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Looking for Property Management in Mumbai for your Rental Home?

From Finding Tenants in Mumbai to House Maintenance, we take care of everything and promise you guaranteed monthly rent

From Rental Agreement in Mumbai to Rental Guarantee, we make renting your home a breeze.

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Property Management Service in Mumbai

When NoBroker handles everything for you, it becomes easy to forget you have an apartment in India. Except, when the rent gets credited.

Free Tenant Search

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Free Rental Agreement

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Total Properties Onboarded: 5000+

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Our executive will share a detailed inspection report of your property. Rest assured we will take care of your property on your behalf.

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We provide you the best services Other Property Management Services in Mumbai
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Free Home Inpsection every time before tenant move in or move out, to ensure smooth deposit settlement


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Getting the right selection of tenants or buyers might be the most important decision you make. Really happy with the service

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Property Management in Mumbai

You get an email that you have been dreading, it’s time, the tenants are moving out of your house in Mumbai. Worry sets in, how do you manage now, going to India to look for a tenant is not an easy task. It could take a few days or even a few weeks to find someone. The cost, the planning, the added stress, phew. Being an NRI and being so far away from home is tough. We know investing in Indian Real estate is a great idea, but it is so hard to maintain your property from another part of the world, right? Well, not really. There are property management companies that do all the work for you, all you need to do is figure out which company is right for you. What should you look for form the top property management companies in Mumbai? A property management company in Mumbai should be able to provide you with services that keep your home in India occupied, safe, in good condition and making some money. They should also be able to do all of this without causing any hassle to you as the owner. How much travel should I expect once I sign up with property management companies in Mumbai? ZERO. A good property management company in Mumbai should be able to handle all the issues that come up without asking for you to come down personally. When it comes to documents that need your signature, they should be able to use modern technology to get things done, without asking you to travel. How can I trust the tenants that a property management company in Mumbai find for my house? This is a little tricky, you can never truly know how your tenant will behave, even if you choose a tenant yourself. The only safe thing to do is to vette the tenant before you agree to let them live in your home. Good property management companies in Mumbai will find many tenants for you to choose from, then they must do a through background verification of the tenant you choose. It is not only essential but also required by law to get a background verification check done. Don’t trust any company that does not offer this service. How do I get my rent and security deposit? There have been cases where either the tenant has not paid their rent on time, or the people collecting rent on your behalf, have run away with the money. When we’re talking rent in Mumbai, we know it’s no small sum. This is why you should choose a well-reputed property management company in Mumbai. This amount should be collected on your behalf and transferred to your bank account in a timely manner. What happens when the property management company in Mumbai can’t find a tenant for my house? It is important to look for companies that have a large pool of tenants. This means that tenants trust them, and they have good reach. This also means that finding a tenant is easier and if your tenant leaves, then finding a replacement tenant is also easy. The best companies will be able to offer you a rental guarantee i.e. be willing to pay you the rent you deserve with or without a tenant occupying your house. Is there a property management company in Mumbai that can do ALL of this for me? Yes, there is. NoBroker has launched a property management services in Mumbai that will put an end to all your worries. Here is what you can expect when you sign up with NoBroker for your property management requirements in Mumbai –

Guaranteed Tenant –

NoBroker has a huge tenant base in Mumbai (1 million+) and this number keeps growing every day. It is easy for us to match your requirement with any one of these potential tenants. We choose tenants that you wish to have in your home, send you the options and then you pick the one you like the most. All done at your convenience, as per your specification.

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