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10 Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying an Apartment in Bangalore

Buying a home in Bengaluru is no simple task. There are thousands of options available and each option seems better than the other. People who are buying a flat in Bangalore need to take a few important factors into consideration before making this huge plunge. But what are the things to check before buying a flat in Bangalore? Fortunately, we have rounded up the main 10 things to consider before buying a flat in Bangalore.

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1. Budget That Suits You

Before you start looking for a flat to buy in Bangalore, you need to have a budget in mind. Don’t start by looking at homes first and then setting a budget, first look at what you can afford, and then start looking for homes. Take into account your monthly expenses, how much you can save and then plan a budget accordingly. Give yourself a safe budget, one that won’t wipe out your entire savings and monthly income for EMI payments.
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2. Should I buy a House Based on Location?

Connectivity around your location
Connectivity around your location

Bangalore is notorious for traffic. Here, you can spend 1 or 2 hours in traffic to travel as little as 10 km! If you don’t want to spend most of your day commuting, you need to be careful about where you choose to live. Choosing the right location to buy a flat in Bangalore is not that tough, but keep in mind, it should be close to work, should have good connectivity and should have good infrastructure. With Namma Metro coming to many parts of the city you can even opt to move to localities that are far, yet connected by the metro. For example, if you work on MG Road or in the Central Business District, you can choose to buy an apartment in Baiyyappanahalli or even Peenya! A little bit of planning can save you a lot of trouble.

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3. Documents to Check Before Buying a Flat in Bangalore

When you buy a house in Bangalore or any other city, you need to ensure that all the property documents are in order. There is no point in buying a home that does not have the right paperwork, you could end up losing the house or spending years in court trying to prove ownership. This blog about the Legal Documents You Need to Buy and Sell Property will help you with the key documents you need to check for. That said, there are mainly two types of documents you need to absolutely keep a track of – the primary title documents to prove as you as the owner of the property and the history of the property being sold. There are also some secondary documents to verify before buying a flat in Bangalore to ensure that the information in the primary documents is matching as well as some regulations to ensure compliance of the property. These documents include:
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  • The Parent deed including the sale deed, allotment letter, gift deed, partition deed etc.
  • The building plan sanction issued by the city BBMP, village panchayat or BDA, whichever is the local jurisdictaion around the property
  • Khata certificate or Khata extract that registers the property’s transfer from the BBMP
  • Encumberance Certificate that is the record of all the registered transactions in relation to the property including the lease, mortgage, sale etc, or even the absence of them
  • Any tax paid receipts for the property
  • Any PTCL or Prevention of Transfer of Certain Lands Act endorsement from the Tahsildar or DC to ensure that the property is not on a land owned by SC or ST communities

4. How Much Can You Haggle on House Prices?

When you are going to buy a flat, keep in mind that the price will vary based on the locality you choose to buy, the size of the home, the age of the home, the number of bedrooms, the builder, the amenities and facilities in the apartment complex, the furniture available, the market fluctuations, the need of the owners and so on. Because there are so many variables involved with the price or cost of buying a house in Bangalore., you need to do as much research as possible to see that you’re getting the best value for your money. A good tip is to find a home on NoBroker, this way your price instantly comes down because you save lakhs on brokerage.
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5. How Does Buying a House from a Builder Work?

If you’re buying a brand-new house in Bangalore and not a resale property, you should do some research about the builder and the building as well. There have been cases where builders have sold flats without having the right permissions, then the residents go through a lot of difficulties trying to regularize their new flats. With big-name builders, you won’t have such problems, but with the smaller builder, you need to proceed with caution. If you do choose to get a home through one of NoBroker builder partners in Bangalore, you won’t have to worry about this. You will also be getting the best price and saving money as you don’t pay brokerage and you deal directly with the builder.
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6. Water Inspection Before Getting a Place

Water supply in the area
Water supply in the area

Bangalore is said to be one of the cities that will soon experience Day Zero i.e. a day when there will be no reliable municipal water supply given to residents. At the pace at which the city is growing, it is nearly impossible to supply water to everyone. You will find a lot of apartments hire tankers, use rainwater harvesting systems and so on. So, when you’re looking to buy an apartment in Bangalore, check what the source of water is (Kaveri Water, bore well water etc.) and how often the building calls for tankers. If the building is already having water problems, you might want to look elsewhere.

