Check Out These Easy Rajasthani Decor Idea You Could Incorporate in Your Home

The royal state of India, Rajasthan, is known for its majestic monuments, exquisite arts, and extensive legacy. The state is well-known for its massive sculptures, architecturally stunning temples, and small Rajput paintings.


The folk arts and crafts, vibrant colours, and ancient dance styles like Ghoomar, Bhavai, and Kalbelia are just a few examples of the region’s rich cultural diversity.

Rajasthan is renowned for its varied traditions and interesting tales. Rajasthan has given the world something remarkable, especially in the area of interior design! Living in Rajasthan’s historic homes is a privilege. These are reminiscent of the royal families’ havelis.

The ancient tales and customs of the state are reflected in Rajasthani décor elements. These time-honoured decor ideas, which include dancing puppets, handicrafts, and antique decor items, will improve the beauty of your ultra-stylish home. You can decorate your living room, bedroom, and foyer with vintage lanterns, draperies, and upholstery.
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Try These Easy Yet Elegant Rajasthani Decor Elements

1. Traditional Rajasthani Wall Hanging Wooden Puppets Add Some Character

Rajasthani decor item
Traditional Rajasthani Wall Hanging Wooden Puppets Add Some Character

Wooden dolls covered in vibrant red, yellow, and golden hues are puppets, or katputlis. These can be bought as pieces for home décor in addition to being utilised in a puppet performance. Putting the puppets in a frame and telling a tale with them is another method to use themas rajasthani decor for living rooms.

2. Make The Walls Your Canvas

Rajasthani decor item
Make The Walls Your Canvas

In Rajasthan, vibrant hues like orange, pink, and green are common. Install these colours in your home’s decor to more closely mimic Rajasthani culture. For your interior, you can also use hues like brick red, sky blue, emerald green, and peacock blue. Intricate wall paintings depicting parts of nature like bright flowers, frolicking animals and much more are a prominent Rajasthani wall decor aspect.

3. Rajasthani Wall Decor with Classic Wall Paintings from Rajasthani Lore 

Rajasthani decor item
Rajasthani Wall Decor with Classic Wall Paintings from Rajasthani Lore

The Rajputs and other legendary tales are shown in the miniature paintings that Rajasthan is known worldwide for as rajasthani wall designs. To decorate your home’s walls, you can buy copies of these paintings in the nearby Rajasthani market.

4. Rajasthani Style Home Decor Low Seaters for a Royal Feel

Rajasthani decor item
Rajasthani Style Home Decor Low Seaters For A Royal Feel

Rajput palaces are renowned for having low or floor sitting. The addition of this kind of seating arrangement to your home’s interior design will give it a regal feel. When dining and entertaining, the maharajas and maharanis sat on the floor. A low-lying deewan, cushions, and floor bedding with covers decorated with elaborate Rajasthani embroidery can all be used to create the same impression. A low-hanging wooden swing with cushions and a wooden table with padded chairs draped in classic Rajasthani textiles are further options for rajasthani room decor. Green, vivid pink, and subdued mustard and red tones will finish the appearance. This seating configuration can be used in a nook in your bedroom or in your living area.
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5. Get Some Antique Rajasthani Home Decor Furniture

Rajasthani decor item
Get Some Antique Rajasthani Home Decor Furniture

Wooden furniture can offer your room a regal appearance when paired with a low divan or floor bedding as rajasthani decoration ideas. This furniture design style is ideal for upgrading to Rajasthani furniture design.

6. Let The Light Play Peek-A-Boo Through Traditional Jaalis

Rajasthani decor item
Let The Light Play Peek-A-Boo Through Traditional Jaalis

They are beautifully carved screens that permit filtered light, ventilation, and partial views. Jails can be used to build skylights, semi-private barriers, railings, and windows to provide the traditional Rajasthani aesthetic. Although sandstone is typically used to carve jalis, these can also be made from materials like wood or MDF board.

