Studio Apartment: Meaning, Price Range and Features

Searching for an efficient, luxurious, and convenient living space with plenty of privacy that is also economically feasible? We’ve got an idea for you – how about a studio apartment?

Studio Apartment

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We all dream of an inner sanctum. A place that is perpetually ours, holds the most profound secrets and witnesses the most powerful of joys. A space where you leave out the external world and direct your focus on things that matter. There’s an ideal home for everyone out there and it is not necessarily a BHK-type flat or a spacious house somewhere in the city. For a working professional or a person living alone, it might just be a 1rk studio apartment, which means a one-room living space with enough area for a kitchen/ kitchenette and an attached bathroom. 

In the modern era, where our prime focus is to grow as a career-oriented person, maintaining a bigger space can be a bit of a time-consuming challenge. Apart from convenience, prices in the residential real estate market are skyrocketing with each passing day. This is where the studio-type apartments come into the picture. Steadily, the demand for these apartments is gaining momentum in metro cities and tier-2 towns of India. A surge in the market for these apartments is inevitable. But is the contemporary lean in the housing world going to sit well with everyone? Read more to find out about the way of lifestyle studio apartments are here to inculcate.

What is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment meaning refers to the living space created out of a single-room unit, featuring a kitchen and bathroom. This space is efficiently distributed for different purposes and can even have partial walls as a boundary between the two sides of the room. These are compactly designed to provide the benefit of establishing different corners in the much-needed configuration. For example – one corner can feature a kitchen while the opposite one might just be ideal for professional work. Gone are the days when such living areas were dedicated to budding artists. Now, dividing a self-contained unit for different purposes is not only cost-effective but also promotes the idea of a minimalist way of living.

 Studio Apartments
Luxury studio apartment with a free layout

Studio apartments are cost-efficient and are also easier to manage. Allotting different parts of the living unit for different purposes helps in saving time, space and effort. This factor holds meaning for people trying to juggle the elements of work, travel, study, social life etc. A student or a growing businessperson cannot be expected to spend a hefty amount of money in a place that does not meet their requirements. Hence, the option of studio apartments. They are versatile, elegant yet practical.
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Configuration & Size of a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are not exceptionally large or roomy. One of the major features of a single-room living space is the feeling of closeness it exudes. Not tiny enough to instil a feeling of claustrophobia, but also not spacious enough to feel extraneous. The size range of these apartments usually differs between 250 and 700 sq ft. To give a vague idea about the area and studio apartment plan, let us assume that 250 sq ft. is big enough to be someone’s master bedroom while 750 sq ft. is somewhere around the size of a squash court. 

vector isometric apartment hotel
The layout of a studio apartment

With the growing population and rising property rates, Interior decorators and architects are compelled to think small for open floor plans. Can the multiple parts of a house fit into one spacious room? If yes, how? The answer is simple – room dividers. And in case you do not want room divisions, separation of the different functional areas (like living area, bed space, kitchen and bathroom) works just as well. Studio apartments are more effective when the furniture is minimized.

Studio Apartment Features and Price Range

new design apartment with functional kitchen
New design apartment with a functional kitchen and sliding doors

One of the most common features of a Studio Apartment is wall partitions. However, these partitions are not big enough to create separate rooms. The main function of dividers is to separate the living area, bed space or kitchen.

Other commonly seen features are:

1. Built-in Shelves with Open Blocks

 business meeting and working room
Room spaces in a studio apartment

 Could also work as a divider and act as storage for books or other substantial items.

2. Mirrored Doors or Walls

big mirror on wall in new modern room
The illusion of space in a studio apartment

Not only does the mirror help in enhancing the aesthetic, but it also reflects natural light, thus creating an illusion of a bigger space. However, you will need to walk carefully to avoid banging your head on it.

3. Split-Level Architecture

split level living room
split-level living room

It helps in giving depth to the final look of the apartment. Wisely utilising the vertical space is as important as the horizontal space. The vertical height of the room can be efficient for books, plants or even wardrobes. It is all about planning!
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Price Range of a Studio Apartment

price range of a studio apartment
Price Range of a Studio Apartment

Assigning a specific price range for Studio Apartments will be unfair. Generally, it is assumed that these apartments are ideal for single renters who are temporarily moving to a new city for work or study purposes. But that’s not the entire truth. With the growing price ranges of real estate, these are getting the attention of couples as well. Shifting to a common room unit does not seem immaterial if we factor in higher efficiency and low budget. In the strategic locations of a developed city, the prices of a studio apartment might go as high as Rs.1 Crore. However, in the developing areas, the price may be expected around Rs.25 Lakh. It all depends on the size and location of the living area.

Benefits of a Studio Apartment

Modern architecture is all about focusing on smaller areas and trying to make them efficiently livable to appease the customer. Undoubtedly, there are some major studio apartment benefits over the rest of the real estate properties.

  • These Apartments save space and are extremely fitting for single renters or individual businesspeople.
  • These are comparatively cheaper than the rest of real estate. Even if you want to decorate or renovate the place more often, it does not put a big dent in your budget.
  • The electricity bills, utilities and maintenance costs are lesser.
  • Talking about maintenance, we can’t overlook the fact that cleaning a studio apartment would be less painstaking and will require a maximum of 10-15 minutes. So, impromptu parties and get-togethers are easier to handle.
  • For people who find it hard to step out daily for a walk, these apartments might just be the cure. Even with some consequential benefits, a person is bound to feel a bit confined. So, your living space might just force you to step out for an occasional walk or jog.
  • Multitasking is way easier if the separate parts of the room are all together. You could cook as well as attend a meeting at the same time.

