When you sign a rental agreement with your landlord there are many do’s and don’ts that you are agreeing to. These involve simple ones like maintenance fees, parking regulations, guest limitation etc. to ones like no nails in the wall, no changing of hardware etc. But not all landlords are that particular about this. For the landlords that have many rules and regulations regarding how the house should look, how does one manage to make it their own?

Here are a few simple, low budget ways to make your rented house feel like your own home–

1-    Curtains

If you can’t change the colour on the walls, you can at least change the curtains and choose a colour that you think looks best.  If you want, you can use contrast colours and even use curtains to make your windows look larger (use full-length curtains instead of halves), bring in more sunlight (use lace or sheer curtains) or even keep out too much sunlight.

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2-    Mirrors and paintings

Hanging mirrors is a great way to bring in extra light into the room and also make the room look larger. By creating extra space and adding light, your rented home will look transformed. Putting up paintings are also a good way of showing your individuality, but these might require permission from your landlord if you need to put nails into the wall. If there are existing nails, then you have nothing to worry about. Another option is putting up posters, this only requires some Blu Tack and won’t cause any damage.

3-    Statement furniture

If your rented home is furnished or even semi-furnished, it could be hard for you to express yourself with your own furniture as there might not be space for it. In such cases, get a few statement pieces or at least one, that can make the place feel like your own. Think a large colourful armchair or an overstuffed couch with prints, and so on.

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4-    Lighting

A simple switch from harsh white light to yellow light can bring in warmth to your rental home and make it feel more like home. Another way to change lighting is by bringing in more floor and table lamps instead of depending on chandeliers and sconces for your light. These lamps can be signature pieces like the Arco lamp by Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni or colourful and affordable pieces like the IKAT lampshades by OKA. Lamps are as good statement pieces and can add warmth and personality to any room.

5-    Rugs and carpets

Not all rented apartments come with marble flooring or wooden floorboards, so what do you do when your rental apartment has terrible flooring? You can’t go about replacing the tiles, you could polish them, but that’s not going to give you the amazing results you seek. In this case, you can try covering up the flooring with rugs. These add colour, hide stains and bring in your personality to the home. You can even use rugs to divide the room and create separate living spaces.

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We hope these simple tips will help you feel more at home in your rented apartment. You also won’t have to worry about not following your landlords’ orders, none of these tips will cause damage to your rental home, so go ahead, start transforming your home. If you feel that the changes you made are not helping, just let the experts at NoBroker find you a house that gives you the right feeling of being at home.

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