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    No Calls From Brokers

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    Simple Listing Process

    Simple Listing Process

    As an owner you can list your property in a few minutes. Just fill out our super simple form. Your property will go live after verification.
    Tenant Selects Property and Schedules an Appointment

    Tenant Selects Property and Schedules an Appointment

    If a tenant likes your property they will request for your contact details. Both parties will receive contact information and then arrange for a visit.
    Deal Closure

    Deal Closure

    Owner and tenant meet to close the deal directly. NoBroker can help create a rental agreement and deliver it to your doorstep.
    Post your property Ad for Rent/Sale
    If you are looking to rent or sell your individual house, flat, or commercial property the first thing you need to do is decide how to find a buyer or tenant. Now, you can’t always depend on your immediate contacts to help you get the job done, you need to cast a wider net, to get more options and to get better offers.

    Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers about house rent, house selling, commercial property rent and commercial property selling. This should give you an idea as to how simple the process is, and what you need to be aware of.
    How do I post my house for rent?
    When you decide you want to rent your flat or find a tenant, you need to start by creating a property ad. The ad should have key information like –
    1. About the house
      • Apartment Type (flat/independent house/villa)
      • House or Apartment Name
      • BHK type (1BHK, 2BHK etc.)
      • Floor (2nd Floor, 3rd Floor)
      • Age of the house
      • Area /size of the house
    2. About the locality
      • Mention the City
      • Mention the Locality
      • Mention the Street
    3. About the cost
      • What is the rent amount you’re expecting?
      • What is the deposit amount you’re expecting?
      • Is maintenance included in the rent amount?
      • Is furniture included?
      • Is there Parking?
    4. Other details
      • Mention when your house is available from
      • Are you looking for families or bachelors? Or anyone?
    You can even talk about the amenities, and facilities the house or society has. You can even describe the home so that people are aware of everything there is to offer.
    What should an advertisement for sale of a house contain?
    A good advertisement for sale of a flat or independent house should contain all the details of the house, the locality it is in, the connectivity it has, the amenities and facilities available and information on the documents. Don’t forget, you also need high-quality images to go along with your property ad. Below is a list of what you need to mention in the ad to sell any flat online or even offline.
    1. About the house
      • House Type (flat/independent house/villa) for sale
      • House or Apartment Name
      • BHK type (1BHK, 2BHK etc.)
      • Floor (2nd Floor, 3rd Floor)
      • Age of the house
      • Area /size of the house
      • Ownership Type (self-owned)
      • The direction of the house (East Facing)
      • Type of flooring (wooden, marble etc.)
    2. About the locality
      • Mention the City
      • Mention the Locality
      • Mention the Street
    3. Details about the sale
      • What is your expected price?
      • How soon do you want to sell it?
      • Does it come with any furniture?
      • Is there an existing loan taken on the house or for the house?
      • Is there parking available?
      • What type of kitchen does the house have?
      • Give a brief description of the house, mention any USP or feature you think helps your house stand out.
    4. Talk about the Amenities available
      • How many bathrooms does your house have?
      • How many balconies?
      • Does it have a private garden?
    5. Amenities in the building society
      Mention all the amenities the building society has to offer, like 24/7 power backup, 24/7 security, swimmingpool, clubhouse, internet and anything else your society has.
    6. Documents
      • Is there a Katha (Karnataka)?
      • Is there a Sale Deed?
      • Is the property tax paid?
      • Do you have an Occupation Certificate?
      • Lastly, you can mention when is the best time to contact you, when is the best time to see the house andif needed, who is the ideal buyer.
    Why should I post my property for rent or sale online?
    Making a rental advertisement or advertisement for the sale of a flat is very important. With the right ad, you can let anywhere from 100s, to 1000s of people know that you are ready to rent or sell your house. The ad will give them the key information they need and capture their interest.
    The potential to find a tenant or buyer of your liking is larger. Instead of settling for a tenant or buyer from 2-3 choices, you can choose the best from a lot more. If you’re looking for a young family, students, IT working professionals, or any other type of tenant or buyer, you can find them with the right flat advertisement.