7. Let The Bright Colours Speak  

Rajasthani decor item
 Let The Bright Colours Speak 

A wide range of textiles, including well-known types like bandhej, block prints, leheriya, mirror, and stonework, are produced in Rajasthan. Using these textiles as bedspreads, table mats, pillow covers, tabletop covers, or simple hand-knit or intricate wall tapestries is the simplest way to add a Rajasthani touch to your home décor. To create a unified design, you may also combine them with vividly coloured wall hangings, photos, and artwork. You could even wrap vases, pots or ottomans with the fabric.

8. Bring Back the Dreamy Jharokha

Rajasthani decor item
Bring Back the Dreamy Jharokha

Jharokha, which are typically formed of stone, were historically used as viewing platforms in Rajasthani palaces and homes. They were mostly utilised by ladies in purdah to watch the court sessions.
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Using fake jharokhas, you can change the use of your seating area. Currently accessible jharokhas made of weathered wood can be transformed into a distinctive seating area. To help you create a dramatic effect in the living area, wooden Jharokha panels fitted with mirrors are also available.

DIY Rajasthani Home Decor Ideas

1. Easy Wooden Key Holder

Rajasthani decor item
[Image credits: Paartha Saarthi]
Easy Wooden Key Holder

With the addition of this lovely Ethnic Wooden Hand Crafted Key Holder Wall Hanging figurine, your home will have a more elegant appearance. All you need is a wooden frame, a simple and small Rajasthani wall painting and a few stainless steel hooks to hang the keys on. Attach the hooks horizontally along the bottom end of the frame. Glue on the painting right above the hooks to add visual appeal. Make sure to use heavy duty adhesives to attach the painting to ensure longevity.

2. Colourful Rajasthani Bandarwal

Rajasthani decor item
[Image credits:Pardis Shafie]
Colourful Rajasthani Bandarwal

This traditional Rajasthani bandarwal is decorated with beads, pompoms, and mirrors. This Bandarwal is a typical wall decoration from Rajasthan that is frequently used in Indian homes to decorate them. It is made of red, green, and orange colours.

On door entrances, the walls and windows of rooms, living rooms, etc., it looks lovely as traditional Rajasthani theme decoration.
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This can be made at home easily with scraps of bright fabrics, some rope, mirror pieces, pompoms and beads. This can be a fun DIY project for your kids who can later hang these up in their rooms.

3. DIY Rajasthani Wall Hanging

Rajasthani decor item

This is yet another simple DIY Rajasthani wall decor you could make at home. You would need a circular piece of cardboard, some paint, pompoms, beads, mirror pieces and some strong glue. You could get more creative with the writing on the wall hanging, the colour combinations and the mirror placements. 

Want a more prominent and well-designed Rajasthani decor look for your home? At NoBroker, we know home interior decor and design is no easy task. This is why we have partnered with some of the best interior designers around the country who can help you achieve the desired look for your home. Drop a comment below and we’ll put you in touch with our interior design experts who can help you.


1. What is a Jharokha?

Ans. The Jharokha is a stone window that projects from a building’s wall face in an elevated platform and looks out ontoa street, market, court, or other open area. It is  a typical element of traditional Indian architecture, prominent in Rajasthan.

2. What are some common Rajasthani fabrics you can use for home decor?

Ans. Some of the most popular and eye-catching rajasthani fabrics are-
Kota Doria

3. Which Rajasthani city is known for its furniture industry?

Ans. Barmer is well known for its selection of intricately carved furniture. Additionally, it features printing, dyeing, needlework on leather and fabric, and stone and mirror work. Local artists created the carvings for the historic Hindu and Jain temples that are dispersed throughout the state.

4. Where can I find authentic Rajasthani decor items in rajasthan?

Ans. The Hathi Pol Bazar specialises in beautiful miniature paintings and other handcrafted products from Rajasthan. More locals than visitors frequent the market, and the goods are reasonably priced.

5. What kinds of handicrafts and decor items is Rajasthan famous for?

Ans. Rajasthan is well-known for its handicraft creations, including paintings, blue pottery, carvings in stone, wood and sandalwood, carpets, metalwork, leathercraft, weaving, and more.

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