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tagHands on cleaning
starts from ₹ 699 ₹ 359
  • Complete cleaning of toilet pot, exhaust, walls, tiles etc
  • Manual scrubbing of floor and tiles of the wall
  • Black spots and dirt stain removal of the complete bathroom
  • The duration of the service is approx. 50 minutes per bathroom
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tagMachine cleaning
starts from ₹ 899 ₹ 469
Includes all of Essential bathroom cleaning
  • + Machine scrubbing of the walls and floor
  • + Removal of hard water stains and dirt in tile grouting
  • + The duration of the service is approx. 70 minutes per bathroom
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Find the Bathroom Cleaning Services in Bangalore with Nobroker
A bathroom feels like a Pinterest bathroom only until it is new. After all, it appears to be clean only when it is fresh and when regular efforts are made to clean it. But at some point, regular bathroom cleaning fails as well when it begins to get that off-white extraction. This is why, apart from the regular bathroom floor cleaners, toilet cleaners, phenol, and acids you need some advanced technology and methods to get rid of all the dirty mess in the washrooms. After all, it is not a mess of days but a mess of years that need to be eliminated before it gets too late and you have to spend thousands on it. For this, Nobroker home brings you the service of a professional bathroom cleaning in Bangalore to lighten your bathroom and get the real shine.
Exclusive Services For Bathroom Cleaning Offered Online in Bangalore,
Indulging in deep clean for the bathroom can be time-taking and ask for a lot of effort. Here are some of the services provided to enhance your bathing space.
Showers And Taps Cleaning:
  • Getting hard water deposits on showers and faucets is one of the common problems faced by almost every bathroom. For this we provide professional hard water stain remover in bathroom faucets and showers.
  • This service involves shower head cleaners and inside cleaning of faucets along with proper cleaning of the outer structure.
Windows & Exhaust Fan:
  • Windows and exhaust fans are prone to get choked with dirt and grease because of irregular cleaning. For this, we give a bathroom deep clean service which is equipped with the necessary cleaners and certain tools.
  • It digs out stains from even the slightest corner so that the windows and exhaust fan can get back to their form and function accurately. This also increases the life of the two without any risks of breakage or rust.
Floor And Tile Scrubbing:
  • Choose for our bathroom tiles stain remover services that can clean the floor and tiles in a rather healthy way. This service includes quality-driven liquids and types of equipment that can help in enhancing the floor and polish it for improved quality.
  • Our cleaners are medically prescribed ones to make it germ-free, healthy, and shiny; all at one time.
Cobweb Removal:
  • Our service takers know everything about how the cleaning can be risk-free and up-to-the-mark. Their high-end tools clean dirty bathrooms. The cleaners array their expertise by removing the cobweb from the most unnoticed areas as well.
  • This service is very essential to stop the forthcoming of any insects or animals in the cobweb. Moreover, this cleanliness is needed once in six months for deep cleaning of the bathroom.
Shelves And Cabinets From Outside And Open Shelves If Emptied:
  • We can make cleaning easy with a complete bathroom wash and complete cleaning of shelves, cabinets, doors, and handles.
  • You need to remove your essentials from the cabinets and shelves to prevent any loss.
Mirror And Glass Cleaning:
  • We bring you the best ways to clean bathroom mirrors with all the necessary cleaners and liquids. This eliminates the dirt, water and hard water stains sticking to the surface.
  • You also get assistance in clearing the long glass partitions with its wiping and cleaning with professional cleaners.
Water Closet And Wash Basin:
  • For this, you can avail services of bathroom wash for complete cleaning of closets and basin from above. For this, we use professional cleaning agents.
  • We also clean the bathroom sink drain to remove clogs sticking in the water pipes below the basin. For this our professionals use their own cleaning techniques.
Why Choose NoBroker For Deep Clean Bathroom Services?
  • For years we have been serving our clients with top-notch cleaning services be it in the room, kitchen, bathroom, or outside. Our services are there for all.
