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How To Apply for Government Quarters Through E-Awas Mumbai

The Government of India time and again comes up with schemes/plans to help its citizens. One such Yojna or scheme is that of E-Awas. Everyone understands the importance of owning a home or having a roof over one’s head. We know that employees of the central government have to move from one place to the other to serve the needs of the country. This is why the government in many ways ensures its support to its workers by offering them the E-Awas housing Yojana. E-Awas eligibility criteria differ from state to state, and also on the income of the employee, therefore E-Awas Mumbai follows its own criteria of housing unit selections. GPRA NIC in Mumbai features its own set of rules, to know more – read further.

E-Awas Mumbai

What is E- Awas?

The Government of India came up with the Yojana – General Pool Residential Accommodation (GRPA) to provide its employee’s affordable homes. Only central government employees are eligible for this scheme. The provisions of how these residential houses will be allotted are laid down in the Allotment of Government Residential Rules, 1963. The Union Housing minister allocated houses through an online portal – E-Sampada. This is available in Delhi and 31 stations outside of Delhi, which includes Chennai, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Mumbai etc. 
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E-Awas is an electronic tool that the Government uses so as to ensure a fair, secure, and corruption-free method of house allotment to the central government employees. At present, there are more than 65000 housing units. The online portal of E-Awas Mumbai takes care of allotting government quarters in Mumbai.

What is E- Awas
E-Awas Mumbai allocates government quarters to Central Government employees stationed there.

Grade Pay and Accommodation Entitled Through E-AWAS Mumbai

The below chart states how the GPRA Mumbai allows homes to Central government employees stationed in Mumbai:

Residence TypeBasic pay/Grade Pay (Rs)
I1,300, 1,400, 1,600, 1,650 and 1,800
II1,900, 2,000, 2,400 and 2,800
III4,200, 4,600 and 4,800
IV5,400 to 6,600
IV (SPL)6,600
V-A (D-II)7,600 and 8000
V-B (D-I)8,700 and 8,900
VI-A (C-II)10,000
VI-B (C-I)67,000 to 74,999
VII75,000 to 79,999
VIII80,000 and above

Priority for Accommodation Allotment – E-Awas Mumbai

Type of accommodationPriority factor
Lower type – i.e., Type-I, II, III, IVService joining date with the government of India.
Higher types of accommodation – i.e., Type IV (Special) to VI1) Officer’s Grade Pay. 2) The applicant’s current grade pays and the date since when has he been drawing this current pay. 3) Basic pay – i.e., officers who have higher pay (earn more) shall have seniority on the waiting list. 4) Service joining date. 5) If two (or more) officers have the same priority date, basic pay and date of joining in the service, the officers retiring earlier will be accorded higher priority.

How to Register on E-Awas Mumbai

E-Awas Mumbai online portal is made tech-friendly so that central government employees can easily access it. Below is the step-by-step process for E-Awas login.

E-Sampada is the online portal through which the government allocates houses to its employees.

  • Go to the registration link and insert your 10 digits mobile number. Make sure to give a number to which you have access, as you will soon receive a message for verification. It is the E-Awas login Mumbai; therefore, you need not put the country code (+91) before it.
  • Next, enter your 12 digits Aadhar Number.
  • Now employee’s name has to be entered, it has to be the one that is registered and used in your workspace.
  • After this, you will be asked to create a login ID, and the password will be sent to your mobile number (same as mentioned above). You can then, later on, change the password as per your convenience.
  • The last step is to fill in the service joining date.

If you find this process to be a hassle, you can also directly mail the Directorate (eawas-estates@nic.in) for your E-Awas Mumbai login credentials.
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Application Through E-Awas Mumbai

‘Automate System Allotment’ (ASA) directs all the applications that are applied via E-Awas Mumbai. The application should only be filled or made after transfer or joining at any assigned Central government post. The website of E-Awas Directorate of Estates has the feature of ASA in a few featured cities and the form DE-2 has to be applied. An Aadhar Card is a must to fill this application. E-Sampada Mumbai, the online portal is easy to use and below is the step-by-step explanation of the procedure:

  • The article has already discussed in detail the procedure of E-Awas login Mumbai. Now use the same Login ID and Password to fill the DE-2 form.
  • Take a clear print of this form and send it to the Director of Estates office. 
  • The application will be activated with E-Awas Mumbai once the form has been submitted and verified; then it will be added to the waiting list. You can then move on to make changes or clarification as to what kind of house you require.

Eligibility to Apply for E-Awas Mumbai

Eligibility to Apply for E-Awas Mumbai
There is list of criteria that you should meet before a housing unit is allotted you

The list below states the eligibility criteria for GPRA NIC in Mumbai:
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  • Cabinet Committee on Accommodation (CCA) must approve the applicant’s location in Mumbai.
  • Applicant should be employed by any of the central government’s offices (or subordinate office).
  • Consolidated Fund of India should be from where the Applicant withdraws their salary.
  • The department that the applicant works for should not have its own pool of accommodation for its employees.
  • The office of the applicant must be inside verified official state boundaries.
  • The Ministry’s Joint Secretary should approve the application and then it must be forwarded to E-Awas Mumbai Directorate Office.

Application for Change of Accommodation Through E-Awas Mumbai

Usually, a change of accommodation is not entertained, but one change is allowed in the same type of accommodation. The given below procedure needs to be followed: 

  • The article has taught you about E-Awas Mumbai login.  Use your login ID credentials and click “application’. Then select the form that is relevant for you and fill in the correct information.
  • Now take a print of your form and send it to the assigned E-Awas Mumbai regional officer.
  • ASA updates every month. You can give your preference, but the housing unit is subject to availability.

But keep in mind if a house is allotted to you through E-Awas Mumbai, then you have to accept it. If there is non-acceptance, the application will be nulled, and the applicant cannot apply for another housing unit for 3 months.
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The government of India has very well-planned the scheme of GRPA. E-Awas Mumbai has been doing a fair job by providing housing/residential accommodation to the central government employees. The above article in detail explains what E-Awas Mumbai is and how it works. If you still have queries, you can find all your answers on NoBroker Forum. And if you are looking for a home in Mumbai, click below and NoBroker will help you find your dream home – brokerage free. 


Q1. What is the official website of E-Awas Mumbai?

Ans. The official website is – https://esampada.mohua.gov.in/

Q2. What form has to be filled while applying for an application through the E-Awas Mumbai government?

Ans. DE-2 form has to be filled, this form can be found on the online portal/website of E-Awas.

Q3. Who approves the DE-2 form?

Ans. The form is approved by whoever is your department head, and then it has to be sent to the regional officer or Directorate of Estates.

Q4. When should the DE-2 form be applied?

Ans. The form should only be applied after atransfer or joining, not before.

Q5. Is an Aadhar Card compulsory to submit an application with E-Awas Mumbai?

Ans. The article above does state that the Aadhar Card is MUST, to fill the DE-2 Form with E-Awas Mumbai.

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