7. Electrical Inspection While Buying House

With the work from home movement catching on, you need to check if the apartment you’re planning to buy in Bangalore has a lot of electricity issues. It’s a good idea to look for flats that offer 24/7 power back up; this way your work will not get affected. If not, you can always invest in a generator for your home, but this will be an added expense.

8. Why is Space Important in Architecture?

plan space in the house
Plan space in the house

When you decide to buy an apartment, youshould take into consideration the space you and your family need. Don’t buy a 1BHK if you’re planning on starting a family, you will soon outgrow the space. Now, with work from home, you also might want to take into consideration the space you will need for office space at home. If you and your spouse are working, that means you will both need extra space to set up desks and workspaces. Don’t just worry about your current space requirements, think of what you will need in the future too.

9. Deal / Discount on the Property

Don’t buy the first home you visit. It’s a good idea to shop around, especially now. Builders, banks and lenders are offering some great deals and discounts. You could save lakhs on your total expenses if you keep a keen eye out for the right deals. Some builders offer you things like a free modular kitchen, gold coins and even cars! Banks and lenders offer you EMI holidays and discounts, so take your time to look for the right deals and discounts.

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10. Family Needs Matters When Getting a Place

Apart from looking at the space, your family might need, you also need to look at other things such as what amenities and facilities they will need. For example, if you have kids, you will need to look for a home that has a good school nearby, homes with a children’s play area, homes with sports facilities like basketball courts, running tracks, pools and so on. If you have older parents living with you then look for homes that are elder-friendly, with rails and ramps in the right places, that has better security and fast access to hospitals.

Vastu Tips for Buying New Flat in Bangalore

While it is important to know how to buy an apartment in Bangalore, you should not forget to include Vastu Shastra into your checklist before buying a flat in Bangalore. The city of lakes is a great place to admire the beauty of nature even amidst a bustling city, so you will find so many great Vastu-compliant homes, essentially with the following tips:

  • Ensuring the entry in the east or north-east or north-west, as south or south-west facing entrances are not good
  • Ensuring that the kitchen is in the south-east or north-west and not directly looking at the entrance of the home
  • Making sure that the main bedroom is positioned towards south-west
  • Ensuring that the living room is positioned towards the north
  • Making sure the eastern direction has wide openings to receive more light, positive energy and success

If you do not possess an apartment buying guide in Bangalore or are new in the city, be sure to consult a Vastu specialist or consultant.

I hope this blog on the things to check before buying a flat in Bangalore has helped. If you still find that the whole process of finding a home is too complex and confusing, then just let us know. At NoBroker we have Relationship Managers who will take the time to understand your requirement and find you a home that is just right! You can also look for a home on your own, and both ways you will save plenty on brokerage. Find the right home on NoBroker, you can also get assistance with legal documents and loans, and you can get furniture and anything else you might need, so hurry, start your search today.


Q1: How to buy a flat in Bangalore?

Ans: You can opt for real estate search platforms like NoBroker to buy flats from prestigious builders and developers in Bangalore.

Q2: What is the process of buying a flat in Bangalore?

Ans: You should create a checklist of all the documents, your budget for the search, verification of the regulatory compliance of the property, Vastu-compliance etc. before purchasing a flat.

Q3: Which documents should I check before buying a flat in Bangalore?

Ans: You should ensure all the documents including the parent deed, sale deed, allotment deed, gift deed, building plan sanction, Khata certificate/extract, encumbrance certificate, property tax receipts etc.

Q4: Should I buy a flat in Bangalore based on location?

Ans: Bangalore is notorious for traffic. Here, you can spend 1 or 2 hours in traffic to travel as little as 10 km! If you don’t want to spend most of your day commuting, you need to be careful about where you choose to live.

Q5: Can I get deals or discounts on properties from builders?

Ans: Of course. You should not buy the first home you visit, as it is a good idea to shop around. Builders, banks and lenders are offering some great deals and discounts. You could save lakhs on your total expenses if you keep a keen eye out for the right deals.

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