Top 10 Tallest Buildings in Mumbai

Almost touching the skyline, there are multiple skyscrapers in the glamour city of Mumbai. Tall buildings determine how urbanized a city is. Mumbai has about 4000 high-rise buildings and has the 6th highest number of skyscrapers in the world. Listed below in this article are the tallest buildings in Mumbai, both completed and under-construction projects. 


Let’s take a glance at some famous wonders known as the tallest buildings in Mumbai.

Nathani Heights

This skyscraper is at a prime location in Mumbai and offers a perfect 360-degree view of the city. This project stands out from all Mumbai skyscrapers due to its accessibility to everything in Mumbai. This is one of Mumbai’s tallest buildings and offers a great view.
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Location: Central Mumbai

Height: 262 metres

No. of Floors: 73

Builder: Nathani Supariwala Realty

Lokhandwala Minerva 

This under-construction building will be the second highest building in Mumbai. This is one of the highest-floor buildings in Mumbai which aims at improving the economy and infrastructure of the state. 

Location: Mahalakshmi

Height: 296.2 metres

No. of Floors: 90

Builder: Lokhandwala Kataria Construction Private Limited

Omkar 1973

This is again one of Mumbai’s tallest buildings which are under construction. The project has two towers – A & B, both having 73 floors respectively. These highest-floor buildings in Mumbai add to the visual appeal of the city.

Location: Worli

Height: 267 metres

No. of Floors: 73 (Towers A & B each)

Builder: Omkar Group

Lower Parel

The Palais Royale in Mumbai is slated to take the top spot as the tallest skyscraper in India. It is an ultra-modern, first-of-its-kind residential building project by Shree Ram Urban Infrastructure Ltd (SRUIL) in Mumbai, India. In 2019, Honest Shelter bought the tower for Rs 705 cr.  It is estimated to be a breathtaking height of 320 metres. The building will be well equipped with 120 apartments with modern amenities including a cinema house, spa, badminton court and swimming pools. The super tall building was completed in 2020-21 and is Mumbai’s biggest building.

Location: Lower Parel

Height: 320 metres

No of Floors: 60 floors

Builder: Honest Shelters

Palais Royale
Source: ctbuh

Imperial 1 and 2 

Located in Mumbai, the Imperial Towers of Mumbai are the second tallest residential skyscraper complex whose construction was completed in 2010. It was designed by Architect Hafeez Contractor. The architectural height of this building is 254m with 60 floors above the ground. A speciality of these buildings is that a landscaped podium on the ninth floor provides a green space amenity for the residents. 

Location: Tardeo

Height: 254 metres

No of Floors: 60 floors

Builder: Shapoorji Pallonji Group

Imperial 1 and 2
Source: flowcrete

Ahuja Towers 

Standing at a whopping height of 249m, The Ahuja Towers are awe-inspiring. Built by the Ahuja group, this building is listed as the 168th tallest in Asia. This tower uses an impressive total of 9 elevators to access its 54 floors. The steel cum concrete structure is used for residential purposes and located in Mumbai, India. 
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Location: Prabhadevi

Height: 249 metres

No of Floors: 54 floors

Builder: Ahuja Constructions

Ahuja Towers
Source: skyscrapercenter

One Avighna Park 

Whilst talking about the buildings that touch the skyline in India, One Avighna Park cannot be missed out. One Avighna Park is a twin luxury residential building that stands with a mighty height of 247 m. This 61-twin-storey luxury building designed by Neo-Modern Architects Pvt. Ltd. is located in Mumbai, India. This twin tower of Mumbai adds to the urban charm of the city.

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Location: Lower Parel

Height: 247 metres

No of Floors: 61 floors

Builder: ‎Avighna India Ltd

One Avighna Park
Source: businesstraveller

Crescent Bay Tower 

Crescent Bay is another spectacular addition to the list of tallest buildings in Mumbai. It is a residential complex developed by L&T Realty in collaboration with Omkar. Standing at 239m high the complex comprises 6 residential towers. Each tower is built on an elevated podium with panoramic views of the city skyline & Arabian Sea. It is well equipped with a gym, court, swimming pool, garden and recreational facilities. Today, many families reside in this marvellous skyscraper.

Location: Bhoiwada, Parel

Height: 239 metres

No of Floors: 63 floors

Builder: ‎L & T Realty

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Crescent Bay Tower
Source: lera

Three Sixty West Tower 

Three Sixty West Tower Mumbai is an under-construction super tall skyscraper in Mumbai, India. The construction commenced in the year 2011 and comprises two towers joined at ground level by a podium. Having 85 floors in Tower B, the height of this whacking building is foreseen to be 228m. Oberoi Realty has announced that The Ritz-Carlton is going to be the hospitality partner for this project. Tower A will be a hotel by The Ritz-Carlton Mumbai. They are like the world towers in Mumbai as it offers all amenities.

Location: Worli West

Height: 228 metres

No of Floors: 85 floors

Builder: Oberoi Realty

Three Sixty West Tower
Source: skyscrapercenter

Lodha Bellissimo

Standing tall with 53 floors and 222m above sea level, the Lodha Bellissimo Tower is developed by the Lodha Group. The construction commenced in 2005 and was completed in 2012. The renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa has designed the Club Bellissimoin in a contemporary yet traditional style. 

Location: Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

Height: 222 metres

No of Floors: 53 floors

Builder: Lodha Group

Lodha Bellissimo
Source: skyscrapercenter

The article above tells the basic details of the tallest buildings in Mumbai. Head to Nobroker to buy an apartment or rent a flat near these buildings and save thousands on brokerage. For more details – click below. If you have any further queries, head to NoBroker Forum. 

Which is the tallest building in India?

The tallest building in India is called World One. The second is World View. Both of these buildings are in Mumbai and they have 76 floors. They made the list only in 2020, before that the record for the tallest building was held by ’42’ in Kolkata, which had only 65 floors.

Where is the tallest building in India?

If you’re looking for the tallest building in India, head to Mumbai! Here you’ll find World One and World View, the tallest buildings in India at a height of 285 metres (935 ft).

Which city has the greatest number of skyscrapers in India?

The city with the most skyscrapers in India is none other than Mumbai! Here there are more than 1500 skyscrapers now and more are being added every year! Mumbai even ranks at No.22 in the list of the World’s top cities with the greatest number of skyscrapers.

Which is the tallest building in Mumbai?

The tallest building in Mumbai is World One. This building is in Lower Parel and was inaugurated in 2020. The building stands at a height of 285 meters (935 ft).

Which is the tallest residential building in Mumbai and where is it?

Surprisingly, the tallest building in Mumbai is not a commercial building, it is a residential one! World One is a residential building that is set on 7.1-hectares of land in Lower Parel and was developed by the Lodha Group.

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