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Invite Good Fortune & Prosperity with Correct Money Plant Vastu Placements at Home

Money plant Vastu has been a crucial part of Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture that helps to achieve a state of tranquillity and equilibrium with the five elements of Pancha Tattva. This ancient science guiding the correct positioning of the money plant Vastu at home is still relevant today in not only bringing its ornamental, aesthetic value, but also several other benefits like serving as a natural air purifier, activating the flow of positive energies, and is also associated with the residents’ growth for attracting wealth and prosperity. 

Money plant vastu

Like other fortuitous elements like the Jade or Crassula plant Vastu, placing money plants in a planned way can be good for your home. In this blog, we will go over the guidelines to keep money plants as per Vastu, as well as know why money plants should be kept in which direction.  

(Source: unsplash) Money plants are one of the most popular natural indoor décor and aesthetic choices

Money Plant Benefits at Home

We know how indoor plants are a brilliant way to spruce up your home décor and aesthetic. There is, however, more than what meets the eye. 

Money Plant Benefits At Home
Money plants are natural air purifiers with several other health benefits for your home

As per a popularly cited 1989 study by NASA, indoor plants such as the money plant a.k.a. Devil’s Ivy a.k.a. Epipremnum Aureus a.k.a. Pothos, help remove the trace organic pollutants within the house including benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. Generally seeming harmless items around the house such as paints, furniture wax, detergents and glues contain benzene and can lead to damaged bone marrow cells and anaemia. Exposure to formaldehyde within carpets, cigarette smokes, kerosene heaters and more can lead to cancer and leukaemia. More studies have shown how indoor plants also help minimize stress levels and improve attention capacity. Money plants in this regard are extremely popular for your home, given that they are almost impossible to kill. These trailing creepers with heart-shaped leaves can live with atmospheric humidity, and along walls, windows, bookshelves and more, all without the need for much sunlight. According to a recent study, money plants can even survive droughts! 
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Beyond its physical benefits, Vastu Shastra consider the money plant Vastu as an energy force, that helps cleanse the negative energy around the house. The right money plant Vastu directions and positions can also help eliminate the harmful radiation from our everyday technologies and gadgets including wi-fi routers, computers, cell phones and television. 

Opportune Money Plant Directions According to Vastu

The money plant position in home matters, as their placement and directions can help attract wealth, prosperity, and good luck for your family members. The money plant Vastu Shastra is clear about the ideal directions. 
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Opportune Money Plant Directions According To Vastu
Money plants put your home in the right direction of growing wealth, prosperity, and good luck

For instance, placing your money plant in the North direction is favourable, given North is ruled by Kuber, the lord of wealth according to the Vastu Purush Mandala, and the whose preferred colour is also green. This means putting the money plant in the north can be a harbinger of new opportunities for wealth. You must remember to use a blue coloured bottle instead of red or yellow, as blue attracts wealth, while red and yellow block the positive energies causing financial troubles. However, note that the money plant in the Northeast direction is considered the most negative, and can lead to a financial crisis. 

Another most opportune money plant direction in the house is the Southeast, governed both by the Goddess Lakshmi, the harbinger of prosperity and wealth, as well as ruled by the planet Venus, favouring beauty and aesthetics. Placing your money plant in the Southeast direction, therefore, will allow for the free flow of money into your house. A helpful money plant Vastu tip is to keep it in a brown or red pot and rooted in soil instead of a water bottle. Similarly, the money plant in the south direction is also a great location, as it represents fame and expansion of your wealth. However, avoid placing the money plant in the southwest direction or the west altogether, as they can lead to instability in life, relationships, and career.  

Let us now understand the various money plant locations as per Vastu. 

The Vastu of Money Plant in the Kitchen 

The Vastu Of Money Plant In The Kitchen
[Money plants are an auspicious choice of indoor plant for the kitchen

It is important to understand the role of money plant in kitchen Vastu, as the kitchen is the food factory of your home and therefore a good place to put the money plant. As an activity of fire, the kitchen can have negative energies due to the incorrect placement of the burner. You must make sure that the plant is not close to the burner, but near the window or the entrance with at least 4-5 feet of distance between them. 