Different Studio Apartment Interior Inspirations

1. Industrial Studio Apartments

industrial studio apartments
Industrial Studio Apartments

Whenever we think of anything industrial, our mind automatically reveals a rugged, dark and dingy form of an image. Let me introduce you to another idea of warmth and cosiness fused with the high ceilings, exposed brick or concrete, tiles and visible wiring combined with other functional elements of wood or metal. When placed with the right furniture and painted with neutral shades, the place seems chic yet naturally raw.
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2. Hanging Art

hanging art
Small studio apartments

Although we have got limited space, the vertical portion of the apartment could be put to good use. If you are a big art enthusiast, those walls could be used to display some of your favourite pieces. Not only does that add character, but also enhances the vibe of the place. 

3. Cosy and comfortable

spacious apartment
Fashionable and spacious studio apartment  

 After a long day, stepping into a studio-type house that oozes warmth and comfort is what most people aim for. Personalize your area accordingly with soft, neutral colours while adding items of sentimental value, inspirational art or plants. Moderate lighting with a warm aesthetic adds character to the studio apartment.

4. Minimalism

Contemporary studio apartments
Contemporary studio apartments

It is not unusual for people to prefer going for the minimum furniture or decorative items while leaving the space open. A minimalist design can help express the elegant yet powerful look of the place. Symmetrical and geometrical patterns of interior decoration are often found in minimalist apartments. It is a style that you can freely experiment with.

5. Intelligent Use of Space

studio apartment interior
studio apartment interior with turquoise green walls,

A Studio Apartment does not need to be a hectic place with an overload of stuff lying around. Wisely utilise all the corners, create storage spaces alongside the wall and add functional components that add to the value and artistic view of the area.

6. Alcove Studio Apartments

alcove sudio apartments
open kitchen in a studio apartment

Alcove studio apartments are L-shaped living space that gives a divided area for kitchen or bed space. An easier way to create an illusion of a separate room, it could be beneficial for multiple purposes.

Are Studio Apartments Environment-Friendly?

Yes, without an iota of doubt. Studio apartments not only utilise lesser space but also ultimately save on electricity, water and other utilities. These Apartments are usually located somewhere in the city for functional benefits which do not disturb the ecosystem of nature-laden area. Looking at it from a different angle, less space needs less air-conditioning or heating. You save on transportation, require less furniture and eventually reduce your carbon footprint.

Comparing Studio Apartments and 1 BHK: A Breakdown of Differences

Discover the key differences between studio apartments and 1 BHK apartments in terms of layout, privacy, rent, and more in the table below: 

Studio Apartment1 BHK Apartment
SpaceSingle room with integrated spacesSeparate bedroom, living room, and kitchen
LayoutOpen floor planDefined rooms and designated spaces
PrivacyLimited privacy due to an open layoutMore privacy with separate rooms
RentTypically lower rentGenerally higher rent
MaintenanceEasier to clean and maintainMore rooms to clean and maintain
FlexibilityLimited customization optionsMore room for personalization
Suitable forIndividuals, working professionalsCouples, small families
FurnitureMinimalistic and space-saving furnitureMore furniture is required for separate rooms
PriceGenerally more affordableGenerally more expensive

What are the Drawbacks of a Studio Apartment?

Studio Apartments might seem beneficial for one part of society while it could be a disaster for the other.

  • Claustrophobic people might feel stuck in a room with no escape. Especially at a time when the entire world went through a major lockdown.
  • Not ideal for a family. If you have kids or reside with other members of your family, studio apartments are a big no. Every person needs their space and clustering multiple people in a single unit might get hectic.
  • If you own a lot of stuff or furniture, studio apartments might seem too tight. Hosting people over in such cases could be a bad idea.

Experience the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and affordability in a studio apartment – the epitome of minimalistic living. With their compact yet efficient design, these apartments are a practical choice for working professionals and individuals seeking manageable spaces. Often referred to as efficiency apartments or bachelor apartments, they offer divided functional areas within a single room, allowing for easy maintenance and cost savings on utilities. Hosting gatherings or keeping the space clean is a breeze due to their smaller size. Ranging from 250 sq ft to 750 sq ft, studio apartments are rapidly gaining popularity as an ideal living solution. 

Still, trying to decide if a studio apartment will meet your needs? Why don’t you check out a few options to make your decision easier? Click the link below to start your search on NoBroker. Here, you’ll find thousands of options in many localities and for varying budgets, and you save on brokerage! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Are studio apartments available in Delhi-NCR?

Ans. Yes. Do you have studio apartment requirements? Delhi-NCR being the hub of the industrial and technical market in India attracts a lot of professionals and students from all over the country. They are not always able to afford a bigger living space, thus studio apartments. Studio Apartments are functional yet cost-effective.

Q2. What is the size of a studio apartment?

Ans. Based on the latest studio apartment sizes, a studio apartment is somewhere between 250 sq ft and 750 sq ft.

Q3. Can I have a roommate in a Studio Apartment?

Ans. A studio apartment is a one-room living space that is divided into various functional areas. A roommate in a studio apartment will essentially be sharing your space rather than a separate room.

Q4. What is the difference between a studio apartment and 1 BHK?

Ans.  In 1 BHK, a bedroom, hall and kitchen all are designated different spaces. While in a studio apartment, bed space, living space and kitchen all are a part of one common room.

Q5.  Is it a good idea to buy a studio apartment in India?

Ans. That depends on your personal needs. If you are not planning to cohabitate with someone or move to a different city, buying a studio apartment is definitely a good idea based on a studio apartment’s size in India.

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