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Top 20 Best Two-Color Combination for Your Bedroom Walls

Your bedroom is the place where you spend your private time alone or with your dear one. This is the place where you can relieve yourself of stress from the entire day and rejuvenate yourself for another one. Therefore, your bedroom must be relaxing and calming.

Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas1

When it comes to your bedroom, you have to be very thoughtful regarding interior decoration. From furniture to the curtains, you should choose everything very carefully. And when it comes to the interior decoration of your bedroom, you have to choose the right colour, if you want, choose two-color combinations for bedroom walls.

Monochrome colors have gone outdated. It looks a bit boring and doesn’t have much charm to keep you calm yet happy in your bedroom. That’s why the modern interior decorators always opt for two colors for bedroom walls.

According to experts, the colors of the walls have a strong impact on your mood. So having dual colors can reflect your mood perfectly.
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Also, the best color for bedroom walls can remove that monotonous feeling you get when you enter your bedroom. It is the vibrancy and the lively nature of these colors that can revive your mood after a bad day.

So what are the best bedroom color combinations you can use in your bedrooms? Read on as we have compiled them for you.

Indigo and White

Though color blue has always been the favorite color for bedroom walls for a long time, indigo can add more vibrancy to your walls. The combination of these two colors is soothing and relaxing. Indigo provides warmth to your room, and when it is paired with white, your room will look sophisticated and cozy. 

Combination for Bedrom Walls Ideas1

Peaches and Cream

How about capturing the feeling of summer inside your bedroom? It is warm and bright, right? Get a touch of the color peach on your bedroom walls, add in a bit of white to sober the brightness of the colour. White can keep balance, while peach uplift your mood every morning.

Creams and Coral

Do you want a royal touch to your bedroom? You can turn it into an elegant corner of your house by having these two colors on the wall. The delicacy and smooth appearance of these two colors can turn your bedroom into the most relaxing zone of your home. Make sure you use gray curtains to maintain that even tone in your room.

Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Gray and Yellow

Are you a bit adventurous by heart? Then this can be one of the best bedroom color ideas you can get. Gray and yellow rarely go together. But you can get the expertise of your interior decorator on mixing and matching these two shades. When the calming attributes of gray mix up with mellow yellow, it creates magic. 
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Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Beige and Lush Green  

These two combinations are among the best ones if you want earthy tones in your bedrooms. Lush green walls can add freshness to your bedroom while the earthly tone of beige can keep the balance. To experiment with the earthly tone, you can also color the bedroom walls with a combination of cream and muted greens or warm grays.

Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Brown and Cream

Brown is another color that is off-beat when it comes to the color the bedroom walls. But when it is combined with cream, it can lend an elegant, chic look to your bedroom. If you are using brown, be selective while choosing the shade. Talk to experts before using it. Also, make sure you choose the right furniture in your bedroom to complement it.

Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Purple and Gray

This is another paint combination for the walls of your bedroom that can give you a regal ambiance. The bold shade of purple can add liveliness to the room, while gray can subdue the overbright effect of purple. Make sure you can go for bigger furniture and other details to have a larger-than-life touch in your bedroom.
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Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Blue and Royal Red

You need real guts to go for this combination as a small mistake can destroy the look of your bedroom. And what happens if everything goes right? This can be the envy of your visitors! Use the jewel tone of red to bring brightness to your room and let the contrasting blue calm your senses after a hectic day. You can go for this combination for your master bedroom.

Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Red and Yellow

Are you confused about this combination? Don’t be, as this is the perfect color combination to add a bohemian look to your bedroom. If that defines you the most, you can go for this room wall color combination. The shade of red should be subdued while the yellow has to be mellow to create proper harmony in your bedroom.

Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Light Blue and Yellow

Make sure you use the vibrant shade of yellow and the light shade of blue to create an excellent ambiance in your bedroom. This is a color combination that can lift your mood instantly and also make your bedroom look more spacious and more prominent.
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Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Lime Green and Yellow

Yellow has always been a favorite color when it comes to the color you should choose for the walls of your bedroom or any other room. This color can make your rooms look spacious and brighter. If you are looking for the best color for bedroom walls, you can go for the combination of lime green with yellow, to bring a piece of spring inside your room. If your room is small, keep the ceiling white.

Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Burnt Orange and Purple

How about trying a smoky and sultry combination? You can go for it if you use burnt orange and purple. The look is quite satisfying and equally exciting. To fire up your sensuality, this color combination plays an important role! As both the colors are of a deeper tone, it will make your bedroom look like an emperor’s room.

Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Light Brown and Muted Green

Not all bedroom wall color combinations are vibrant and colorful. Sometimes you need a space where you can relieve all the grievances of your heart. Too many pulsating colors can be a pain to you then. If you have two bedrooms, you can go for this color combination in one bedroom to make it subtle and subdued. You will feelcalm and composed there if you are having a turbulent moment in life.

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Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Green and Pink

Both of the colors have their luster to make your room look sophisticated. When it comes to a two-color combination for bedroom walls, you can always try the shades of these two colors to make your room look more natural and beautiful. Pink always makes your room look classy, while green brings the touch of elegance.

Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

White and Burnt Yellow

If you are painting the walls of your parents’ bedroom, this can be the perfect color combination you can choose from the color palette. You need colors that won’t be torture to their eyes and senses. There should always be calmness and a soothing effect that can work for the betterment of their health. To have a good night’s sleep, this combination is perfect.

Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Burgundy and Beige

Are you going to get married soon? You can paint your bedroom with this combination to fire up the chemistry between you and your spouse. The warm tone of burgundy can keep you excited, while the beige provides a soothing effect to your eyes. Such a color combination is alluring.

Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Blue and Orange

These two colors can go well together. The bright hue of orange with the darker shade of royal blue can make your room a delight. If you go for this combination, make sure that the furniture is of light shades, especially white. In this combination, you are using a jewel tone with a brighter color that makes your room look bigger and brighter.

Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Brown and Orange

This is another deadly combination, and you have to be very careful while using it. Try to use burnt orange instead of the fruity shades of it. This color scheme is adorable, and you can make it look more fascinating if you have an artistic work on a wall.

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Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Orange and Tan

This combination will look like a fruit basket. These two colors can blend perfectly and create the best color combination for the bedroom. If you are a dreamy person and want your bedroom to be like a world of your fantasy, you can always go for these hues. Use the undertone of both colors to get the best tone.

Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Lavender and Yellow

Finally, this color combination is traditional yet interesting for all kinds of bedrooms. Use the creamy shade of yellow with the softer hue of lavender to bring elegance and sophistication to your rooms.

Combination for Bedroom Walls Ideas

Aqua and Raspberry

Pink and blue seem like very opposing colours, but when you pick a cool blue and add pops of colour, like a bold raspberry it can create a very fun and vibrant space. If you were to do up a kids bedroom or even your own bedroom, this bedroom colour scheme is something that you can try.

aqua and raspberry bedroom
Aqua and raspberry bedroom Picture Courtesy – obliquenewyork

Peach and Black

Peach is a versatile, warm and easy colour to pair with almost any colour, but when you choose a bold and daring colour like black, the results are stunning. Black almost instantly adds a touch of sophistication to this lovely peach bedroom making the accent wall stand out and add style to the room.

Peach and black bedroom
Peach and black bedroom – Picture Courtesy – pinimg

Lavender and off-white

Lavender, the colour and the fragrance are calming and known to induce a good night’s rest. If you’re looking to add colours to your bedroom wall that are calming and help you unwind, then lavender and off white are a great combination. This is also a popular colour combination for many living rooms too.

Lavender and off-white bedroom paint colour combinations
Lavender and off-white bedroom paint colour combinations Picture Courtesy – nipponpaint

Lime green and pink

If you’re looking to bring in some energy and a sense of rejuvenation into your bedroom then, you can choose these two colours. These two colours need to have the right hue, or you could go very wrong with this bedroom colour combination if in doubt, seek help from a designer first before trying it out.

Lime green and Yellow paint colour combinations for bedroom
Lime green and Yellow paint colour combinations for bedroom Picture Courtesy – nipponpaint

Charcoal and Burnt Orange

If you’re looking for a modern and yet gender-neutral colour combination for your bedroom walls, then try Charcoal and Burnt Orange. It gives the room a bit of brightness and cheer along with making the place look modern and neat.

burnt orange and charcoal colour combination for bedroom
burnt orange and charcoal colour combination for bedroom Picture Courtesy – pinimg

Aquamarine and white

You can’t go wrong with blues and whites for your bedroom walls, a crisp white with a pale blue, or a crisp white with a bold blue, or even a more modern aquamarine and white will look stunning on your bedroom walls.

aquamarine and white bedroom colour combination
aquamarine and white bedroom colour combination Picture Courtesy – nerolac



So there you go with the best two-color combination for bedroom walls that you can choose while painting the walls in your bedroom. Painting is not the last thing you can do to your room, but you need to adjust the furniture and other details so that your room looks magnificent. You can also check the best color combination for your house blog for more ideas.

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Top 20 Best Two-Color Combination for Your Bedroom Walls
What is the best color for bedroom walls?

This is a very common question that most people have, the bedroom is a special place made for rest and relaxation so having the right color here is very important. This article lists a bunch of colors that you can use as a combination or even as a single color for your bedroom walls.

Which color can you use in the bedroom to help you relax?

The most soothing and relaxing colours are colors like light blue, baby pink or dusty pink, whites or creams, light lavender, muted grey, and even turquoise. You can combine these colours with others to truly transform your bedroom and make it absolutely relaxing, this article will help with more ideas.

What is the best bedroom color for improving sleep?

The color that can help you sleep and even improve your sleep is blue! It is a color that you can perceive better due to receptors in your retinas called ganglion cells. These cells are most sensitive to the color blue and hence alert your brain to tell it that you are in a calm environment. Once your brian receives the message that the environment is clam and safe, your body will lower your heart rate and blood pressure and hence aid it better sleep.

Apart from blue, what colors are good for sleep in the bedroom?

After blue the colors that you can use in your bedroom to improve sleep are yellow, green, silver and orange.

What are the worst colors bedroom colors for sleep?

Purple, grey, brown and red are found to be colours that are not conducive to a good night’s sleep. However it also depends on how much of the color is used and what is their combination with other colours.

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