Imagine you’re buying clothes online. You select a style and select a piece that fits you as per your size. Every detail is mentioned, right from the type of textile to the color. However, there are no photos of that item! Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Users who are looking for a property online go through similar experience when there are no photos of the property.

AirBnB found out that properties with good photos get to 24% more bookings, 26% higher per night price, which translates into 40% more earnings. We, at NoBroker have seen that the properties with photos have 5 times higher interactions and faster rent outs.

The advancement of smartphones has allowed us to take really good pictures without having a professional camera. However, there are certain tips that will help the photos standout from the rest. We’ll have a look at those tips here-


Clean It Up

It’s important that you clean the place before taking any photographs, for furnished as well as unfurnished houses. The place that looks neat will always appeal to users against the place that’s shabby. Clean place can clearly highlight the availability & utilization of the available space.

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Let There Be Light

Lighting is one of the most crucial factors when it comes to photography.  Light can make or break the photo.

Although, professionals resort to high tech tools such as flashguns, flash diffusers, flash umbrellas etc. When taking a photograph by a phone, you can make sure that the photos are taken during daylight so that there’s maximum light available & every detail of the house is visible.

Every Detail Matters

It’s important that the tenant/buyer  has a clear idea of what’s in store for him. The elevation or photo of the outer appearance of building is as important as the interior photos of the room. Elevation gives an idea about the age of & condition of the building. Apart from this, while taking photos, make sure that you take photos of every room including the elevation, washroom & parking so that the user is well informed.

Find The Perfect Angle

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Apart from lighting, the angle is what differentiates a good photo from the average ones. The angle, depending upon the subject being shot differs. In our case, while shooting a room or a house interior, it’s important that we cover the maximum area of the room. One way to achieve this is using a wide-angle lens. But since we are shooting with phone camera, taking photos from corner in landscape/horizontal mode will allow you to cover maximum room area.

Storage & Furnishing

Different cities have different understanding about the furnishing element of the property. While a flat can be called semi-furnished in once city, same flat can be called unfurnished in other city. Hence, it is important to showcase the available furniture in photographs so that the confusion is resolved.

Another factor to highlight is the storage space available in the house. Many people prefer to use the storages available for the things that are rarely used. Clear highlight of  it can help tenants/buyers take a decision according to the stuff they own.

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