and can be installed in any bathroom

A worldwide lighting system. This frosted-glass orb shape can be used in any house room to add a touch of elegance. Whether a sconce, semi-flush, pendant, or chandelier, this understated but elegant light fixture can have a definite place in your home.

21. Elegant Matte Black Mid-Century Incandescent Pendant Light 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: www.dainolite.ca Pendant lighting lends a distinctively sleek and modern appearance to your bathrooms

The oversized light pendant boasts a distinctive mid-century style with a sleek yet substantial silhouette that adds an ultramodern sense to your room. It may be installed on sloped ceilings thanks to a height-adjustable wire and an adapter. It helps direct light from a 100W maximum bulb through a matte black metal dome shade. A damp site rating and dimmer switch compatibility allow you to control the amount of light and where you want to install this pendant light.

22. Be Open For All That Nature Has To Offer You 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: hips.hearstapps.com Always make sure that your bathroom has a good balance of natural illumination and statement lighting fixtures for a spacious and airy feel

Even though you have no control over the amount of natural light coming into your space, if you do, make the most of it. This luxurious bathroom achieves the desired effect by placing the tub in the middle of three big bay windows. Bathing in this light is the best way to look your best. When privacy is needed, all you need to do is hang curtains or blinds.

What Bathroom Lighting Options Are There? 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

credits: d28m5bx785ox17.cloudfront.net Bathroom ceiling lighting ideas with clean and symmetrical light fixtures are a good choice

Here are some options to consider if you’re having trouble installing the ideal lighting setup. 

1. Task Lighting

In your bathroom, your task lighting will likely be the most noticeable. The focused light is designed to help you complete a specific task. This is where you’ll find most of your task lighting. However, you can also find it in your bathroom for duties like shaving or conditioning. 

Lighting fixtures for the vanity 

When choosing your vanity lighting, keep in mind the size of the vanity and the amount of available natural light. You can use a 45-watt bulb in a room with plenty of natural light, but a double vanity in an area that doesn’t get much sunlight needs more potent, more exposed illumination. 

Vanity task lighting most commonly takes the shape of sconces. To get most of the light and avoid undesirable shadows, we recommend installing two sconces on either side of your mirror, at or just over eye level. This method uses this method to make sure your face is precisely framed in the mirror. 

To eliminate bright overhead lighting that casts unattractive shadows on your face, use a fixture with an opaque cover above the mirror instead of a lamp. It may be difficult to believe what you see in the mirror if shadows are cast around your eyes or nose due to an exposed or directional light bulb. 

The size and shape of your mirror will significantly impact your final decision. If you have a powder room smaller than a double vanity, you may only have a place for one eye-level sconce above the circular mirror. 

Using 75-watt lights for master bathroom lighting ideas is a good rule of thumb. If you don’t use the space every morning, you can get away with 45 watts in a smaller bathroom room. 

Lighting for the Shower 

To make your walk-in shower more comfortable, you may choose to include recessed lighting in your design. When installing recessed lighting in this area, you’ll need to utilise either a damp-rated or moisture-rated fixture. You’ll have to decide whether the water will be exposed to light or merely humidity. 

After that, while choosing the recessed lighting for your shower, you will want to consider your battery’s overall design and atmosphere. Frosted, albite, and opal bulbs are just a few of the many kinds available. 

Consider installing at least one overhead light in a single shower and two in a double shower when determining how much illumination is required in your shower. Some homeowners can even install shower niche task lighting. 

2. Ambient Lights 

When it comes to overall illumination, ambient lighting is your go-to option. Any light that brightens a room and makes it possible to walk freely and safely around it is considered ambient lighting. Usually, this is achieved through the use of a ceiling light. Your bathroom’s ambient light should illuminate all four corners evenly. 

Consider the size of your bathroom when deciding the type of lighting you want. Using an internet calculator, calculate how many lumens your bathroom needs depending on its square footage and then fill it in with ambient light. 

Lights from Above – The Ceiling 

Ceiling lights are the most prevalent source of ambient lighting in bathrooms. However, what form of ceiling lighting is appropriate for your room? Finding the correct type of lighting for your space can be challenging since many options are available, such as pendants, flush mounts, and recessed cans. 

Recessed light fixtures 

The most straightforward approach to eliminate shadows from the corners and brighten up a modern or larger bathroom is with a few cans or recessed lights. To determine how far apart to position recessed lights, divide the ceiling height in half. If the ceiling is 8 feet high, the recessed lights should be 4 feet apart. 

Flush Mount Lighting Fixtures 

Whether you’re a renter or your home is brand new, you may only have a single flush mount light hanging from the ceiling. An inexpensive flush mount light fixture is a massive no-no for bathroom design. Instead, consider a drum flush mount or a schoolhouse-style future with exposed lighting. 

The Use of Pendant Lights 

Adding a stylish pendant or chandelier to a more oversized bathroom can be a simple way to update your space and create a focal point without spending much time and money. 

Quick Tip: A modern chandelier can transform a solo tub into a luxurious spa with an overhead pendant in the middle of the room. 

3. Decorative Accent Lights 

Accent lighting is the final lighting that should be considered in your bathroom. It’s there to give your bathroom a distinct vibe or to draw attention to a specific area. Even though it won’t light up your entire space, it’s a terrific opportunity to play around with your lighting choices and explore. 