  • For your deep bathroom cleaning service we have curated a team of expert cleaners. They have all the necessary tools and know how to clean everything professionally. Be it the showerhead, sink, drain, toilets, or anything else, this team is equipped with everything for dirty bathroom cleaning.
  • We ensure proper sanitization throughout the cleaning and after it. After complete cleaning of spaces like washroom closets, drain clogs, mirrors, etc. we also sprinkle sanitizers throughout the bathroom to keep up the hygiene and let it last longer.
  • Our staff of cleaners for bathroom and toilet cleaning service in Bangalore follow hygienic practices with use of surgical masks, gloves, hats, and shoes in order to clean the space professionally and neatly.
  • Our bathroom deep cleaning price is surprisingly less as we give reasonable cleaning options for the bathroom and also provide frequent discount deals and offers for some added privileges.
Why Choose Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services in Bangalore Instead Of Doing It On Your Own?
Many people often speak about how good they are cleaning the bathroom with regular cleaners every day. But there comes a stage where even the finest brand cannot work as good as you want. The reason is that every cleaner asks for a different technique and ways of using it. However, professional cleaners are already good at it as they are equipped with all the necessary tools for bathroom wash. They even understand the science behind it and therefore end up with professionally clean bathrooms that appear to be as good as a new bathroom. It is better to rely on experts than to spend days and nights on it.
What Equipment And Chemicals Are Used?
We use highly professional and government-prescribed tools for bathroom and toilet deep clean services for health, hygiene and longevity. Also, these tools are not easily available in the market and are only recommended for experts who know how to use them.
Step By Step Cleaning Process For Bathroom Deep Clean Service
  • Step 1: Download the Nobroker app on laptops or phones.
  • Step 2: Select the service for professional bathroom cleaning.
  • Step 3: Choose the date and time as per your convenience.
  • With this, the service will arrive at your doorstep on the soonest possible date.
How Often Do You Need a Bathroom Cleaning service?
We suggest taking bathroom cleaning services almost every 6 months to keep up the shine, cleanliness, and hygiene of it. It also depends upon the size of the bathroom and what type of interior it holds. Choose wisely for better cleaning.
Need home bathroom cleaning services before guests arrive at your place?
Don’t worry, we are just a call away. Reach out to us through our online portal or contact us via call or mail.
What cleaning solutions do you use?
Our cleaning agents are not regular cleaners, instead we use professional cleaning agents that are authorized by the government and medically available. With this, the types of equipments are technically advanced and heavy-duty mechanisms for stronger and long-lasting cleanliness
What are the cleaning services offered by you?
We provide full home cleaning services which include bathroom and toilet deep cleaning services, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning and bedroom cleaning. You can choose the service according to your 1BHK, 2BHK or 3BHK flat services to get the price quotation accordingly
How can I book a bathroom cleaning session?
To book your bathroom cleaning services online you need to download the app or register online. Select the services you want and pick the date and time accordingly. Lastly, choose the payment method and confirm your order for the service.
What is included in the bathroom cleaning service?
Our deep bathroom cleaning services include toilet cleaning service, wash basin cleaning, wash basin clog remover, bathroom sink cleaner, shower head cleaner, faucet cleaning, bathroom floor tiles cleaning, wall cleaning, mirror and glass cleaning, cobweb removal and cleaning of bathroom cabinets.
How long will it take to complete a bathroom cleaning session?
Bathroom cleaning services can be booked on a day convenient to you. NoBroker’s deep cleaning services also allow you to reschedule for free in case of change of plans or emergencies.
How will I benefit from using nobroker services?
You will get professional cleaning services for all the spaces and everything is available at an extremely affordable price.
How often should a bathroom be cleaned?
A bathroom must be cleaned at least twice a week.
How do you estimate the price of cleaning?
The price of cleaning will appear right on the screen after choosing the service. This makes estimation rather easy.
How do I find the right bathroom for deep cleaning services near me?
Finding out the right place for bathroom deep cleaning is not a rocket science as it can now be found online. Gone are the days of taking help from old cleaning services with traditional cleaning methods. Book the service online and get advanced cleaning of the bathroom that will stay for a long time.