The Vastu of Money Plant in the Bedroom 

The Vastu Of Money Plant In The Bedroom
Money plants help you sleep better by cleaning the air in the bedroom

To get the best out of the money plant Vastu in the bedroom, you must place it in the ideal directions which are East, South-East, North, and South. Avoid the West and South-West directions as they can bring instability to your relationships and career. It is also better to put it at 5-6 feet as, like any other common plant, money plants produce carbon dioxide at night. So, never place them near your headrest or footrest parts of the bed.

The Vastu of Money Plant in the Bathroom 

The Vastu Of Money Plant In The Bathroom
Money plants thrive in the mildly humid environment of the bathroom

Having some greenery in your bathroom is an excellent idea for two reasons. For one, it is soothing to our eyes and uplifts our mood. For another, money plants help absorb the negative energy in the bathroom. The best thing about the money plant in bathroom Vastu is that as the element of Air, it thrives in the humid and warm conditions of the bathroom, and stimulates a tidy, hygienic environment. 

The Vastu of Money Plant in the Living Room 

Combined with artwork, statues, or artisan vases, creeping money plants on the wall can add a lush and verdant look to your living room décor. It is best to keep them in the southeast corner of the room, given this direction is governed by the Lord Ganesha and the planet Venus, and therefore, attract luck and prosperity. 

The Vastu Of Money Plant In The Living Room
Money plants add to the lively décor of any living room

A Few Important Money Plant Vastu Tips

While the money plant is a pretty simple and low-maintenance indoor plant, there are a few key tips you can do to take care of them. 

A Few Important Money Plant Vastu Tips
Taking good care of money plants translates to taking care of your wealth, health, and spirits
  • Sunlight: It is best to avoid direct sunlight that can scorch the money plant’s leaves, but you can put it in a bright or naturally well-lit spot. If the leaves are pale, it means the plant needs lighter. 
  • Water: Money plant in water favours Vastu symbolizing care. Money plants appreciate high dampness, but also can suffer from overwatering. It is best to routinely water in the growing season, and less in winter, so that the soil is consistently moderately damp.
  • Temperature: You must always keep the money plant away from high-temperature areas as the kitchen stove, radiators, and such, as they thrive more at normal room temperature environments.
  • Cleaning: Money plants are climbers, and therefore can collect dust easily. It is best to regularly clean the dusty leaves with a moist piece of cloth. 
  • Trimming: It is advisable to trim or prune the money plants regularly as without regular care, they can become too long tough to maintain. 

Undoubtedly, money plants are great for your house to make it a safe space, and one that boosts your quality of living. If you have doubts about money plant directions as per Vastu or how you can best use indoor plants to the advantage of your interior decoration and as per Vastu rules, be sure to check out our blog on Indoor plants and their effects on Vastu as well as one with a complete list of lucky plants for your home to make your life even better. You can also try the professionals at NoBroker. Our Home Services team has professionals that are all 5-star rated and come with the best experience in the industry. Click the link below to book NoBroker Home Services and enjoy some amazing deals and DISCOUNTS!


Q1. Is money plant good for home?

Ans. Yes, money plants are great for home as they not only purify the air and look appealing to the eyes, but also bring a positive flow of energy at home.

Q2. Money plants should be kept in which directions?

Ans. It is best to position the money plant in the north, southeast, and south directions, and best to avoid the west, and northeast positions altogether. 

Q3. When is the best time to grow a money plant at home?

Ans. You can begin planting money plants at any season as they thrive in most environmental conditions and normal room temperatures. It is best to avoid close distance from high heating things in the house such as the kitchen burner, radiator, geyser, and such. 

Q4. What is the best way to water money plants?

Ans. Money plants prefer dampness and frequent watering during the spring, summer, and autumn seasons, while over-watering must be avoided in the winter seasons.

Q5. How do I plant money plant?

Ans. It is very easy to propagate money plants in your home. All you have to do is take a plant cutting with a node and roots and place it in water or a potting mix. 

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