    Is it possible to rent homes without an agent?
    Most people think all house selling websites have brokers, and you will lose money when you use them. Most home selling sites, and listing sites even charge money just for listing your home for rent or sale. But, on a website or property app like NoBroker, the whole process of listing your home and finding a tenant or buyer is FREE. There are no agents involved. You will talk directly with interested buyers and tenants and you control the whole process.
    How do I sell/rent out a house myself?
    Many people wonder, if you don’t use an agent to rent or sell your house, how can you do it on your own? The answer is simple. Just visit any of the free listing sites, especially NoBroker, then create an account, as soon as your account is verified, you can add the important details about your house. You can access this free ad posting site from your desktop or use the mobile app, it is one of the best property apps India, it is also very easy to use.
    If you still find this process difficult or confusing, you can share your house details on WhatsApp! Just send a text to +91 8045442196
    You can even give us a call on +918045442196 the experts at NoBroker will note down your details and make a free advertisement for sale of flat or advertise for a house for rent. This free ad post will be done in minutes, and from the comfort of your home.
    Where can I list a commercial property for rent for free?
    If you are the owner of commercial property, don’t worry you can post your commercial property for rent for FREE. The NoBroker website and property app will let you post a FREE ad. You need to provide a few details of your commercial property such as –
    1. Property type
      • Office
      • Co-working space
      • Shop
      • Showroom
      • Godown/warehouse
      • Industrial Building
      • Industrial Shed
      • Floor information (2nd out of 5 floors)
      • Area (sq. ft.)
      • Furniture availability
      • And location (main road, corner property)
    2. About the locality
      • Mention the City
      • Mention the Locality
      • Mention the Street
      • Give the exact address and mark the location on a map
    3. About the cost
      • What is the rent amount you’re expecting?
      • What is the deposit amount you’re expecting?
      • Is maintenance included in the rent amount?
      • Is furniture included?
      • Are these rates negotiable?
      • When is the property available from?
      • What type of business is the property ideal for? E.g. showroom, shop, ATM etc.
    4. Amenities
      • Does your property have power back up?
      • Does it have a lift?
      • Does it have parking?
    Talk about where the property is located, is it in a residential area, or shopping mall? And so on. You can even write a small description of your property to give it more character, you can describe all the special features of the property and what makes it stand out.
    Where can I list a commercial property for sale for free?
    When you want to sell a commercial property like sell a shop, sell an office building or office space, you need to provide the same details as above. Your free property selling ad should have all the key details about the property, locations of the property, amenities available in the property, and most importantly if all the required commercial property sale documents are in order.
    What is the benefit of posting property ads on NoBroker?
    When you post a property for sale ad or post an ad for rent of a house on NoBroker, you’ll be connecting to lakhs of potential buyers and renters! Apart from this, the whole process of registering and posting an ad for house sale/ house for rent ad/ commercial property rental ad is FREE.
    The other benefit is that you will have experts who can guide you through the process, you have the freedom to decide if you want to do this on your own, or have an expert take over and post the property ad on your behalf.
    You will be sharing pictures of your house or commercial property; these pictures will help you get up to 10x better responses. In a newspaper or magazine ad, you will not be able to share more than 1-2 pictures, on NoBroker you can upload many pictures and you won’t have to pay anything to attach it to your property ad.
    Can I get additional support from NoBroker?
    If you feel that hiring an agent or broker to rent or sell your house/commercial property is a good idea, because they offer additional services, you’re not wrong. But, NoBroker has the ability and experience to offer you more benefits and services from a team of experienced and knowledgeable people.
    From assistance with taking pictures, to showing your house on your behalf, to helping you find the right price to sell/rent your property, our team can do it all. You can even boost your property listing, NoBroker can make sure that more people see it and make it a trending listing!
    The whole process becomes so simple, fast and efficient. You don’t have to do things the old-fashioned way when there is a better way to rent houses faster and sell faster too, the same goes for commercial property.