Using a sconce or downlighting, you can highlight an architectural feature like an archway or a built-in cabinet. Use accent lighting to draw attention to the most appealing features of a piece. For example, in a dark nook light up floor-to-ceiling ceramic tile. In a larger bathroom with room for side tables, a modest lamp may give a lot of warmth to the space while also providing a temporary light source that is easy to reposition as you redesign.

Choosing the Right Lighting Placement Plan for Your Bathroom 

Bathroom Lighting Ideas
credits: cdn.vox-cdn.com You can check out bathroom lighting ideas for mirrors, especially in powder room-type settings

Consider the space’s natural light before deciding on the best lighting for small bathroom lighting. If there is no window in the bathroom, a brighter overhead light may be needed, but a room with lots of natural light may only need task and accent lighting. Make your bathroom feel more like a home by varying the amount of illumination in the room. 

It’s a good idea to strive for 50 lumens per square foot lighting in a bathroom to simulate natural sunshine. Your room’s floor space will determine the number of lumens you require, but you want just enough light to get dressed in the morning without being blinded. 

It’s best to work your way down from the very top. The first step is to verify that your room has enough lighting from the ceiling. Make sure your vanity is in place before planning the rest of your bathroom. This is where you’ll find the most options for task lighting, where you’ll be doing most of your work. As a final touch, add a personality and cosiness with shower or tub lights or other ambient lighting.

Importance of Choosing the Right Lights for Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom lighting, certain considerations are essential to ensure safety and functionality. Here’s what you need to know:

Bathroom Lighting Regulations: Bathrooms have specific regulations due to their exposure to water and moisture. It’s crucial to follow these regulations when choosing lighting fixtures to ensure the well-being of occupants.

Zoning and IP Ratings: Bathrooms are divided into different zones based on their proximity to water sources. Each zone requires lighting fixtures with specific IP ratings, indicating their water and solid resistance. Familiarize yourself with the IP rating requirements for each zone to select suitable lighting options.

Safety and Durability: Compliance with regulations ensures the safety and enhances the longevity of lighting fixtures in the bathroom’s moist environment. Choosing fixtures designed for the bathroom and with the appropriate IP rating reduces the risk of electrical hazards and damage caused by moisture.

By understanding and adhering to these regulations, you can select the right lighting fixtures for your bathroom, creating a well-lit and safe space that combines functionality and style.

How to Illuminate Your Bathroom Properly

Proper lighting in a bathroom is crucial for creating a functional and visually appealing space. When it comes to bathroom lighting, it’s essential to consider different zones and choose appropriate fixtures that meet specific safety requirements. Here are some key points to keep in mind when lighting your bathroom:

  1. Zone 0: Inside the bath or shower – For this area, select low-voltage fittings with an IP67 rating, ensuring they are completely waterproof. Recessed and sleek LED lights can create a serene ambience and enhance your bathing experience.

  2. Zone 1: Above the bath or shower – Opt for fixtures with a minimum IP45 rating, although IP65 is preferred. Overhead spotlights provide ample illumination for your bathing routine. Adjustable fixtures allow you to direct light precisely where you need it.

  3. Zone 2: Surrounding area and wash basin – Consider installing task lighting options such as wall lights and mirror surrounds. These fixtures offer focused, directional light for grooming activities. Ensure they have at least an IP44 rating for protection against splashes.

  4. Unrestricted areas: Extend your lighting creativity – Outside the specified zones, an IP44 rating is advisable. Use ambient lighting around the bath and within alcoves or niches to create a soothing atmosphere. LED strips and recessed lighting can be used to highlight architectural features.

  5. Control and flexibility – Incorporate dimmers or adjustable lighting to control the intensity of your bathroom lighting. Modern smart lighting controls offer pre-programmed settings for added convenience. Consider wireless lighting controls for a safe and cable-free installation.

Remember, proper bathroom lighting is a combination of functionality and aesthetics. By adhering to the safety requirements for each zone and incorporating various lighting techniques, you can create a well-lit bathroom that caters to your needs and enhances your daily routine.

We are confident these big & small bathroom lighting ideas will not only illuminate the space but will lend a sense of style and sophistication. With that in mind, if you are confused regarding what to do with house lighting designs, consider bringing in an expert. NoBroker interior designers have years of experience and will be able to guide you in the right direction. Happy to help!


Q-1 Why is good lighting in the bathroom so important?

A-1 Because restrooms might be moist and slippery, people are more likely to fall. For one thing, toilets are often dimly lit areas with few or no windows, making it difficult to see what you’re standing on.

Q-2 Is it essential to have a vanity light?

A-2 To create a relaxing atmosphere, every bathroom design should have a vanity with sufficient lighting. The vanity area of your bathroom, where you will be spending most of your time, needs excellent illumination, particularly in the case of bathroom vanity lighting.

Q-3 Regarding bathroom lighting, what are the best options available?

A-3 Bathroom light bulbs with colour temperatures of 3500K-4100K or 5000K-6500K (called “Cool White/Bright White”) are ideal for capturing your skin, hair, and clothing in detail and with colour accuracy close to daylight.

Q-4 Which is better for bathrooms: a warm or a cold white?

A-4 The colour of warm white light (Kelvin range of 3,000–4,000) is more yellowish. This kind of bulb is ideal when used in a bathroom or a kitchen. Bathrooms and workplaces are suitable for Cool White Light (4000K to 5000K), which includes more blue light and provides a brighter sensation.

Q-5 Where to install bathroom lighting? Down or up?

A-5 Since the ceiling and walls reflect light, the space seems brighter. Whether you hang them, vanity lights should be at least 78 inches above the floor.

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